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15. What We’re Reading: November 28, 2011

We're back, with more podcasting fun, this time as we chat about what we're reading. We discuss cursing in romance – and whether there's more cursing and blue language in romance published recently. And we talk football. NFL, specifically, and which players are the most hated.

The music this week was provided by Sassy Outwater, who knows a heaping ton of musicians and finds original music for us for each episode. This week's music is “Sonata for Piano, Op. 26: Fuga: Allegro Con Spirito” and it's performed by Jade Simmons. It's from her album Revolutionary Rhythm, which is on sale as an mp3 at Amazon or iTunes.

As usual, here's the list of books we talk about in this episode: 

Book CoverBook CoverBook Cover Book Cover

Book CoverBook Cover Book Cover

Book CoverBook Cover Book Cover

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  1. 1

    Pssst—you’re missing an apostrophe.  No, you can’t take any of mine from this sentence.

  2. 2
    SB Sarah says:

    For some reason, the apostrophe shows up in the main title in the back end (hur hur) but not in the title sections in the site. Which is really funny. I’m going to have to change it to be all formal. WHAT WE ARE READING. BEHOLD.

  3. 3

    Those rear door apostrophes will get you every time.  Speaking of what we’re reading, I finished Carrie Vaughn’s AFTER THE GOLDEN AGE over the weekend and really enjoyed it.  I think it’s being marketed as a YA, but it was plenty adult.  I’m surprised I’m not hearing more buzz about it.

  4. 4
    Carin says:

    I am fairly iTunes savy and I cannot find the podcast.  Is there a date on it I shoudl be looking for?  11/28 maybe?

  5. 5
    SB Sarah says:

    Crapmonkeys. That feed appears to be misbehaving as well. I’m sorry – I’ll go kick it around now!

  6. 6
    MissB2U says:

    I LOVED that book!

  7. 7
    Melarsen57 says:

    Still not working at iTunes ;-(

  8. 8
    Cara says:

    Still not working in iTunes. I think. Can I make the “I love your podcasts so this is all in the spirit of goodwill” suggestion that the titles or dates or something need to be changed in iTunes so I can differentiate between podcasts? I know it’s horribly anal-retentive (if you will) of me, but I like to organize my files and to do that I need something distinct I can point to in order to create the list

  9. 9
    SB Sarah says:

    Hey Cara! Your wish is my already-done-that-because-you’re-right-that-makes-sense. I switched all the titles for the podcasts so they lead with a number and also feature a date. But for some reason even though the feedburner feed for the podcast is updated, the iTunes is not. I’m going to go yell at iTunes, but in the meantime, I am sorry.

  10. 10
    Mary Kennedy says:

    FYI, I’m loving the Peatbog Faeries.  Ya’ll used their music in one of the recent podcasts.

  11. 11
    B. Sullivan says:

    Still having problems getting the podcast through iTunes – last one it downloaded was the Nov 15th episode – now gives the the message of “unable to download” and when I try the old unsubscribe-resubscribe trick, same problem.

    Don’t worry, I’ll keep trying – I enjoy the podcast!

  12. 12
    SB Sarah says:

    I have NO idea why iTunes isn’t picking up the feed. The Feedburner feed is correct, but in iTunes it won’t update. I’ve resubmitted the feed to iTunes and hopefully that will correct it, but I’m still working on it.

    Honestly. Me + RSS = crazytimes.

  13. 13
    Jennifer says:

    What was the name of the book where the heroine pretends to be the hero’s valet?

  14. 14
    RLJ says:

    Still only 14 podcasts showing up in the iTunes feed.

  15. 15
    RLJ says:

    Hate to keep whining, but the new podcast still isn’t showing up in my iTunes feed (or when I go to iTunes proper). And without dates it’s hard to tell which podcast is which on the iTunes webpage.

  16. 16
    SB Sarah says:

    It’s not whining at all – you’re right. it’s driving me bonkers, though from what I have found we’re not the only podcast with the problem. The feed here:…

    Is all up to date – and that’s the one I use to feed iTunes. I also changed the titles of each podcast in the feed so they’re numbered – and should display correctly in order wherever they end up.

    But of course the iTunes feed is not up to date and refuses to change no matter how I implore or entice it. I’m sorry it’s not working – I’m still fighting with it.

  17. 17
    Rae says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only defective iTunes subscriber….stupid thing

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