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100. More Books for Young Readers, Beta Heroes, and a Surprise for Jane

We're back with more of our and your recommendations for young readers, plus a few beta hero recs from Jane. Then, to celebrate our 100th episode, a surprise at the end.

Here are the books we discuss in this episode:

Patricia Wrede Dragon series Alvin Ho Diary of a Wimpy Kid  My Weirder School - Dan Gutman

Power Ranger books Captain Underpants Kate Willoughby's hockey book Across the Line

Echo's Wolf book 1: Prisoner by Leah Silver Phineas & Ferb Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch

Trouble Twisters by Sean Williams and Garth Nix The Silver Brumby by Elyne Mitchell

The Coldest Girl in Cold Town Eleanor and Park Chrysanthemum Keven Henke Lily and The Purple Plastic Purse

Sheila Rae The Brave A Weekend With Wendell Sisters - Raina Telgemeier Lost and Found

The Goddess Girls series by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams The Wedding Planner's Daughter and Cupid Chronicles by Coleen Paratore Confectionately Yours Series by Lisa Papademetriou The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy



Book Riding the Wave by Lorelie Brown This podcast is brought to you by New American Library, publisher of Riding the Wave, Lorelie Brown’s sexy new Pacific Blue novel—on sale now!

The gray-green swells of San Sebastian haven’t changed in ten years, but Tanner Wright has. The last thing he expects to find back on his home turf is the love of his life….

With a make-or-break world championship on the line, professional surfer Tanner Wright has come back to the coastal California hometown he left a decade ago, carrying only his board and the painful knowledge of his father’s infidelity. Now that Hank Wright is dead, Tanner intends to keep the secret buried to spare his mother and sister the burden.

The last time Avalon Knox saw her best friend’s brother, she was fourteen and he was a twenty-year-old surfer god. She’s never understood or respected the way Tanner distanced himself from the family that has embraced her. But now she has the professional chance of a lifetime: to photograph Tanner for the competition—if he’ll agree.

Out on the waves, they find in each other passion that’s impossible to resist. And Tanner’s not the only one trying to move forward from his past. As the competition heats up, secrets get spilled, and lust takes over.

How close can Avalon get to this brooding surfer…without getting burned?  


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  1. 1
    azteclady says:

    Oh I read those books as a child! The Silver Brumbies *happy sigh*

  2. 2
    Hannah says:

    Thanks for the recommendations. I ordered the Power Rangers book as a surprise for my 8 yo for our upcoming mini-vacation. He’s somewhat of a reluctant reader, but he and his friends are really into Power Rangers. They were making plans to build a Morpher (?) or whatever gadget they have on the show that turns things into anything else.  For his bedtime readaloud he only wants the Horrid Henry stories, and we’ve read all the books, some multiple times. So eventually he’ll get tired of them, I think. Anyhow they’re very funny stories, and the illustrations by Tony Ross are brilliant. Some parents might not like that the characters call each other names, slap each other, etc. Other than that they’re totally excellent!

  3. 3

    One author I loved as a child was Gordon Korman. I haven’t read anything he’s written in the past 15 years (though it looks like he’s been quite busy), but I loved the MacDonald Hall (Bruno & Boots) books as a kid. They were hysterical. Until Harry Potter came along, I think this was the only series that my brother (not much of a reader), my dad, and I all read. But my absolute favourite was I Want to go Home! about a boy sent to summer camp who really, really doesn’t want to be there. I signed that book out of the library over and over again.

    Korman wrote his first MacDonald Hall book in grade 7. Can’t imagine anyone would want to publish the stuff I wrote in grade 7…at least I sure hope not. *shudders*

  4. 4

    Oh, and I might have to buy that Tara Sevic book. Rather curious…

  5. 5
    Claire C says:

    I just read Melina Marchetta’s ‘Finnikin of the Rock’ and loooooooved it! I think I might have heard about it from a comment somewhere on SBTB and finally got a copy through my library. This is exactly the kind of book I wold have loved as a YA, and it still resonated with me enough to make me all sniffly on public transit! I was so glad to find out there are sequels, and will have to see if my library has more of her work.

  6. 6

    Just remembered the classic How to Eat Fried Worms – my son and daughter were both horrified and riveted by it at about age 7. It got a little repetitive for me, but I think that was part of the charm for them – they could easily follow the story by the number of worms involved.

  7. 7
    Lesa says:

    It’s 100 degrees out and my AC is broken in my truck.  Unfortunately, after I pulled into my driveway and rolled up the windows, the quiz began and I discovered that I HAD TO sit there and listen to the whole thing, anyway.  I did not get as many right as Jane, but I think I’ll blame it on the heat.

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