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28. Day One at RWA: Publicists, Authors, Writers, and Readers

The first day at RWA, I interviewed anyone who would let me talk to them with my portable mic. My day started over breakfast, when Patti Macdonald asked if the seat next to me was taken. Patti is from Texas, and has attended 7 RWA National conferences. She was kind enough to let me interview her, and I asked her about her writing, and her reasons for attending RWA.

Then I sat down with Danielle Jackson and Beth Caskie from Sourcebooks' publicity department. Danielle was the publicist for EIKAL, and I usually see her to talk about new romance titles at RWA each year. This time I brought a recorder and begged for an interview.

Sarah Morgan reveals the kinds of comments does she get about her books when her friends read them, and Karina Bliss talks about bringing characters back from the dead. I tried to interview as many people with long plane rides as I can in this podcast!

Finally, I accosted three most excellent people on the way into the Literacy Signing to ask them who they were looking forward to meeting most, and then I risk the background noise to chat a moment with author Jaci Burton. I hope you enjoy the varied perspectives.

Here are some of the books mentioned in this podcast: 

Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

The music this week was provided by Sassy Outwater, and the track is called Pro Terezku (Reels) by Dún an Doras. You can find them on MySpace and at iTunes.  Big huge happy thanks to Harlequin for sponsoring the podcast!

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Next up: more interviews from RWA! I've chatted with editors, an aspiring author who brought her own questions for me, and a RITA finalist who is supremely excited. Hope you enjoyed this podcast – the next one should be up in a few days. 


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  1. 1
    Taylor Reynolds says:

    You are working like crazy! You better take a few minutes and go downstairs to peak in on that vodka workshop…you know, for business.

  2. 2
    Taylor Reynolds says:

    *peek :)

  3. 3

    Jaci Burton has THE hottest covers ever. I loved “The Perfect Play.” I didn’t realize the next one was out yet! Off to buy…

  4. 4
    Sharon Kendrick says:

    Directed here by Ms Morgan (when are you going to write a “proper” book, Sarah?!).  Thoroughly enjoyed the podcast and fell in love with Irish-jig-type introduction music which transported me to emerald fields and darkened pubs, where men with crinkly eyes play fiddles….

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