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I heard this on the radio while driving home and stayed in my car to hear the rest of the song. I was hooked from the part about how she hates the way her bikini top chafes. This is Girl in a Country Song by Maddie and Tae: 


I love how many subtle (and not subtle) musical callbacks to other songs are hidden in the melody and the lyrics. 

I hope your weekend is full of things that make you laugh and smile.


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    I’m not a country music fan but I like that song, probably because it calls out everything that annoys me about country music.

  2. 2
    Helen M says:

    Well, to contrast with Chris’ comment, I AM a country music fan, and I really like this song, precisely because it calls out some of things that annoy me about modern ‘bro-country’. (Catchy melody and instantly-easy-to-sing-along-to chorus, help, too!)

    I listen to a lot of ‘bro country’ on internet radio stations on my days off, because the tunes are generally catchy and happy and it makes doing chores so much less boring, but I’m not deaf to their problematic nature.

    I’d argue though, that just like Romance, country music is a broad church – just like not all Romances are ‘bodice rippers’, not all country music is ‘bro country’, and tarring it all with the same brush means you’re missing out on some really good stuff.

    …/steps off unexpected high horse…

  3. 3
    jimthered says:

    I’m a fan of some country music, and I had a big ol’ laugh at this one.

    My biggest problem with country music isn’t the “bro country” treatment of women (apart from plenty of male country singers looking hot, how many older country songs had an unfaithful woman being killed?) but how it’s become virtually indistinguishable from pop music.  Helen M is right that it’s “a broad church,” but it seems most newer country music these days is a lot closer to Katy Perry than Dolly Parton.  Taylor Swift is the current big example of this (pure pop music with an occasional small bit of country tossed in), but I think it largely started with Shania Twain, who left her early country sounds behind for mainstream success—and made country music stations a lot less country and a lot more generic.  (On the plus side, her video “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” cemented the bustier in my mind as *the* sexiest thing out there.)

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    Amy Raby says:

    I like this one, and I actually like that country music has become more “pop” in recent years (I just prefer that sound). It’s also starting to become just a bit more progressive, a bit more feminist. Check out a recent song called “Quarterback” by Kira Isabella, based on the Steubenville case.

  5. 5
    LauraL says:

    Nice to see the boys strutting around in daisy dukes in a country music video for a change. :)

    Great earworm for a Friday afternoon, too.

  6. 6
    Alexandra says:

    Though I don’t listen to country music anymore (because I primarily listened on local radio stations filled with “bro country” – see Helen M and jimthered’s comments) I still like to keep up on what’s popular so I don’t always feel like I live under a rock. I’m a big fan of this song and I’m looking forward to hearing more from Maddie & Tae. I even checked out the meet Maddie & Tae video on their website (seriously I liked the song that much).

    Country music IS a “broad church” (again, see earlier comments). While I quit listening regularly there is still a lot of stuff out there that isn’t “mainstream” that doesn’t have that bro country or pop music feel. Some well-known artists like Kacey Musgraves I continue to listen to (I’ve always loved that bluegrass-y sound and will never stop waiting for the Dixie Chicks to release another album).

    However, like Amy R commented, I like the pop feel in a lot of songs (like Taylor Swift), too. These party songs (popularized by Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line (whom I despise), etc. seem to have the same lyrics and similar music – like a broken record. A song poking fun at that was due, I think. Thanks for sharing!

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    Ova says:

    This is my new favorite song. I also love all the callbacks to other songs, especially “That’s My Kind of Night” which has lyrics that are disturbing on multiple levels.

  8. 8
    denise says:

    love country music—this is a fun song and video

  9. 9
    Sarita says:

    Nice. I don’t have strong feelings one way or another about country music, but seeing people I wouldn’t expect (basically any mainstream musician, really) seriously call out gender roles makes me warm and fuzzy.

  10. 10
    Kelly S says:

    It was a fun song.  Being ignorant of country music, generally speaking, I caught no references to anything.  The girls are stinking gorgeous though.

  11. 11
    Amy Raby says:

    Meant to make this comment a week ago, but anyway. My impression, just from listening to country music on the radio, is that the recent rise in “bro country” is primarily the influence of the new band Florida Georgia Line.

    They churn out hit after hit, all of it “bro country” with super catchy music. And even though their stuff is objectifying and often sexist, it’s so well written and it has such a happy sound that I find myself listening despite my annoyance with the lyrics. Lines like “Drag racin’ ‘til the blue lights chase us, and we scatter like sparks from a black cat fuse” are actually decent writing. I just wish their songs didn’t have to be so… bro.

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