Sizzling Book Club Chat: The Windflower by Sharon & Tom Curtis

Book The Windflower

It's time! 

Ready to join our raucous and thoughtful (yes, really, both!) chat about The Windflower by Sharon & Tom Curtis? Come on by tonight at 9:00pm ET and bring your favorite beverage! 

The window below will go live at 9 with discussion, cover evaluation, mayhem, questions and more! 

Then, at 10pm ET, Sharon & Tom Curtis will join us for a Q&A! 

I am guessing several questions will combine the words “Cat” “story” and “PLEASEOMG”  – I have one of those questions, too. 

The chat moves quickly but it is a lot of fun, and it's a very welcoming space, too. If you didn't like the book, please join us! If you did, come on over! If you're not sure how you felt about it, same deal!

I can't wait to discuss this book with you – see you soon! 


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    Nancy Collins says:

    Oh yes!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    malatt says:

    New here. Loved it. Want Cat’s story! Love his potential! Interesting background.

  3. 3

    Hi everyone – I read it was reissued because their (Laura Landon’s agent) was clever enough to see to it

  4. 4
    Bona says:

    I couldn’t join the book club -it was 3 in the morning here.
    I’m glad I could read it today, because you had a very insightful conversation. As Laura Kinsale is one of my favourites, I think Eleanor nailed it when she said that Cat is kind of Kinsale’s heroe, now I find that’s why he’s so special.
    My favourite character was, nevertheless, Rand Morgan. I like the idea of him as a bi.
    My personal experience with the book is somehow mixed. I wanted to like it, and I did. But it was not one of those books that make me run and buy all the backlist of the authors.
    As far as I know it has not been translated to Spanish. At least not in Spain, where very few people had heard of Laura London/T. & Sh. Curtis. I don’t know why, b/c you have a great market in two continents for romance novels in Spanish. Last time I saw the wikipedia is the second language in the world by number of native speakers. But we still don’t know why our publishing houses decide to translate certain authors and ignore others. I remember in the 80s, -fuchsia covers & Fabio- they translated all Woodiwiss and J. Lindsey, but also Shirlee Busbee or Jennifer Blake, so why did they ignore this very good novel?
    I’m not sure if I want a sequel with Cat or Rand. Not unless you’re going to write something like the darkest and most morbid Kinsale you can imagine. Neither of them would fit into a trite Regency.

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