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66. An Interview with Carly Phillips

This week, Sarah interviews Carly Phillips about her decision to self publish, why she decided to make that move, and what role her readers played in her decision. Plus, we talk about what books she has coming out this fall and next spring, what she loves about contemporary romance, and what she's reading right now.

Thanks to Carly and to Chas for helping us connect for the interview!

Here are the books we mention in this podcast:

Book Dare to Love Book Perfect Stranger Book Perfect Together

Book Hot Summer Nights Book If Only Cherise Sinclair Book Mine - Katy Evans

Book Maya Banks Colter's Gift Book Rumor Has It


Book Unexpectedly Yours

This podcast is brought to you by InterMix, publishers of Jeannie Moon's new contemporary Unexpectedly Yours.

Caroline Rossi needs to reinvent her life. Being a geotechnical engineer hasn’t exactly proved to be a guy magnet. She’s never really had the opportunity to let her hair down and have fun.

But when a chance encounter with her big sister’s brother-in-law—millionaire Josh Campbell—leads to a night of unexpected passion, Caroline starts engineering an arrangement that will give them both what they want. She can help Josh with an important real estate project and he can school her in the art of amour.

At first Josh balks—but there’s something irresistible about Caroline, something very different from the bombshells he usually dates.

Can the friends with benefits agreement really work? Or are Caroline and Josh playing a dangerous game that may end in heartbreak?

You can download Unexpectedly Yours wherever books are sold.






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  1. 1


    The interview with Carly went GREAT. She was so happy afterward!

    Thanks again for doing this!


  2. 2
    Alice Walsh says:

    Due to eye issues, I can only read my beloved romance books on my iPad and found it frustrating that e-books prices were almost the same or more as print books, especially for my favourite authors.  So wonderful that an Ms. Phillips is trying to help the reader of e-books.  As a result, as I write this, I have downloaded Dare To Love ($2.99) and the box set of Love Unexpected series ($4.99), to my iPad .  Thank you for your site, which I check daily, and for this interview.  It is a great way to discover authors I haven’t read before.  Thank you so much!

  3. 3
    SB Sarah says:

    You are so welcome, Alice. I hope you really enjoy what you’ve picked out today!! If I can make any more recommendations, please feel free to email me at sarahATsmartbitchestrashybooksDOTcom. :)

  4. 4
    Alice Walsh says:

    Thanks so much, Sarah. I will do that.  Going to start the box set today! 
    Just another comment, I think the most frustrating part of buying e-books, for me anyway, is the price of many author’s back-lists.  As an example, I’m a huge Nora Roberts fan and I got started on romance books by reading her work and have most of everything she’s written in paperback.  I do love to reread her books.  However, now that I have to read on an iPad, the price to download any of her older books is almost the same price, or more, than when I first bought them,.  That seems crazy to me, especially with an already well established author.  I know this is not her, or any author’s doing, as the publishers set the prices, but wondered if other e-readers feel this way.  Thanks again, for having Ms. Phillips bring this issue to light.

  5. 5
    Vicki says:

    Other readers do feel the same why which is why, although I love my Nook, I am adding the older books unless I see them on sale.

  6. 6
    Hannah says:

    I enjoyed listening to the interview and immediately purchased Dare to Love. I will point out that it’s about category length (200 pages), shorter than the author’s most recent books that were published by Penguin. Maybe the shorter length will allow for more frequent book releases though.

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