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104. Another Interview with Kat Mayo

While Sarah was in Australia, she did an interview with Kat Mayo from Bookthingo – a second interview. The first was back in 2012In this interview, we talk about blogging, Melina Marchetta and the possibility of her books being made into films. And when book bloggers get in a room, microphone or no microphone, we talk about what we're reading. And we give tips on how you can identify the REAL billionaires in Australian-set contemporaries.

We also talk about her kids, who listen to podcasts with her from the backseat of the family car. It turns out that they've started their own podcast: The Backseat Bookworms! How cool is that?

Here are the books we're discussing in this episode:

Jellicoe Road Finnikin and the Rock Looking for Alibrandi

The Piper's Son Nalini Singh - Rock Addiction Melanie Scott- Devil in Denim

Anna Campbell When a Duke Dares  Cover Leah Ashton - Why Resist a Rebel The Beautiful Ashes

Mercy Thompson - Moon Called Seize the Fire The Prince of Midnight for my lady's heart

Shadowheart Flowers from the Storm

romancing the duke Eleanor and Park Fangirl

Attachments The Girl Next Door - Meg Cabot Bill Bryson's Home

And, my source for our discussion of the origin of mp3s, in case you're curious.


Book HillBilly Rockstar This podcast is brought to you by Signet Eclipse, publisher of Hillbilly Rockstar—the sexy new Blacktop Cowboys novel from New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James.  

Country music star Devin McClain understands there’s a downside to life in the public eye, but the laidback Wyoming cowboy has never imagined he’d attract crazed fans who would do anything to garner his attention. When veiled threats become real, he agrees to hire a discreet security detail. But Devin is shocked when that bodyguard is a hard-bodied woman. He’s even more stunned to be attracted to the steely-eyed stunner.

Former soldier Liberty Masterson’s return to civilian life has been fraught with challenges until she lands a job with a prestigious security firm. But when she agrees to provide personal protection during a cross-country tour, she doesn’t realize she has signed up to masquerade as the playboy star’s girlfriend. Though she’s more comfortable in combat boots than high heels, she has no choice but to appear to be the sexy groupie Devin prefers.

Living in close quarters causes the chemistry between them to ignite, and Devin realizes he wants to turn their charade of a romance into reality. Although Liberty surrenders to his every whim behind closed doors, she fears the sexy country star doesn’t see the real her; and Devin can’t help but worry when the tour ends that there might not be enough between them to build something that won’t fade away….

You can find Hillbilly Rockstar wherever books are sold, on sale August 5, 2014!


The music you're listening to in this episode is performed by Sassy Outwater – yup, that's Sassy on her harp. This tune is called “Rumba for SB” so I'm calling it the Smart Bitches Rumba, because, well, why not? 

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  1. 1
    Kim says:

    I thought your conversation about how Outback romances don’t sell in the US was interesting. My first exposure to Australian romances were all set in the Outback (1970’s Harlequins) and gobbled up anything by Kerry Allyne, including one title I’ll never forget “Tuesday’s Jillaroo”. I’ve found that if I find an Outback romance in a review, I often can’t buy it in the US. So I’m wondering if they don’t sell because they’re not available? I actually knew more about the Outback than Australian cities from my early romance reading days, so if that’s something you’re interested in I recommend looking at vintage Harlequins and Presents (the Kings of Kimberley series by Emma Darcy comes to mind).

  2. 2
    Kathleen says:

    Very enjoyable interview! However, I was disappointed that Sarah & Kat didn’t give recommendations for Outback romances. Maybe in a future podcast/post?

  3. 3
    Marja says:

    I also would love to read some Outback romances. I’m so fed up with the sleek-sheik-businessman-gazillionaire -heroes. Gimme a rugged outback guy anytime!

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