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Books on Sale: Linda Lael Miller Big Sky Westerns Still on Sale, plus Sunbeam Ghost Dog for a Dollar

There are a pile of Linda Lael Miller short stories and novels are on sale from .99c to $3.99 – you can see the Kindle list here – so if you're looking for some contemporary western romance, you are in luck! These three were a Kindle Daily Deal on the 13th, but now some of them are priced at $2.99 at vendors other than Amazon, which is excellent. 


Book Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country by Linda Lael Miller is $2.99 at Amazon and BN. This is book 1 in the Parable, Montana, series, and books 2 and 3 are on sale as well. This is contemporary western romance set in Montana about an illegitimate son raised by his mother who as an adult inherits half a ranch from the father he never knew. 

RECOMMENDED – SORT OF: I started this after I bought it over the weekend, and y'all, it starts out with big booming piles of my catnip, and all the conflicts are set up immediately. The hero of this book, Slade, finds out he's inherited half the ranch belonging to his father, who never acknowledged him. His half-brother Hutch is Not Pleased, and is Very Understandably Asshurt and there's a good bit of Hutch driving off in a snit with gravel flying, though he doesn't break the speed limit because Slade's the sheriff (heh heh).

Then, the heroine, Joslyn, moves back to Parable years after her stepfather swindled half the town out of their life savings and retirement money, and she and her mother left in disgrace in the middle of the night. Her bff now owns Joslyn's old home and runs her real estate agency out of the first floor of the mansion, and said bff has given Joslyn a job – meaning she works as a receptionist in what used to be her living room, and rents an apartment in what used to be the guest cottage out back.

And of course the mansion's property is next to the apartment Slade rents, so Joslyn is his neighbor. I am not far into this book but I'm really eager to get back to it. Hence: recommended, sort of. I haven't finished it, but what I've read so far has grabbed the part of my brain that encourages reading time via procrastination and not doing other tasks.

The illegitimate son of a wealthy rancher, Sheriff Slade Barlow grew up in a trailer hitched to the Curly-Burly hair salon his mother runs. He was never acknowledged by his father-until now. Suddenly, Slade has inherited half of Whisper Creek Ranch, one of the most prosperous in Parable, Montana.

That doesn't sit well with his half brother, Hutch, who grew up with all the rights of a Carmody.

Including the affections of Joslyn Kirk, homecoming queen, rodeo queen, beauty queen-whom Slade has never forgotten but Joslyn is barely holding her head up these days as she works to pay back everyone her crooked stepfather cheated. With a town to protect-plus a rebellious teenage stepdaughter-Slade has his hands full.

But someone has to convince Joslyn that she's responsible only for her own actions.Such as her effect on this lawman's guarded heart.

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Book Big Sky Mountain

Big Sky Mountain by Linda Lael Miller – book 2 in the Parable series – is $2.99 at Amazon – this is the only one that isn't on sale elsewhere. This is the story of the legitimate son, brother of the hero from book 1, who was understandably asshurt that he didn't inherit the entire ranch, and now gets to be the hero of his own romance. If I had to guess, there'd be more gravel flying as he drives his truck quickly but responsibly away from a scene in which someone pisses him off. He does a good bit of that in book 1.

As I said this weekend, asshat to hero is a fun progression to watch. Plus, readers who have read the series say that the hero of this book, Hutch, was a huge presence in book 1, as was his heroine, Kendra (the heroine's bff from book 1), so this story has a lot of tension built in from the earlier books. 

With his rugged good looks, vast wealth and family name, hell-raiser Hutch Carmody is still the golden boy of Parable, Montana. But he's done some growing up-making peace with his illegitimate half brother and inheriting half of Whisper Creek Ranch, which should have been all his.

These days, Hutch knows there are some things money can't buy: like the heart of loving, ladylike divorcé Kendra Shepherd. Kendra's quiet mansion reminds her of what she wants most-a devoted husband and the pitter-patter of little feet. She can't get Hutch Carmody out of her mind.

But a rough-and-tumble cowboy like Hutch, coming home for family dinner? Seems crazy! Then again, crazier dreams have become reality under the vast Montana sky.

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Book Big Sky River

Big Sky River by Linda Lael Miller is $2.99 at Amazon and AllRomance – that doesn't happen often, does it? This is book 3 of the series, and is about the town sheriff, a widower, and the city girl who moves onto the chicken farm next to his. 

Sheriff Boone Taylor has his job, friends, a run-down but decent ranch, two faithful dogs and a good horse. He doesn't want romance-the widowed Montanan has loved and lost enough for a lifetime.

But when a city woman buys the spread next door, Boone's peace and quiet are in serious jeopardy.

With a marriage and a career painfully behind her, Tara Kendall is determined to start over in Parable.

Reinventing herself and living a girlhood dream is worth the hard work. Sure, she might need help from her handsome, wary neighbor. But life along Big Sky River is full of surprises…like falling for a cowboy-lawman who just might start to believe in second chances. 

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Book Saved by the Rancher

Saved by the Rancher by Jennifer Ryan is .99c pretty much everywhere. This is a contemporary romantic suspense, though the cover, complete with Sunbeam Ghost Dog, doesn't make that very clear. The heroine is on the run from an abusive and very powerful ex-husband, and the hero is a Rancher. No really. It says so in the title! Some readers loved the suspense and the attraction between the characters, while other readers struggled with the ease with which Jenna, the heroine, accepts her feelings for Jack.

From the moment rancher Jack Turner rescues Jenna Caldwell Merrick, he is determined to help her. Soon, he is doing more than tend her wounds; he is mending her heart. Jenna is a woman on the run—hunted down by her ex-husband, David Merrick, from the day she left him, taking part of his company with her, to the second she finds herself in the safety of Jack's ranch. More than just a haven, Jack's offering the love, family, and home she thought were out of reach.

Jack's support will give Jenna the strength she needs to reclaim her life. The hunted will become the hunter, while David gets what he deserves, when they have an explosive confrontation in the boardroom of Merrick International. But not before Jack and Jenna enter into a fight … for their lives.

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