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44. More on the DABWAHA, Plus Reader Questions about Triad Erotic Romances

We start by taking a look at the reader nominations while they were still in the process of being decided, and we talk about the DAWBWAHA tournament and how it works. Then we answer a reader letter about erotic romance polyamory and triad romances. Here are the books we talk about in this episode:

Book The Fault in Our Stars - John Green Book Flat Out Love - Jessica Park Book LH Cosway Painted Faces

Book JC Daniels - Blade Song Book Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg Book Tart - Lauren Dane

Book Checking it Twice Book The Naughty List Jodi Redford Book Party of Three - Lacey Alexander

Book Elle Kennedy - Hotter Than Ever Book Pillow Talk - Maya Banks Book Lorelei James - Long Hard Ride

Book Lorelei James - Rough, Raw and Read Book Lora Leigh - Forbidden Pleasure Book Red Garnier - The Satin Sash

Book Club Ties - Mara McBain Book  Club Justice - Mara McBain Book Embattled Hearts - JM Madden

Book Heart of Iron - Bec McMaster Book Own the Wind - Kristen Ashley Book Irresistible - Mary Balogh Book The First Move - Jennifer Lohmann


Our music in each episode is provided by Sassy Outwater. This podcast features a song by Three Mile Stone titled “Snug in the Blanket.” You can find out more about Three Mile Stone at their website or on iTunes.


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  1. 1

    LOL!  yes, I totally and shamelessly begged and bribed for lots and lots of votes.

  2. 2
    Bridget Baker says:

    I want to like menage stories but all the one’s I’ve tried seem to turn into have dinner/have sex/go to the movies/have sex sort of story.

    Reawakening by Charlotte Stein is an m/f/m story set during the zombie apocalypse.  Not only does it have interesting characters, but parts of it are laugh out loud funny.

    Hurt by Varian Krylov is an amazing menage novel.  It’s m/m/f and all three characters are equally in love, three-dimensional people and it’s not a relationship built on lust.
    Joey W. Hill has some menage novels in her vampire series (Vampire Mistress, Vampire Trinity and Taken By A Vampire which is coming out in May) that are wonderful.

  3. 3
    StarOpal says:

    Awesome podcast as usual!

    Is it just me or does Jane’s mic seem to waiver in and out? Anyone else having this problem?

  4. 4
    Misty says:

    Thanks for the rec on Jennifer Lohmann, I bought both books!

  5. 5
    Aziza says:

    Below: possibly the only work in the ‘menage a saddle shoes’ sub-sub-genre. (But maybe not. You never know.)

  6. 6
    Aziza says:

    If there’s one, surely there can be two…

  7. 7
    Aziza says:

    …but three is the magic number.

  8. 8
    SB Sarah says:

    Sometimes our sound levels are uneven so I adjust up and down – but I try to keep it from happening while someone is talking. I’m must have missed one – I’m sorry!

  9. 9
    LJD says:

    I’m rather glad you gave the spoiler on the superromance book…because I no longer want to read it, despite your glowing comments! This set up is something I got burnt out on last year after accidentally reading three romance and women’s fiction books in a very short period of time with a similar situation: What the Librarian Did (Karina Bliss), The Sweetest Thing (Jill Shalvis), and Homecoming (Cathy Kelly). Then I read another recently: The Girl Who Chased the Moon (Sarah Addison Allen). It’s always described as a secret/secret from her past in the blurb, so it is not the easiest to avoid. 3/4 books were actually decent reads, but I would have enjoyed them more without that so-called “secret” that comes back when the woman is in her thirties, though I couldn’t tell you exactly what it is about this situation that drives me bonkers, other than reading too much of it.

  10. 10

    A m/m/f erotic romance that I read recently and loved is “Sharing Hailey” by Samantha Ann King. The story focused not only on how the two men are in love with the same woman (and she in love with both of them) but also the strong friendship between the two men and how they three of them evolve into a unit and deal with societal judgement and traumatic situations. Plus, the sex is hot!

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