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RITA Reader Challenge: “Angel’s Wolf” by Nalini Singh


Title: "Angels Wolf"
Author: Nalini Singh
Publication Info: Berkley 2011
ISBN: 978-0425243121
Genre: Paranormal

Angel of Darkness This review was written by Ren. This story was nominated in the Best Romance Novella category.

The summary:     

They soar through the night, unearthly creatures of legends and lore. Four masters of urban fantasy and paranormal romance explore the rapture of the heavens above, and the darkness below in four all-new stories of angels and guardians, and good and evil.

A note: Ren's native language is not English, and she asked me to correct any errors I found. I tried to catch them but if there are errors, please pardon us both!

And here is Ren's review:

Angel's Wolf is one of four Guild Hunter's novellas by Nalini Singh. The story focus[es] on Noel, a vampire under Raphael's command, [who was] beaten so badly at Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter #2). Even [though] he [is] already healed, deep inside he feels hollow. Raphael assigns him to go to Nimra's court, the angel who rules Louisiana, and Noel believes that task is to get rid of him for good. Nimra also has a bad reputation and other angels fear her power, but what Noel finds is [that] Nimra's court surprised him, since Nimra is not what people believe [her] to be.

Somebody wants to kill Nimra, but kills her cat instead. That's why Nimra asks for Raphael's help and [how] she meets Noel. For her, Noel is like a wolf, the way he moves and protects her. Noel begins to investigate Nimra's court, for he and Nimra believe the suspect is one of Nimra's close people. Along with that, their affection to each other begins growing. Noel learns about Nimra's past and her sadness when [she] lost her babe, and Noel begins to heal his heart wound. But another murder [occurs]. Even [though] it's just one of Nimra's pets, she does not forgive the culprit easily because a life is a life. Turns out the culprit is not the real suspect. Who wants to kill Nimra and if she/he is one of Nimra's close friends why do they do it?

I always love Nalini's writing, especially her Guild Hunter because her books always beautifully written. The pace might be slow, but it allows me to savor her books, her words and the world she had created. What I love more from “Angel's Wolf” is Nimra's love for her cats. I can hear cat lovers  weep when Nimra's cats die. The emotion Nimra shows when her cat is dying is so heart breaking. Nimra is immortal, like she had said :

“Immortals live so long that we become jaded, our hearts hardened. For some cruelty and pain are the only thing that endanger an emotion”

Yet for her famous cruelty and feared because power, Nimra is so caring to her people even [though] one of them hates her. Nimra may look fragile, but she's not just a mere Southern belle, since her real power is frightening. But that power also took something from her. Make us believe that everything come with a price.

Noel and Nimra's relationship is little bit different from another couple of Guild Hunter series, since they are vampire and angel. Angel-vampire couple is not rare but their relationships [usually do] not work long since vampire can't give child, yet angel's children are precious. Nimra also 400 years older than Noel that just 200 years old, but Noel is alpha and not fear her.

“Angel's Wolf” is just novella, yet the story not so simple. A long reader of Guild Hunter will enjoy this, and new readers will not [be] confused when [they] read it, because the story only focuses on Nimra and Noel. For readers who love urban fantasy with angels and vampires in the mix, this novella is for you.

This book is available from Goodreads | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo.

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    Bnbsrose says:

    ESL, schmeESL, “begins to heal his heart wound” is AWESOME phrasing. Thanks for the review Ren.

    I agreed to review this as well, but, urm… well… I have a placard on my desk that says “procrastinate now”. Does that explain things?

    Since Ren has graded it about the same as I would, and made the points I would have made, can I be let off the hook Sarah? Do we really need to see my opinion on how it fits into the Guild Hunter world (new characters, new location) as opposed to how well it stands on it’s own (totally does). There, covered. Shouldn’t that 2000 word screed I sent about the other book count as two?


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