RedHeadedGirl said 42 seconds ago:
If it's wrong to want Trollando Jones as my BFF, I don't want to be right.

Carrie is watching Wonder Woman and Black Widow Together At Last: The Movie, directed by Joss Whedon, screenplay by Marjorie M. Liu..
RedHeadedGirl said: I can't believe you didn't invite me. I even have CAKE.

Elyse said 1 hour ago:
Tried naked yoga today. No more LuluLemon chafing!

Amanda is in a domestic partnership with Yankee Candle

Elyse has just joined the Hey Dude Fanfic group and the knitting sweaters for hairless cats group.

Amanda just liked Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Cheese, Sleeping and Elyse's One Skein Junk Snugglers.

Elyse is reading:
Their Virgin Amnesiac Princess Love Slave: a 7-way romance.

Carrie said 6 hours ago:
I just updated my relationship status to It's Complicated with Hugh Jackman and Tom Hiddleston
RedHeadedGirl said: What's so complicated?

RedHeadedGirl said 7 hours ago:
Welp, I think the Old Skool pool has pretty much been tapped dry. It's so boring, nothing exciting happens.  Ever. 

Amanda said 7 hours ago:
Hm…I thought there'd be more fuchsia.

RedHeadedGirl said 8 hours ago:
Jeremy Renner or Richard Armitage? These are the existential questions of our genre.
RedHeadedGirl said: Fuck it. I'm taking both.

RedHeadedGirl just liked Lush hair products, Leinenkugel Brewery, Lady Fingers (the cookie), Lady Fingers (the fingers), Lasagna, and Lipizzaner Stallions.
Hannibal said: I like lady fingers, too.

Fabio asked Sarah 10 hours ago: Where is the Candy Crush?
Sarah said: There is no Candy Crush.
RedHeadedGirl said: Hell yeah. I live HERE now.

Fabio has just joined the I Kill Geese With My Face group.

Fabio just liked Hair Product. All of them.

Fabio joined Bitchster 11 hours, 55 seconds ago.
Sarah said: Dude. How did you find out so quickly?
Fabio said: Wherever there is romance, there is Fabio.

Sarah said 12 hours ago:
I just created Bitchster.

RedHeadedGirl said in 1811:
I think I found a security hole. Either that, or I'm in the Regency.

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