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HaBO: A Stuffed Alligator May Have Been Involved in her Sexual Awakening

Help a Bitch OutThis request comes fromPeggy, who is looking for a steamy Silhouette title from some years back:

I am looking for a category {most likely a Silhouette Desire} from the late 1980s that featured a fantasy involving the sex scene from The Big Easy (“Your luck's about to change, cher”).

The book was rather racy by 1980s category standards, and I think the heroine — who was rather straight-laced and repressed in her work life — had a diary or collection of her fantasies that was either shared with or discovered by a co-worker (?), leading to her sexual awakening (a stuffed alligator may have been involved).

Can you help this old bitch out? Merci. 

A stuffed alligator may have been involved. I think it's a moral imperative we find this book, if only for the alligator's honor, right? Anyone recognize this book?


Help a Bitch Out

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    rudi_bee says:

    I know Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie referenced that exact line from The Big Easy but there definitely weren’t any alligators or secret diaries so I doubt that’s the right one.

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    Delphine Dryden says:

    This isn’t useful at all, but…man, I just love that scene so much.

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    Celia Marsh says:

    Very important question which will obviously make all the difference for figuring out this book: taxidermied or plush toy gator??

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    AQ says:

    It’s a Desire from 1988 with a co-workers/friends to lover trope and appears to be set in New Orleans. Outside of that I can’t say more as I haven’t read it.

    Southern Comfort by Sara Chance

    Victoria Wynne and Cord Darcourte were a creative force. As partners in a New Orleans architectural firm, they were not only a professional team, they were the best of friends. And it was as friends that they’d stood by each other through good times and bad.

    But something had changed. When Cord used to look at Victoria, he’d seen a reliable business associate. Now he saw a desirable woman he wanted to pull into his arms. As for Victoria, she was shocked at the very unfriendly thoughts she’d been having lately about Cord! Suddenly they had to face facts: business had turned to pleasure in a most disconcerting way!

  5. 5
    StarOpal says:

    This is what I’ve turned up:

    Scoundrel by Charlotte Hughes, from Loveswept 1989

    “Blue Mitchum had grown up the bad boy of Peculiar, Mississippi—every mother’s nightmare and every daughter’s fantasy!  He’d left his fingerprints on plenty of the town’s girls, but he’d never touched Cassie Kennard… except in the pages of her diary, where she’d confessed how much she wanted the dark-haired rebel with Indian blood and stark blue eyes to kiss her breathless! 

    Now she was back in town, but as Cassandra D’Clair, world-famous model and divorced mother of twins—and living under the same roof with the man she’d never forgotten, or stopped yearning for.  Blue’s wicked grin said he knew Cassie burned and trembled, but she vowed not to be one of his conquests, that stolen kisses were all he’d ever get.  Cassie refused to let a man get close—but Blue found the untamed wildcat beneath the lady’s skin and lit her fires with his lips.  Could he teach her that his love could soothe her pain… and her love heal his?  “

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