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25. A Look Ahead at Summer Reading

You'll note it's been awhile since the last podcast and that's entirely Sarah's fault. She recorded a podcast in the bar at RT – and can you believe the audio was really difficult to edit, because the speaker's voices got lost in the background noise? It's like the bar at RT is a noisy, busy place. That was a big, huge DUH on Sarah's part, so to those who sat down at RT and spoke into the big silver phallus, Sarah is so, so sorry.

In this podcast, we look at summer reading! Jane and Sarah sit down with Jane's ARC drawer (That's a real thing) and take a look at the books we're excited about coming this summer. Here are the books we mention:

Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

Book Cover Book Cover

Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

Book Cover Book Cover

Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

If you have content suggestions, tips on how to do this whole thing better, or general wtf-ery comments, email us. It’s all welcome because a) we are new to this and b) we don’t really know what we are doing so the wtf comments are probably all valid. The email address for the podcast is

Thanks to Jane, and to Sassy Outwater, who provided the music for this podcast. The track is called “Nyup” and it's by the Peatbog Faeries from their albums, which are available at their website. You can find them at iTunes as well.

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Next up: bird publisher interviews! We're recording this week at BEA – I solemnly promise not to record it in a bar!

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  1. 1
    Sam says:

    This book brought to you by…the letter G! (Or not, as the case may be.)

    Oh, wahh wahh, people send me soooo many books! *playing the world’s smallest violin for you people* ;P
    (Seriously, talking about upcoming books is no biggie to me—whereas COMPLAINING about piles of free books in front of people who don’t receive a damn thing free is d-baggy.)

    I’ve totally side-eyed quotes from “Goodreads”. WTF. At least I know few of my GR reviews could ever end up quoted: I tend to talk more about books I hated, and the only reviews of mine that get comments and likes are the super-negative ones. (As far as I know, books aren’t like movies where if all the reviews suck the advertising people just pick out single words or phrases with no context, so really craptastic movies will be “Action-packed!” and “Exciting!” etc..)

    So true about book conversations always being long—I spend about four hours a week on the phone with my brother talking books (over two sittings usually.) No matter how much time I actually have, it always goes on (and could go longer if he didn’t have to make dinner or whatever.)

  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    You’re right – we do sound douche baggy, and I apologize. We were talking about the duplicates we get, which is tricky because I don’t need more than 1, and can’t send them back. But I didn’t mean to sound douchebaggy and I am sorry.

    If you’d like, I can do a grab bag of duplicates to give away, if I can get permission.

  3. 3
    Danielle TBQ says:

    Ah ha! One of the first times I’ve ever been able to comment on a new podcast—usually I’ve listened to them weeks after they air and never get a chance. LOL. :)

    Great podcast, loved it! I’m wanting to get into reading more contemporaries, and many of your summer reading rec’s will be going on my list for just that reason! :)

    Also, I must say I loved “About Last Night” and I look forward to future books by Ruthie. It was also nice to hear about “Liquid Lies”, as I showcased that on one of my Lusting for Covers post a few weeks ago, though I’ve not yet read it.


  4. 4
    Eslayer says:

    As usual, another great podcast! You always give such great recommendations and you never let me down. If you say it is good I always agree! Keep them coming!

  5. 5
    Jane says:

    Agreed.  We got carried away there.  I apologize and it is an embarrassment of riches.

  6. 6
    Anna Cowan says:

    yay! So glad you guys are back. Doing the dishes is just no fun without you.

  7. 7
    Molly says:

    HA! For me it’s folding laundry…

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