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Books on Sale: Western Historicals from Susan Kay Law

Book The Bad Man's Bride

The Bad Man's Bride by Susan Kay Law is $2.99 digitally. This is a historical western, and is book 1 in the Marrying Miss Bright series. This book was originally published in 2001, and has a 3.8-star average. Most of Law's books are well reviewed, in fact. This one is about a woman who moves to Kansas to be a school teacher, which is one of my favorite conceits for historical westerns. 

At first glance, the lovely Easterner Anthea Bright seems woefully unsuited for her position as the new schoolmarm in Haven, Kansas. But behind that fine finishing school polish is a fiery spirit and a determination to succeed.

Gabriel Jackson, however, is a different kind of challenge. The intensely passionate, devastatingly sexy man is Haven's most disreputable citizen — and he's put Anthea's level head and her heart in a furious spin.

How can the prim, pretty newcomer hope to stand firm to her principles when she feels breathless whenever Gabriel's near?

And though a small voice inside tells her the “bad man's” not nearly as bad as his reputation would suggest, does she dare surrender to this dangerous stranger who is bound and determined to make Anthea his bride?

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Book Marry Me

Marry Me by Susan Kay Law is .99c. This is book 2 in the Marrying Miss Bright series, and it has a 3.6-star average on GR. This is another fish-out-of-water story, with an emotionally wounded hero in frontier Montana forced to cohabitate with a young woman because of reasons.

(My catnip alarm needs to hush. Sheesh.)

The rugged loner Jake Sullivan has finally returned home — to find a brazen, beautiful trespasser in his bed.

Emily Bright intends to stay. But has Jake been saddled with an unwanted intruder… or blessed with a bride?

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Book A Wedding Story

A Wedding Story by Susan Kay Law is .99c. This is the third and final book in the Marrying Miss Bright series, and is also a historical western. This is about a widow left penniless by her late husband who needs the help of a man from her past to win a race with a sizeable purse for the champion. So it's historical western with a road trip/race/adventure. *whimper* Some readers on GR say it's not the strongest of the series, but it does have a 3.5-star average.

Unlike her two sisters who followed their dreams to the altar,Kathryn Bright Goodale doesn't want to be a bride.

What she needs is to win the Great Centennial Race now that her late husband has left her penniless. So Kate reluctantly turns to the famous adventurer Lord James Bennett for help. Once, long ago, James stole from her a lingering, forbidden, and unforgettable kiss. And now the lady wants the incorrigible rogue to stick strictly to business — and is troubled that shemay not be able to resist him if he does not.

James, too, can never forget that wild, passionate moment in Kate's garden, and he's certain the rigors of a far-reaching adventure will be too much for her. But the fetching young widow surprises him with her bold determination and a courage that compliments her breathtaking sensuality. Might Lord James be competing for a more elusive, yet far more valuable, prize: the hand and heart of Kathryn Bright Goodale?

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Book  A Wanted Man

A Wanted Man by Susan Kay Law is .99c. This book is not part of the Miss Bright series, but is about a young, talented heiress who was sick most of her life, and has decided to travel across the US painting the different parts of the country. The hero is a former prisoner of war, and an outlaw posing as one of her guards to get close enough to rescue a friend.

This book won the RITA in 2004 for Best Short Historical. The reviews on this book are so positive, especially regarding the slow development of feelings between the hero and heroine. Plus there's an artist heroine and a road trip and a hero keeping secrets and I have to go lie down now.


Sam Duncan was too young when he marched off to war and was brutally imprisoned. He's witnessed and experienced a lifetime of cruelty and he's lost too much to care about anything ever again. While he was captured, his entire family died, leaving him with the only person he cares about – his cellmate, Griff.

As a result, his steely nerves have made Sam one of the most famous and feared hired guns in the west. Then Griff disappears inside the gates of Hamilton's fabulously profitable Silver Spur ranch.

Sam figures that posing as a bodyguard of the Baron of Banking's daughter, who's come to visit, will be the simplest solution to finding his way in.Little did he expect that fighting a war would do so little to prepare him for an encounter with the very adventurous and alluring Laura.

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    Jennifer says:

    My wallet just got a lot smaller…these hit every single Western romance button I have.  Thanks for the info!

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    flchen1 says:

    I LOVE the Marrying Miss Bright trilogy!  I think I stumbled onto Marry Me first, and that actually got me reading historicals :)  So happy to see this sale!  Woohoo!

  3. 3
    hannah says:

    I immediately bought the two books that I didn’t already own. I love American-set historicals, they’re definitely my catnip!

  4. 4
    leftcoaster says:

    There goes half of my book settlement money….

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    SB Sarah says:

    I’m so glad I’m not alone – all these books tempted me like whoodamn. There are so many happy reviews for them, too.

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