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RITA Reader Challenge: Bound by Erica O’Rourke


Title: Bound
Author: Erica O'Rourke
Publication Info: Kensington 2012
ISBN: 9780758267078
Genre: Young Adult

Book Bound I didn't receive a RITA® Reader Challenge 2013 review for this book, so I'm compiling quotes from reviews online and using the grade average from Goodreads as a substitute.

This book has a 4.17 review average, which I'm interpreting as a B+. This story was nominated for the RITA® in the Young Adult Romance category.

The summary:      Mo Fitzgerald has made her choice: A life in Chicago. A future with Colin. To leave behind the enigmatic Luc and the world of the Arcs.

But the more she struggles to keep her magic and mortal lives separate, the deadlier the consequences. In the end, Mo must risk everything–her life, her heart, her future–or lose it all.

And here are the review quotes, linked to the original sources:

Ferdy wrote

The plot was somewhat predictable and repetitive – Mo spent most of the book moaning about her mob uncle using her for crimes and whatnot, whinging about her dad, complaining about her magical responsibilities whilst simultaneously whining about Luc and Colin.
Her separate issues with the mafia and the magical world were a little too ridiculous and over the top — the mafia and magic angle didn't really fit well together in the story. (2 stars) 


Samantha wrote

I was truthfully a little reluctant to pick up 'Bound' after reading 'Tangled', which left me disappointed with the character development and where the story seemed to be heading. God, I'm glad I was dead wrong though. Mo's growth as a person was done beautifully, talk about actually learning from your mistakes and using it to your advantage. I was really pleased with the lead up and Mo's resolves, it was a welcome change to the usual. Though Mo was far from perfect, there were moments where I wanted to pull my hair out and her's, it was the kind of traits I didn't necessarily like but could understand. I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into Luc's past, as well as Leana's. It was refreshing and added good substance to the story. (4 stars) 


Stacey wrote: 

The last novel in this trilogy – and what an awesome series this has been!

Mo Fitzgerald is not like the normal teenage girl. She is a Flat with the magic alive in her. She is caught up in a love triangle, yet bound by magic to one of the men. She has to deal with her uncle, who is part of the Chicago MOB, her hunky bodyguard and his annoyance of Mo poking around in his personal life, and Luc, the ARC she is bound to, all atop of the family reunion of her father returning from prison. In this novel, Mo learns about his father, how far her uncle will go, and just how much she really does love someone. In the end, she must make the choice of which man she is going to stick around with, and learn that live is full of hard knocks and bruises! (5 stars)


Jeanbooknerd wrote:

Erica made certain that Bound would possess all the elements needed to close a fantastic trilogy. It was truly epic with an all out action-packed finish. Exciting and greatly appealing, Erica keeps readers on the edge of their seats with plot twists that come from all angles. The side plots that were uncovered during the first two books are entirely filled and everything goes into one direction that makes the Torn Trilogy a satisfying one. Bound is absolutely amazing, unique and thrilling. Although it is sad to see the series end, it fills in a sense of eagerness for the next book on Erica’s agenda. (4 stars)


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    I really enjoyed this trilogy, especially the mix of paranormal and contemporary which seemed a little more unique than other paranormal romances I’ve read. This is also a love triangle I was truly torn with, similar to the Clockwork Angel/Prince/Princess series, where there isn’t a clear favorite match for our plucky heroine. This one definitely deserved the Rita nomination.

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