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Depression & Amy Poehler

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Last Wednesday, in the couple hours between when work ended and Amy Poehler’s book event in Boston began, I sat in the corner of a Panera and made a therapy appointment. The frustrating thing about depression is that it sneaks up on you. Well…for me it did. For others, depression comes barging in, banging on…

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The Choices of Kathleen Hale

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Next week I will be a guest of the Surrey International Writers' Conference in British Columbia, Canada, and one of the workshops I've giving is on reviews. Specifically, it's called, Reviews: How to Get Reviewed, and How to Put a Review in your Rearview Mirror. I'm a blogger and reviewer who regularly gives negative review…

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Whatcha Reading? September Edition

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IT'S TIIIIIME! Time for The Most Expensive Thread where each month we talk about what we're reading and then we all buy a pile of books. Ready? Whatcha reading? Me, I just finished Chalice by Robin McKinley ( A | BN | K | ARe ). After I mentioned that I was reading The Blue Sword in last…

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Ice Bucket Challenge: Game On

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Yesterday, Christine Merrill tagged me in the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Dammit.    (Link)   So in return, I challenge Nalini Singh, Sarah Morgan, Angela James and Jane Litte: I believe you have 24 hours to accept the challenge.  For more information about the ALS Foundation, and the Ice Bucket Challenge, you can go to the…

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I’m a Paperback Kind of Girl

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I want to confess something: I love paperback books. Yeah, I know that ebooks are cheaper and easier and generally awesome, but I love my paper.  I grew up in a house filled with books. I think literally every room had a bookshelf in it. In fact one entire wall of my mother’s spare bathroom…

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Whatcha Reading? April Edition

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We just talked about book budgeting, so now, let's talk about what we're reading and tempt everyone around us with more book purchases! Makes total sense, right?  Right now, I'm reading Big Sky Country by Linda Lael Miller, thanks to the sale last weekend and the continued sale this week (eek!). I don't know why I…

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Book Budgeting

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In recent discussions, especially in the comments for some of the Books on Sale posts, a few of you have mentioned your book budgets. Sometimes it's howls of agony that the monthly budget has been exceeded by yet another tempting $1.99 deal – I feel your pain, as I'm equally susceptible.  But a few have…

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Old Skool vs New Skool Sandra Brown

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The first romantic suspense book I ever read was Mirror Image by Sandra Brown. It was full-on crazysauce, and I’ve never turned back. I still read Sandra Brown, although her books have gotten decidedly less nuts over the years. While on vacation recently I read Charade (1994) followed immediately by Tough Customer (2010) and it…

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Links and Questions: RITA Finalists and More

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The RWA announced the finalists for the 2014 RITA® and Golden Heart® awards this week – congratulations to all the finalists! There's a new judging system in place wherein any book that receives 90% of the total score automatically makes the finals. This created a very interesting finalist selection, as there are more than 15…

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So, Facebook

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This assembly of letters is about Facebook, which has very little to do with romance novels. In fact, my feelings about Facebook are kind of the opposite of a romance novel. My feelings about Facebook would probably be best summed up in a completely different book: Jodyne Speyer's Dump 'Em. (I did a book event…

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