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26. An Interview with Sylvia Day

We're back! We sat down with author Sylvia Day in a very fuzzy soundproof room at Penguin, along with her editor, Cindy Hwang, and publicist of awesomeness, Erin Galloway, and had a grand time talking about Bared to You, Day's earlier novellas, and her goals for her presidency of RWA.

Here are the books we mention in the podcast:

Book Cover Reflected in You  Book Cover

You can also learn more about Sylvia Day's books and novellas at her website.

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Thanks to Jane, Cindy Hwang, Erin Galloway and Sylvia Day, and to Sassy Outwater, who provided the music for this podcast. The track is called “Percolator” and it's by The Hanuman Collective from their album Pedal Horse. You can find them at iTunes as well.

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Future podcasts are in the works, and I'm going to try to bring Ye Olde Phallic Yeti Microphone with me to RWA so I can do some short interviews – NOT in the bar, though. Duh. In the meantime, hope you enjoy the podcast!

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  1. 1
    Jewel says:

    Oh come on! You should totally do bar interviews at RWA – how else will those of us unable to attend get the vibe for it? Besides, isn’t that where all the good stuff happens? PLEASE?!?!

  2. 2
    Turophile says:

    I agree. More bar interviews.

    I enjoyed the podcast.  I’ve been avoiding 50 shades of grey AND Sylvia Day’s books because they’ve been suggested for folks who like 50 shades of grey, but now I’m thinking I may try at least one of Ms. Day’s books.  Thanks for another great episode. (FYI – my avoidance stems largerly from a career that has landed me in largely male dominated fields.  Reading about dominant males, not my thing).

  3. 3
    Martsmoons says:

    Help why can’t I find any of the podcasts? Even the ones I’d downloaded before are gone.

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