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90. An Interview with Jaci Burton

Sarah sits down by listener request with Jaci Burton at Romantic Times 2014 to talk about publishing, changes in the industry over her career, and what she's working on now. We also talk about books she's enjoyed reading, and about why riding motorcycles is awesome.

Book Straddling the Line Book The Perfect Play Book Hope Burns

Book It happened One Wedding Book Holiday Sparks

Book One Reckless Summer Book Whisper Falls


Book The CollectorThis podcast is brought to you by Putnam, publisher of THE COLLECTOR—the brand-new novel from  #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts.

When professional house-sitter Lila Emerson witnesses a murder/suicide from her current apartment-sitting job, life as she knows it takes a dramatic turn. Suddenly, the woman with no permanent ties finds herself almost wishing for one. . . .

Artist Ashton Archer knows his brother isn’t capable of violence—against himself or others. He recruits Lila, the only eyewitness, to help him uncover what happened. Ash longs to paint her as intensely as he hungers to touch her.

But their investigation draws them into a rarified circle where priceless antiques are bought, sold, gambled away, and stolen, where what you possess is who you are, and where what you desire becomes a deadly obsession….



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  1. 1
    Alice in Nova Scotia says:

    Hey Sarah,
    I just finished listening to your interview with Jaci Burton. It was great!  I have read several of her books, and loved them. I am an addicted Romance Novel Reader, and I have found such great authors to read, like Jaci, like Kristen Ashley, like Jill Shalvis, etc., etc., by listening to these podcasts and what these authors, themselves, like to read.  Keep ‘em coming!!

    Someday I would love to be able to get to one of these romance conferences or author signings, so it’s on my bucket list.

  2. 2
    library addict says:

    Thanks so much for interviewing Jaci. I hope you remembered to tell her how much I love her website and appeciate that she does categorize her heat levels and labels her series so clearly. Looking forward to the other author interviews. And I hope you don’t lose your voice.

  3. 3
    Abby says:

    just wanted to thank you for this. i think some of the books you mentioned are just what i need to get out of my current reading slump!

  4. 4
    azteclady says:

    Jaci Burton is one of the loveliest ladies ever, and she’s extremely interesting to have a bookish conversation with. *waving at Jaci and Bikerdude*

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