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72. A Quiz! With Highlanders, Billionaires, and Milk.

Happy New Year! Ready for some fun? In this episode, Sarah quizzes Jane. WITH HIGHLANDERS. AND BILLIONAIRES. And milky pirates with clipart!

This was way too much fun.

Here are some of the books we talk about:


Book X Marks the Scot Book Holiday for Two - Maggie Robinson Elyssa Patrick

Book Hunk for the Holidays Book White Waves the Pirates Milk Maid



Book Believe

This podcast is brought to you by InterMix, publisher of bestselling author Erin McCarthy’s e-book Believe, a sexy romance of redemption, secrets, and seduction…  

Phoenix is only two days out of jail when he meets Robin, a party girl with her own secret past. When the past collides with the present, who will find peace? Who will be hurt?

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    Along the lines of “X Marks the Scot” are the incredible titles of the McLaughlin series by Shelli Stevens: Book 1 is Good Girl Gone Plaid and Book 2 is Kilty Pleasure. Modern Scots transplanted to the Pacific NW. That latter title is probably my all-time favorite title ever, especially since I have tried and failed for YEARS, years, to get Mr. Richland to wear a kilt. 

  2. 2

    Oh, and who looks bad in a tuxedo? Is this a meme you want us to answer?

    Here’s my entry: Rupert Murdoch.

    Although I suppose in an absolute sense it’s his best look.

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