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Books on Sale: The Mother of All Sherrilyn Kenyon Box Sets, Plus Susan Mallery and Kira Brady

Book The Dark Hunters The collection boxed set

The Dark Hunters – The Collection Thus Far by Sherrilyn Kenyon is $19.99 at Amazon. That's 25 books plus a companion book for $20, which works out to about $1 each.


When Jane told me about this one I thought she was joking, but no, it's real. This is probably the most bizarre book on sale deal I've seen. This is 25 books plus The Dark-Hunter Companion in one digital file – with the warning, “Due to its large file size, this book may take longer to download“. Ha. YOU DON'T SAY.

The Amazon price appears to be the lowest right now, and at BN it's listed at $147.82 (egads) but if ever there was a time for the price matching fairies to have a showdown – or better yet a dance off! – this would be it. I'm leaving the other retailer link up with fingers crossed in hopes they all discount this one for a time. 

Anyone feel like an epic glom for $20?

This collection includes: Fantasy Lover, Night Pleasures, Night Embrace, Seize the Night, Night Play, Kiss of the Night, Sine of the Night, Unleash the Night, One Silent Night, Dance with the Devil, Dark Side of the Moon, The Dream Hunter, Devil May Cry, Upon the Midnight Clear, Dream Chaser, Acheron, Dream Warrior, Bad Moon Rising, No Mercy, Retribution, The Guardian, Time Untime, & The Dark Hunter Companion.

According to GoodReads, that's books 0.5, 1-17, 19, 21-22 and 24. 

Goodreads | Amazon ($19.99) | BN | Kobo | All Romance eBooks



Book Hearts of Shadow

Hearts of Shadow by Kira Brady is $2.99 right now. This is book 2 of the Deadglass series, and features a science-loving beta hero dragon. (That's like a big bouquet garni of all my catnip, like damn). Readers really liked the chemistry between the characters, and the setting makes those who know and love Seattle really really happy.

Grace Mercer's unmatched wraith-killing ability made her the unofficial defender of a city shattered by supernatural catastrophe.

So there's no way she'll allow the new regent of Seattle's most powerful dragon shifter clan to “protect” her from a vicious evil stalking the ruined streets–and keep her from the freedom she's risked everything to earn. Leif's science-honed instincts tell him Grace is the key to keeping shifters and humans safe.

But helping this wary fighter channel her untapped power is burning away the dragon's sensual self-control and putting a crucial alliance at risk.

Soon the only chance Leif and Grace will have to save their world will be a dangerously fragile link that could forever unite their souls. . .or consume all in a storm of destruction.

Goodreads | Amazon | BN | Kobo







Book Just One Kiss

Susan Mallery's Just One Kiss is $1.99 today as a Kindle Daily Deal. I'm not sure if the price matching fairies are speaking to one another but this may appear at other retailers.

Susan Mallery writes small town contemporary romance and her books are set in Fool's Gold. This is book 10 in that series, and features a second chance at love story between a hero who left town as a teen, and a heroine who has never gotten over him. It has a 4+ star average on GR, too. Have you read this series, or this book?

He won't hesitate to put his life on the line…but will he ever risk his heart?

Falling for Justice Garrett was a high point in Patience McGraw's otherwise awkward adolescence. Even after he disappeared, Patience never forgot the boy who captured her heart. Now, he's back in Fool's Gold, California, and her passion for him is as strong as ever. But how can she trust that he won't abandon her again-and her daughter, too?

When bodyguard Justice Garrett was a young man, witness protection brought him to this idyllic town and he never forgot its warmth, or the sweet beauty of his childhood friend. He's returned to open a defense academy, and the Patience he once knew is all grown up. He can't resist her smile, or her curves. But Justice's past doesn't make him husband, or father, material.

Patience and Justice think they'll succumb to just one kiss…

Then one more…

Okay, just one night together. But they might learn that falling in love is beyond anyone's control.

Goodreads | Amazon


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  1. 1
    DonnaMarie says:

    Paranormal in Seattle? I am rolling on my back, batting at the air with my paws. I hate you, Sarah. Don’t you understand I have a review to write?

  2. 2

    I’m usually quite pleased with my NOOK, but after seeing that offer for the Dark Hunter books I’m wishing I had a Kindle. I’ll keep an eye on B&N and see if they match it.

  3. 3
    Bea says:

    @Darlene Marshall. You can always download the free Kindle App for any other devce (Laptop, mobile, tablet or ipad, it works for both Android and Apple) and you can read there. I love my old Kindle Keyboard but of late I”m reading a lot on my Ipad. Good luck!

  4. 4
    Bea says:

    Forgot to mention. If you are into audiobooks the Susan Mallery’s audiobook is just $ .99 after you buy the Kindle edition. How do I know this? Because I just went and blew my monthly book budget away with the Kenyon bundle and the Mallery’s book, both kindle and audio editions. I am weak

  5. 5
    Darlynne says:

    @Darlene Marshall: Also, Calibre (and some add-ins) will let you convert the book to epub format so you can side load it to your Nook. Calibre opened a huge range of other formats for me and I’ve never looked back.

  6. 6

    Thanks for the Calibre tips. I do have the Kindle app on my iPad, and it may be worthwhile to load it there too.

  7. 7
    LauraL says:

    I read and autobuy Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series. The latest book, When We Met, features a hero and heroine who are a little older than the usual small town romance couples and there are some sexy times along with some hysterically funny scenes as they get to know each other. I’d say it is my second favorite so far. My favorite, and one of my favorite contemporary romances ever, is Three Little Words from last Summer which has the pretend couple trope. Ford is the sweetest and most romantic ex-Navy SEAL hero, okay maybe any kind of hero, I’ve read. I was hoping there would be a Kindle deal on that book today, too. :)

  8. 8
    Lisa J says:

    @Darlene Marshall – The other great thing about Calibre is you can split an ePub file.  I bought the set and split it into each book.  It’s a great way to deal with big sets like this and for boxed sets.  I buy whatever file type, convert it, and then split the books out.

  9. 9
  10. 10

    Unfortunately, the Kenyon sale doesn’t seem to extend to Amazon Canada. COME ON, AMAZON!!!! :(

  11. 11
    LindaL says:

    Unfortunately the sale ended this morning.  B&N didn’t match which I was waiting for.  Next time, I will just get it for the Kindle App rather than wait for it to hit my Nook.

  12. 12

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