Sunday, April 1, 2012


During the last year of redesigns and upgrades, there were a lot of suggestions on improvements. After much thought, I went allllll the way back to Geocities 1.0 to create our new design, which is a feast for ALL your senses. All of them. Just wait.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bonus For the Eyes -- What Does Romance Look and Sound Like?

The goal for this site is to assault entice your senses - all of them! Clearly your eyes are feasting on all the fine deliciousness now, yes? Here, have some of the very best eyecandy there is.

OH NO. Don't thank me for the autoplay - Fabio and I are here to tantalize your eyes AND YOUR EARS. We are here for you!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

What does romance SMELL like?

In romance novels, we are always told what the heroes smell like, particularly historical romance. Really. Always. NO EXCEPTIONS. THERE MUST BE THE SMELLS. So what do romance heroes smell like?

Thanks to a grant from The Jane Litte Foundation, we are the first to offer online SMELL O VISION with scratch and sniff technology*!

Move your finger lovingly over the folloiwng images to find out what a romance hero smells like: a combination of horses, leather, and an undefined male essence, which our scientists have identified as His Dirty Socks.

It's a horse playing on its back with its balls showing It's a leather stud that looks like an anus.

It's a smelly sock!

*This technology only works on the iPad 4 with iSnot enabled.
*Thank you to BigStock for images, and to The Jane Litte Foundation for SMELL O VISION grant!

The Touch and Taste of Romance

What do YOU think the Touch and Taste of romance is? Share your favorite fabrics and recipes in the comments!