Friday Videos Like Talking Cats

I read somewhere on the internet (so it MUST be TRUE) that cats vocalize at humans, and not so much at each other. But this video seems to be proving that wrong: 


I kind of want subtitles. Like one cat is probably saying, “Look, you know about that You Tube thing? That's where we'll end up. Famous and going on tour after that. Weekday keggers when The Lady isn't home are so over for us.”

I hope your weekend is full of all the best conversations. 


Friday Videos

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    kelly S. says:

    I played it when my two cats were in the room.  One got up from his slumber with ears perked and a concerned look on his face.  His sister looked at him, like, is that you? Then who? Both started looking out the window looking for the cats.  They obviously understood the cats in the video.  It was quite amusing.

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    Celia Marsh says:

    Yeah, based on my cat’s reaction, they’re slightly complainy, but over all fine.  He looked up when it started, and when I called him up onto the bed to watch it, he was fascinated, but not worried.  (unlike when I watch things with crying kitten noises, which upset him greatly.)

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