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Books on Sale: Sleigh Bells in the Snow is $1.99 Until Sunday!

Book sleigh Bells in the Snow

RECOMMENDED: Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan is $1.99 but only until Sunday! This is a TERRIFIC book, you guys. It's a contemporary romance set in Vermont at a failing ski resort called Snow Crystal. It was a Sizzling Book Club pick in November 2013, and it's been nominated for a RITA® this year. Both of our RITA® Reader Challenge reviewers enjoyed it, and both gave it an A grade. 

Celia wrote

I loved this book.  It was everything a romance should be – sweet, sexy, dramatic, funny, with a heavy dose of warm, fuzzy feelings.

Turophile wrote: 

After one of the longest and coldest winter in the last century, we’re finally enjoying warm weather. Yet this book had me dreaming about sleigh rides, snow angels, and hot cocoa.  The wintery wonderland in the mountains of Vermont is so richly drawn and enticing that it feels almost as if it were a character in this book.

This is a limited time only deal, so if you've been curious about this book, grab it now! 

Once upon a time, Christmas was Kayla Green's favorite time of year. Now all the workaholic wants for Christmas is for it to be over—as fast as possible! So when duty calls her to snowy Vermont to close a deal with a new client, Kayla is grateful for an excuse to avoid the holidays for another year.

Jackson O'Neil left a thriving business behind to return home and salvage his family's resort—it's in his blood, and he can't let it fail. Now that he's got marketing whiz Kayla Green working with him to put Snow Crystal on the map, success is on the horizon. The fact they strike enough sparks off each other to power all the Christmas lights in Vermont is just an added bonus.

Kayla might be an expert at her job, but she's out of her depth with Jackson—he makes her crave the happy-ever-after she once dreamed of, and it's terrifying. As the snowflakes continue to swirl, will the woman who doesn't believe in the magic of Christmas finally fall under its spell?

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Book And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake

And the Miss Ran Away With the Rake by Elizabeth Boyle is $1.99 at Amazon as a KDD today. Not sure if price-matching will happen, but fingers crossed! This is book 2 in the Rhymes With Love series, thought I confess, I am not a fan of the cutesy nursery-rhyme titles on historicals. This is an enemies-to-lovers story wherein the heroine and hero begin a correpondence with one another under pseudonyms, and of course in real life they despise each other. Heh heh. Have you read this book?

Daphne Dale never could have imagined that when she answered an advertisement in the newspaper that she would find true love. Now she has the opportunity to meet her unknown suitor, but it means traveling to Tabitha’s wedding, and into the heart of her family’s sworn enemies. Everyone knows the Seldons are terrible rakes and bounders, but Daphne will risk anything to gain the happiness she is certain is right around the corner.

Lord Henry Seldon is aghast at the latest addition to the house party guest list—one would think after the unforgettable scandal Daphne Dale caused at the duke’s engagement ball, she wouldn’t dare show her face at the duke’s wedding. But here she is, poking her nose where she shouldn’t and driving Henry mad . . . with an unforgettable passion that will turn enemies into lovers.

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Book It Had to Be You - Jill Shalvis -a couple embracing in front of a flower shop window

RECOMMENDED: It Had to Be You is Lucky Harbor #7, and it's $1.99 at most retailers. Essentially the Lucky Harbor series is built on sets of trilogies, and this is trilogy #3, centered around three heroes.

This story has all the things Shalvis fans (like me!) love: excellent and hilarious dialogue, realistic character emotions, humor, extremely hot scenes (a good thing for today!) — plus the small town setting that many romance fans love. I read this one after skipping two books and had no problem reading it as a stand-alone.

It Had to be You was also nominated for a RITA® this year, and Christine gave it a B in her RITA® Reader Challenge review:

In most regards, Lucky Harbor is as idyllic as ever in It Had to be You—the ocean and mountains are there to provide recreation and catharsis, the town is decorated with twinkly lights, and whenever anybody needs an ice cream or chocolate chip pancakes, they’re right around the corner. Awesome! (Obviously, we can find all of those things here in the greater Los Angeles area, but we generally have to drive to get to them and then pay to park. Nobody seems to have to pay to park in Lucky Harbor.)

Ali Winters is not having a good day. Her boyfriend left her, everyone in town thinks she's a thief, and now she's about to be kicked out of her home. Her only shot at keeping a roof over her head and clearing her name is to beg for help from a police detective who's as sexy as he is stern….

After a high-profile case goes wrong, Luke Hanover returns to his hometown for some peace and quiet. Instead he finds a bombshell brunette in a heap of trouble. As he helps Ali put her world back together, the pieces of Luke's own life finally seem to fall into place. Is this the start of a sizzling fling?

Or are Luke and Ali on the brink of something big in a little town called Lucky Harbor?

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Book The Italian Cookbook for Beginners

The Italian Cookbook for Beginners is .99 digitally right now at Amazon and BN. This book has many, many five-star reviews, and a 4.3-star average on GoodReads. Readers who have used it especially like the depth of flavor in the recipes.

Italian food is the ultimate comforting homemade cuisine. Full of rich, robust flavors, enticing aromas, and exuberant colors, Italian cuisine is a celebration of love for both food and family. With The Italian Cookbook for Beginners, you won't need to travel far and wide to enjoy the authentic flavors of Italy. Offering over 100 classic recipes, The Italian Cookbook for Beginners will show you how to cook like an Italian mama, using affordable everyday ingredients from your local grocery store. The Italian Cookbook for Beginners offers simple, delicious Italian recipes that bring the hearty flavors of Italy into your home.

The Italian Cookbook for Beginners will show you how to easily create your own classic Italian cuisine, with:
-105 authentic Italian Cookbook recipes that use affordable, easy-to-find ingredients
-Simple Italian Cookbook versions of your favorites, such as homemade pizza, Eggplant Parmigiana, and Italian-style pork chops
-4 basic sauces to liven up any dish
-Tips on buying fresh fish and matching sauces with pastas from the editors of The Italian Cookbook
-Guide to planning a complete Italian meal using The Italian Cookbook

You don't need fancy techniques, hard-to-find ingredients, or specialized tools to create mouthwatering Italian dishes; all you need is The Italian Cookbook for Beginners and a desire to mangia!

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