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Books on Sale: Eight Books by Grace Burrowes as Kindle Daily Deal Today

If you like Grace Burrowes, or you know someone who may, there are eight of her novels for $1.99 today at Amazon as a Kindle Daily Deal. I've said before that Burrowes' writing doesn't usually work for me, as much as I love historicals. I do know many readers who adore her books, so if you're curious, you have lots to choose from today! 

If you're a fan of Burrowes' books, which one of these do you most recommend to new readers? 


Book  The Heir

The Heir by Grace Burrowes is $1.99 today. This was, I believe, her first published book, and is about an earl who is the heir to a dukedom, and who has a major thing for his housekeeper, who is keeping secrets from him. This book has a 3.7 star average and many readers liked the emotion and the dialogue between the characters, but struggled with the historical anachronisms.


Gayle Windham, Earl of Westhaven, is the first legitimate son and heir to the Duke of Moreland. To escape his father's inexorable pressure to marry, he decides to spend the summer at his townhouse in London, where he finds himself intrigued by the secretive ways of his beautiful housekeeper…


Anna Seaton is a beautiful, talented, educated woman, which is why it is so puzzling to Gayle Windham that she works as his housekeeper.

As the two draw closer and begin to lose their hearts to each other, Anna's secrets threaten to bring the earl's orderly life crashing down – and he doesn't know how he's going to protect her from the fallout…

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Book The Soldier

The Soldier by Grace Burrowes is $1.99. This is book 2 in the Windham series and also book 1 in the Duke's Obsession series, which are united by a common theme of a particular duke who is going to make sure all his sons get married the way he wants. That usually works out according to plan, right? Heh.

The Soldier refers to the hero, an illegitimate son who is awarded a title and estate for valor, and finds said estate comes equipped with two women who are going to leave him alone the entire time and not bother him at all. Of course. (Not.)

This Regency era battle of wits, wills, and the sexes features a wily duke determined to see the succession of his line secured. The duke can't force his sons to marry, but he can make their lives miserable until they do. Resisting his pressure, each gentleman holds out for true love.

The second book in the series features Devlin St. Just, the duke's oldest, but illegitimate, son. He arrives at his new estate weary in body and spirit only to find the previous owner's bastard daughter and her beautiful cousin are his responsibility and making his life almost unbearably complicated.

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Book The Virtuoso

The Virtuoso by Grace Burrowes is $1.99. This is book 3 in the Windham series – books 1-8 are today's deal. This book comes equipped with four wheel drive, air conditioning, and OMG ANGST. The Virtuoso in question is the hero, Valentine Windham, who is a gifted pianist. It has a 3.8-star average, and while some readers loved the characters and struggled with some anachronisms, I really liked how this review from AngelC explained the hero:

The quiet piano virtuoso was one of my favorite and most memorable characters from a book ever. That's some pretty high expectations to set on a character, and I'm glad to say that Val did not disappoint on his own story. Much gentler, kinder, and more artistic than the heroes we're used to seeing in historical romance, Val is my favorite type of hero. The type who is kind to everyone, and not afraid of his feelings.


Gifted pianist Valentine Windham, youngest son of the Duke of Moreland, has little interest in his father's obsession to see his sons married, and instead pours passion into his music. But when Val loses his music, he flees to the country, alone and tormented by what has been robbed from him.


Grieving Ellen Markham has hidden herself away, looking for safety in solitude. Her curious new neighbor offers a kindred lonely soul whose desperation is matched only by his desire, but Ellen's devastating secret could be the one thing that destroys them both.

Together they'll find there's no rescue from the past, but sometimes losing everything can help you find what you need most.

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Book Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish

Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish is $1.99. This is book 4 in the Windham series, and was nominated for a RITA® in 2012 for Best Regency Historical. Polished Bookworm gave it a B+ in her RITA Reader Challenge review, and said: 

This book is an enjoyable bit of Christmas cheer, featuring a snowstorm, a baby, and a handsome man who knows his way around a nappy.  This is 'mommy porn' – a man who not only knows how to change a diaper but does so voluntarily. *swoon*


Lady Sophie Windham has maneuvered a few days to herself at the ducal mansion in London before she must join her family for Christmas in Kent. Suddenly trapped by a London snowstorm, she finds herself with an abandoned baby and only the assistance of a kind, handsome stranger standing between her and complete disaster.


With his estate in ruins, Vim Charpentier sees little to feel festive about this Christmas. His growing attraction for Sophie Windham is the only thing that warms his spirits–but when Sophie's brothers whisk her away, Vim's most painful holiday memories are reawakened.

It seems Sophie's been keeping secrets, and now it will take much more than a mistletoe kiss to make her deepest wishes come true..

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Book Lady maggie's Secret Scandal

Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal is $1.99. This story features an illegitimate heroine who is being blackmailed, and the investigator whom she hires to help her. This book has a 3.9 star average on GoodReads, and readers particularly liked that the heroine, Lady Maggie, is 30, and fiercely protective of herself. 

Complete aside: I love how on Burrowes' covers, none of the men wear shirts. I wonder if they all wander around historical England shirtless. 

“I say, who is that chap with the nipples?”

“Oh, he's a Burrowes' hero.”

“Of course! Silly of me to ask.”


And she's been perfectly capable of keeping them…until now. When she's threatened with exposure, she turns to investigator Benjamin Hazlit to keep catastrophe at bay.

But Maggie herself intrigues Benjamin more than the riddle she's set him to solve. As he uncovers more and more of her past, Maggie struggles to keep him at a distance, until they both begin to discover the truth in their hearts..

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Book Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight

Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight is $1.99. This is a marriage of convenience/friends to lovers story. The heroine is the sister of Lady Maggie, and she's a writer whose reputation is in danger. This book has a 3.9-star average, and readers loved the quiet, character-driven development of the romance. 

No one would ever guess that Lady Louisa, the most reserved of the Duke of Moreland's daughters, had published a book of racy poems under a pseydonym on a dare. Before she can buy and destroy all of the copies, a dastardly fortune hunter seeks to compromise her reputation by revealing her secret identity at a holiday ball.

Before she can be publicly ruined, close family friend Sir Joseph Carrington saves the day by offering to marry Louisa. As he recites poetry to her, waltzes with her by starlight, and showers her with lovely kisses, they both begin to discover that their match may be the best Christmas gift either has ever received..

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Book Lady Eve's Indiscretion

Lady Eve's Indiscretion is $1.99. Pretend engagement ahoy! Those always work out exactly the way the characters plan, right? Heh heh.

This book has a 3.8-star average, and there's a lot going on in this story: Eve is a gifted horsewoman who has secluded herself due to a secret from her past. Deene, the hero, is trying to regain custody of his late sister's child, and a pretend engagement would help them both.

Lady Eve's Got The Perfect Plan

Pretty, petite Evie Windham has been more indiscreet than her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Moreland, suspect. Fearing that a wedding night would reveal her past, she's running out of excuses to dodge adoring swains.

Lucas Denning, the newly titled Marquis of Deene, has reason of his own for avoiding marriage. So Evie and Deene strike a deal, each agreeing to be the other's decoy.

At this rate, matrimony could be avoided indefinitely…until the two are caught in a steamy kiss that no one was supposed to see

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Book Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait

Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait is $1.99. This book has a 3.8-star average, and is about Lady Jenny (obviously) who is a very gifted artist whose parents forbid her from pursuing art professionally. I feel bad for Lady Jenny because that's tough – and because she has no shirtless man on her cover. She does have a fire, though, and that's a much more efficient heat source when it's cold. 

What Lady Jenny wants for Christmas…

For Christmas, soft-spoken Lady Jenny Windham craves the freedom to pursue her artistic ambitions, though that would scandalize her entire family. She confides her dreams to painter Elijah Harrison, because assisting Eliah will bring Jenny that much closer to her heart's desire–won't it?

…Will break both their hearts.

Elijah Harrison finds in Jenny an inspiring muse, and original talent, and also a lovely and passionate woman. Elijah can only support Jenny's career at his own peril, but not encouraging her would be even worse. Whether he does or doesn't help Jenny become an artist in her own right, he knows he's going to lose her–and the love of his lifetime–forever…

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  1. 1
    LSUReader says:

    I love Grace Burrowes’s books. Of these, my highest recs go to Lady Eve’s Indiscretion and Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish. Enjoy!

  2. 2
    donna marie says:

    Can anyone else hear that?
    My debit card is crying.

  3. 3
    mel burns says:

    @donna marie: I checked my library and all of Burrowes books are on Overdrive. Maybe yours does too… could save some cash.:)

  4. 4
    SB Sarah says:


    Thank you for recommending some – I appreciate it!

  5. 5
    Shannon says:

    I find myself conflicted about Burrowes.  She’s on my auto-buy list.  I love how most of her books are about affection as well as love.  She has a voice that is unique.  Lots of English teachers told me about voice, but I just didn’t get it.  Only a few authors books stand out and say, “Voice.”  That said, I would like just once for a character to say No.  They always say, “I shall not.”  Or some variation on that theme. Men “wing.”  These are not serious complaints, more gossipy observations about someone, some author I like a lot but I just wish for once that her hair was mussed or her lipstick the wrong shade.

  6. 6
    Celia Marsh says:

    Sure, they’re topless, but at least their nipples don’t follow you around the room.

  7. 7
    Persnickety says:

    I am torn on Grace Burrowes, I like some of her books.  I would recommend the girls stories( these are all about one family) particularly Louisa and maggie’s stories.

    With the other ones, I have read them. The first two didn’t leave much of an impression, but Virtuoso should have come with a trigger warning for infant loss/miscarriage.  Still haven’t finished it.

    I like her books, she does have good emotional stories.  But the anachronisms and the slightly not quite right bits of Englishness build up after a while, so I can’t read more than two of her books in quick succession.  That could just be me, I suspect it is less obvious to Americans because the issues are where she assumed that the English way of doing things is the same as the American one.  It’s not bad, but it is jarring, and tends to throw me out of the story.

  8. 8
    Christiana says:

    The Soldier’s subplot involving Devlin’s mother and her letter to him had me sobbing. I hope to re-read it one day soon just for those parts.

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