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Linkage, and an UBER Short Review of Marguerite Kaye


Title: Temptation is the Night
Author: Marguerite Kaye
Genre: Historical: European

imageFirst: Unusual Historicals is four years old! Given how much I enjoy historical novels in other locations, and how many more I see each year, I think this is a good anniversary. Have a look at the Unusual Historicals site for prizes and fun, and tell me, what’s your favorite unusual setting?

This post from Penny Romance made me snort-laugh: A Day in the Life of Amazon Romance Boards. My favorite part: Bosnia.

I had this link a few days ago and cannot believe I forgot to share it: College QB or Roance Novel Hero?. I got 10 out of 11 – and did better than Hubby. I’m particularly proud of myself on that one. What’s your score?

And finally…

Behold, the briefest review ever in the history of this site because I am crazy busy and under Le Deadline as well as Must Pack the Familyitis: this weekend I read Temptation is the Night by Marguerite Kaye, and I really liked it. In terms of grade, this one is a solid B+ with me.

It’s set in the 20s! They meet on a steamship! There’s instant attraction and all kinds of hotness, only he’s got the post-


WWI shell shock and she’s completely confused by her new status and his weird behavior and Things Do Not Work Out. But the novella is all about them putting things back together several years later, and it’s a spiffy good story. Enjoy, enjoy and my apologies for the super short review. Usually with a review I am wordy mc wordy pants-that-need-hemming. But I didn’t want you to miss the chance to read a novella that’s done marvelously well. If you read it, please do let me know what you think!

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  1. 1
    Linkmeister says:

    If he’s got WW II shell shock in the 1920s it’s a time-travel novella too! Even more Awesome! :)

  2. 2
    wanda flanagan says:

    Sounds like a great read I love time travel books .

  3. 3

    Happy Birthday Unusual Historicals!

  4. 4
    NCKat says:

    Yeah the mustard gas must have made him go to WWII and then to the Roaring 20’s.

  5. 5
    D.L. says:

    I got a 6 out of 11.  Apparently I think college QBs and romance novel leading men are interchangable hehe

  6. 6
    Kate Vinée says:

    Straight onto my Goodreads to-read list.  (I actually have two separate Smart Bitches-related Goodreads shelves—one for books that are “official” reviews or recommendations and one for Bitchery recommendations in the comments.  Is that sad?)

  7. 7
    Kathleen says:

    I failed that quiz, probably because I know nothing about football. I did know the one guy who is a QB for my school though, which is more than I thought I knew…

  8. 8
    infogenium says:

    I got 9 out of 11 – I know nothing about American college football players but I do know a little about rom hero names!

  9. 9
    eskimo says:

    That looks awesome (plot wise and cover wise) – and I love that it’s set in the 20s!

  10. 10

    @Kate Vinée

    No, that’s smart! I’ve been meaning to do something of the sort, just haven’t gotten around to it yet…

  11. 11
    Dawn Green says:

    I only got 7 of 11 right. Pathetic! But I love Kate’s suggestion about creating the two to-read lists on Goodreads. I use that site exclusively for my booklists. Now I’m going to create two new lists. Thanks for the suggestion!

  12. 12
    jayhjay says:

    Woo hoo, I got 8 out of 11! That cracked me up!  I am sure these guys are thrilled their names sound like romance heroes!

  13. 13
    SB Sarah says:

    CRAP. Darn that extra I in the WWI. OOOPS. Fixing now! My bad!

    Smart asses. :)

  14. 14
    Carrie Lofty says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Sarah. Much appreciated! And I think I’ll have to get hold of Marguerite Kaye—WWI and the Roaring 20s FTW!

  15. 15
    Cakes says:

    YAY! There is so much history to fall in love with! I get so frustrated that historicals seem to get stuck in one time and place.

  16. 16
    Hannah says:

    I got 8 out of 11 of that quiz—how fun!
    My favorite unusual historical setting is…one I haven’t even thought of yet. Really, I like being surprised with new settings. Actually, I really like the Revolutionary-War era America setting of the Wilderness series by Sara Donati and some of the Outlander books.

  17. 17

    And Srah may not know but she proved to be a bit of a matchmaker. It was her review of Gladiator’s Honour that got me involved with Carrie Lofty and the setting up of the unusual historical blog…
    So I suspect she is one of the honorary fairy godmother types.

    And did you know that Marguerite Kaye has a Regency Abrabian set duo coming in July/Augst 2011? I know the Harlequin editors are v excited about it.

  18. 18
    Penelope says:

    Hi Sarah! Thanks for the mention of my blog post. I got the idea for the “Bosnia bit” from my husband, who actually reads books like that for his summer reading. No kidding.

  19. 19
    Lindlee says:

    8 out of 11! Not bad, especially considering I have no knowledge of football whatsoever. I do my best to try to ignore it.

    mass35 – m’ass will gain 35 pounds this Christmas season.

  20. 20
    Marguerite Kaye says:

    Hi, so glad you liked my 1920s book, it’s always been one of my favourite eras – I just adore the clothes. It’s not aactually a time travel, though I do have a Regency time travel in the Undone series coming out some time next year, and as Michelle said (thank you, thank you!), a Regency Arabian trio in the summer. But if you fancy something totally different, the thing I’m most excited about at the moment is my sexy Highlander shape-shifter Undone set in 1700, which is due out in the spring. LOL, Marguerite

  21. 21
    AmyW says:

    8 out of 11. It helped that they took all the hero names from Harlequins…some I even knew what book they were from!

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