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92. An Interview with Kit Rocha, Moira Rogers, Bree, and Donna, Part I

While I was at RT, Ms Bookjunkie asked me if I'd be willing to interview the writing duo behind Kit Rocha and Moira Rogers, aka Donna and Bree, as they were both attending RT together – a rare event!

This interview turned out to be a LOT of fun – and really long, so I'm splitting it into two parts. Donna and Bree talk about each being half of a creative pair, about how they met and came to write together (it's Wolverine's fault), and why they self-published the Beyond series.

Production note: the audio is a bit uneven in some places – my apologies. Also can tell I'm losing my voice – oh, RT. You and my vocal cords are not friends.

Here are the books we discuss in this podcast, PLUS you – yes, you – can get one free! Keep reading to find out more! 

Book Crux (Southern Arcana) Book Enigma Southern Arcana book 6 Book Beyond Shame

We also talked about the show Life after People, and about the footage of a drone camera in an abandoned Japanese city, Fukushima Tomioka.  

You can see their collection of O'Kane merchandise connected to the book series, includingthe most awesome manicure stickers I saw on Bree.

And most importantly, free book!

If you'd like to read the first book in the Beyond series, Beyond Shame, please visit the Kit Rocha Tomely site, and enter download code SBTB, and then your email address. Bree says that you'll “receive an email with download links for epub and mobi versions. No ads, no registration, no keeping your info.”

Thanks, ladies! 


Book Whisper to MeOur podcast sponsor, InterMix, would like you to know about the steamy and brand-new New Adult romance WHISPER TO ME by Christina Lee.

 At college, Rachel has a reputation for being a sarcastic flirt with a thing for star athletes. No one at school knows that she'd had her heart ripped to shreds by her high school sweetheart, who'd driven them both off the side of the road on a borrowed motorcycle, and then abandoned her. No one knows the real Rachel Mattson–except one person…

Ever since he helped nurse his sister's feisty best friend back to health, pierced bass player Kai Nakos has been head over heels in love. But the supposed bad boy can't risk letting Rachel know the truth–especially now that the two of them are back in their hometown for the summer, together for the first time since the months following that fateful night. Never mind that Rachel's ex is back, groveling for her forgiveness.

Shaken by her ex's return, Rachel finds herself turning to the one guy she knows she can trust. Kai is willing to hide his feelings for her, just to have Rachel touch him again. After all, this is only a temporary fling. Until it becomes something more. But maybe it had been more all along…

Download Whisper to Me on May 20th!


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  1. 1
    lorenet says:

    Love, Love, Love these podcasts!!!! :-)

  2. 2

    This interview made me Very Happy! Also, it made me Mad With Power…I have Made Things Happen! Muahahahahaa…

    Thank you SB Sarah, Bree and Donna! That was So. Much. Fun. I can’t wait to hear the book discussion!

  3. 3

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  4. 4
    Sally says:

    I’m trying Stitcher right now. First impression: kind of confused when the app first opened up because it wants me to select playlists by different categories and such, but once I move away from that, I was able to search out the DBSA playlist. Yay, now I can listen to the podcast on my tablet

  5. 5

    Great podcast – if you like photos of obscure and/or abandoned places, this website will suck hours of your time:

    I like the giant drain under Tokyo and the old Napoleonic-era sea forts off England’s coast, but it’s filled w/amazing places. Great for setting inspiration, too.

  6. 6
    Sarita says:

    What I always wonder about with two person author teams is who actually types the words. Is one person basically taking dictation form mutual conversation? Do they switch off? Does the person typing have more control over the exact wording of scenes?

  7. 7
    Laura J says:

    Great podcast!  If someone is interested in abandoned places, I’d be happy to show them around Detroit.  There are some very cool places to go “urban exploring” if your brave, or do drive-bys if you less brave.

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