Thanking the February Advertisers

Time to thank the lovely folks who decorate the right sidebar with ample temptations in the form of books, books and man titty on books. Yay! And it's also time to thank you for being here. Hi! And thank you! If you've clicked or looked at an ad, you've helped support the site, and you've helped authors, publishers, and other fine folks who want to reach romance readers directly. Thank you!

Mandy Roth - Raven BooksTawny Weber - A SEALs seduction

Lexxi Callahan - Contemporary romance set in New OrleansSecret Sister

The Housewife Assassin's Handbook - Josie Brown Saturday Love - Michelle Flye

Mina Lobo - Fatal Kiss Darlene Marshall - Castaway Dreams

Cecilia Tan - Slow Seduction Cold Iron DL McDermott

Kate Meader - All Fired Up Betting on You - Sydney Landon

Maya Banks - Letting Go Rebecca Zanetti - Forgotten Sins

Romancing the Duke- Tessa Dare AllRomance- Cupid Giveaway

Juliette Miller - Highlander Mine Alessandra Torre - Blindfolded Innocence

A Matchless Romance- Christi Barth Connected - Kim Karr

Samhain - Vivian Arend and HelenKay Dimon Baby Be Mine and Baby It's Cold Outside Contemporary Romance


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