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RITA Reader Challenge: Chaos in Death by JD Robb


Title: "Chaos in Death"
Author: JD Robb
Publication Info: Jove 2011
ISBN: 978-0515149982
Genre: Paranormal

The Unquiet This review was written by szerade. This story was nominated in the Best Romance Novella category.

The summary:     

Eve and Rourke return to investigate a series of murders connected to a brilliant young surgeon in Chaos in Death.

And here is szerade's review:

A bit of background: because of a large amount of travel in the last few months and a new iPad, I've been re-reading the entire In Death series.  The upshot is that I've somehow managed to read all of the novels and short stories in the series since March, which might be overkill.  That said, this story has enough references back to other parts of the series that its probably not a great stand-alone read.

Chaos in Death occurs shortly after New York to Dallas, which is a defining case in Eve's personal development and should result in a turn of the overall storyline.  As a result, I was looking forward to the continuation of the personal story line in this novella — and was disappointed with the very minimal coverage it received.  The only real nods towards the last case were a comment from Mavis and Roarke supposedly hovering more than usual.  Oh and the throw away comment from Eve that 

“They hadn't made love since she'd been hurt — and she realized she should have figured why he'd been so careful with her, hadn't touched her that way, had avoided being touched by her.”

That Roarke could get away with no sexy times in the interval since the last book with the wife he usually goes after morning, noon, and night is just a bit too much to believe.

Storyline-wise, this novella follows well within the slightly weird, unusual, almost paranormal cases that have appeared in previous collections such as Eternity in Death and Missing in Death.  Several people are murdered.  Eve investigates with help of the normal crowd (e.g. Morris, Peabody, Yancy, Louise, Mira) and, of course, Roarke.  Because of the page-limits, the link to the Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde appears quickly and the reader just needs to figure out who the mad scientist must be.  My one complaint with the movement of the arc is the hole once Eve's got the suspect in interview.  *Spoiler alert*  How on earth did the suspect manage to sneak in the serum to change in Cop Central?  Don't they pat suspects down?  Geesh.  *End spoiler*

All in all another solid, though not great, short story in the In Death series.

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