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Books on Sale: Scottish Historicals with Tortured Heroes, Blondes, and Time Travel

Book Devil of Clan Sinclair

The Devil of Clan Sinclair by Karen Ranney is $3.99! This book is one that pops up frequently from reader recommendations. A second chance romance, readers loved the obstacles the couple had to overcome in order to get their happy ending, while some felt the conflict could have been resolved with a simple conversation. This book has a 3.5-star rating on GR and is the first in the Clan Sinclair series.

For Virginia Traylor, Countess of Barrett, marriage was merely the vehicle to buy her father a title. Widowhood, however, brings a host of problems. For her husband deliberately spent the money intended for Virginia and her in-laws, leaving them penniless—unless she produces an heir. Desperate and confused, Virginia embarks on a fateful journey that brings her to the doorstep of the only man she's ever loved…

He's known as The Devil, but Macrath Sinclair doesn't care. He moved to a tiny Scottish village in hopes of continuing his work as an inventor and starting a family of his own. He bought the house; he chose the woman. Unfortunately, Virginia didn't choose him. Macrath knows he should turn her away now, but she needs him, and he wants her more than ever. Whatever game Virginia's playing, Macrath intends to win—one wickedly seductive deed at a time…

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Book The Highlander's Dangerous Temptation. They look like they're about to do it on a rickety wooden table.

The Highlander's Dangerous Temptation by Terri Brisbin is 99c! This Harlequin Historical features a tortured highlander, who vows never to love again! Catnip anyone? Readers enjoyed the heroine's feisty personality and the dash of suspense thrown into the story, but some felt that the plot was a little slow going. 

Cursed by past tragedies, notorious Highlander Laird Athdar MacCallum has devoted himself to leading his people – and has vowed never to marry again. Until he is utterly disarmed by the innocent beauty in the eyes of Isobel Ruriksdottir….

Isobel is drawn to the vulnerability she senses behind the fearsome facade of the clan chief. But with his formidable reputation, he is strictly forbidden. Being together can only lead them into danger, yet the temptation to risk all for their perilous passion is impossible to ignore.

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Book Scotsmen Prefer Blondes

Scotsmen Prefer Blondes by Sara Ramsey is also .99! This is the second book in Ramsey's Muses of Mayfair historical series. Featuring a marriage of convenience and a heroine with her fair share of secrets, readers loved the relationship between the heroine and hero, though others felt a little lost regarding the secondary characters without having read the first book, Heiress Without a Cause.

She never wanted marriage…

When a friend is forced to consider a marriage of convenience, Lady Amelia Staunton is determined to rescue her. But her plans trap her in an illicit seduction, and Amelia must marry him herself. Malcolm’s all-consuming kisses and devilish humor might make up for her lost freedom, but she believes he will force her to abandon the Gothic romances she yearns to write. Since she can’t escape him, she must distract him from her secret…

He isn’t looking for love…

A powerful autocrat with a well-hidden rebellious streak, Malcolm MacCabe doesn’t need another beautiful mistress – he needs an obedient wife. Obedience is not one of Amelia’s virtues. But he’s too enthralled by her wit and passion to let her go – even if it means risking the political reputation he is building to save his clan.

Their hearts can’t survive the scandal…

Despite their intentions, every wicked embrace binds them together. But as their conflicting desires combust into insatiable hunger and unavoidable ruin, they must decide whether to pursue their personal destinies alone – or fight for the love that could destroy them both.

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Book Love Beyond Time

Love Beyond Time by Bethany Claire is $2.99! This is the first book in the Morna's Legacy series and a time travel romance. With a 3.8-star rating on GR, readers loved the magical element to the story. I personally plan on picking this one up. And man, look at that gorgeous cover.

It began nearly four hundred years ago. The Conall clan and all their people were murdered in a surprise attack, their beloved castle and all evidence of who destroyed them burned to the ground with their bodies. In the centuries following, archaeologists searched through the ruins looking for any evidence of what or who had caused the untimely demise of such a powerful Scottish clan. All efforts were fruitless, until a spell put in place by an ancient Conall ancestor finally began to work its magic…

Texas kindergarten teacher, Brielle Montgomery, finds comfort in the mundane routines of her life, but when her archaeologist mother asks her to accompany her on a dig in Scotland, she decides to step out of her comfort zone. Once in Scotland, they discover a secret spell room below the castle ruins, and Bri finds herself transported back in time and suddenly married to the castle's ill-fated Laird. Now, she must work to change the fate of his people, all while trying to find a way to return to her home and century. But with each passing day, Bri finds herself falling more deeply in love with her new husband. If she can find a spell to bring her home, will she use it? And if she stays, will it ultimately mean her own death as well?

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  1. 1
    jody says:

    The first three books in the Morna’s Legacy series are available in a boxed set for $.99.

  2. 2

    @jody: Thanks for the heads up! Just picked up the box set.

  3. 3
    tameka says:

    Thanks! The boxed set is a great deal. Bought.

  4. 4
    Amanda says:

    Same! Thanks, Jody!

  5. 5
    denise says:

    love Scottish romance books

  6. 6
    Samanda says:

    Picked up the Morna’s Legacy set and I have to say I’m glad it only cost $1.00. 

    Skimmed my way through the first book and have just gotten into the second.  Really not loving the series.  Character motivations seem rather thin.  Plot has some holes as well. 

    There’s a rather nasty and not very plausible scene in the first novel where the villain sends a pair of henchmen to behead the Conall’s horses.  Has our author ever seen the thickness of a horse’s neck?  Does she realize that claymores, axes and other edged weapons of the period were not exactly razor sharp?  Does she have any idea how difficult it would have been to behead even a single horse, let alone a dozen or so; especially once they caught the smell of the blood and heard their stable mates’ screams and struggles?

    We’re told the Connall castle and clan were destroyed and no one ever knew how or by whom.  Yet when we get back to the past, the villain’s motives seem to be pretty transparent, if not terribly convincing.  He had a snit because the Connall laird didn’t marry his daughter and he wanted the Connall lands.  Surely, if he’d snatched up the lands, there’d have been at least a tiny suspicion that he might have had something to do with the death of the previous laird?

    The original spell which switched the two women had a timer on it—the window closed a month after the first swap.  But in the second book, there’s apparently an open-ended spell so that more time travel is possible.  Just get on the time travel bus and pop back and forth…

    The setting is also really thin.  No one could run a 17th century castle with only 2 servants, yet we never see nameless guards, maids, kitchen help, just the two named servants.  There’s not much description of the castle, but what there is sounds more like a modern, rebuilt castle than a 17th century one.  The Highlands of Scotland were still pretty primitive in that period.  Castles were still defensive structures, not palatial homes.

    Seventeenth century people did not have our modern mania for making up unique names for their children.  No one would have called their daughter Blaire in that period.  Blair was a surname which you *might* have given a son if it had been his mother’s maiden name and you wanted a connection with her family. 

    If you can ignore the lack of setting, character motivations and just read for the fluffy romance, I suppose it’s worth the dollar for a few hours of entertainment.

  7. 7
    chu says:

    I have to agree with Samanda’s points. I also sprung for Morna’s Legacy box set for 0.99 and really feel like I should have been paid at least $1 to read it, likely much more. The horse-killing is the least of it. The character motivations are appalling, including the hero of the second book grisly and rather unjustly torturing and killing someone in the first book, and I found all the characters very unlikeable and stereotyped. I would have thrown it across the room but I was stuck on a 6 hour flight with nothing else to read so I suffered through 1 1/2 books. Spare yourself.

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