HaBO: We Have the Title, But That Doesn’t Help

Help a Bitch Out! Sometimes, with the HaBOs, we have one scene or one tiny piece of the setting. And other times, like right now, we have the title, but that doesn't help at ALL.

Heidi is looking for a romance she lent to a teacher years and years ago:

Back in high school , I was given a romance book titled Yesterday Today and Tomorrow (maybe it didnt have the “and” in title). I don't remember the author.

I stupidly loaned the book to a teacher who was ill and loved to read with the promise she would return it. Go figure she never did.

Now I have been searching for this book to no avail. I know I got it either in 89 or 90. It was about three generations of women: grandmother, (I know she died in the book) and then the daughter and granddaughter. The grandmother, who is in love with one man, gets pregnant, then is forced to marry an abusive husband.

Then the girl's real father comes back and the husband finds out she's going to leave and kills her, then the story shifts to the daughter. I dont remember much of her story, then the story shifts the granddaughther and her love story.

Thank you so much for the help, I think the book was written in the 80s or 90s — it was my junior/senior 88/89, 89/90 when I loaned it to the teacher … I'm still pissed at her for not returning it. lol

Any help in finding this book would be greatly appreciated. Thank you sincerely, an avid reader.  

Do you recognize this book at all? As I wrote to Heidi, it's kind of stunning how many books have that title or something similar!


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    Jennifer O. says:

    I don’t recognize it, but it sounds sort of Judith Krantz-ish.

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    Marleen says:

    The description reminds me of Hannah’s daughters (English title) by Swedish author Marianne Fredriksson. A huge hit in the late 1990s. Not a romance though, and not called anything like Yesterday today and tomorrow in any of the translations as far as I know.

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    Mara says:

    Alas I don’t have enough details to identify the book but I have read this one.  My Google skills are failing me but I can add some more plot details (assuming I do have the right book in mind, could just be one that’s similar).

    The grandmother is an immigrant came over after WWII from France? Italy? marries on the boat over, she is helped by this rich soldier who knew her.  The mother falls in love with the son of the soldier but his parents separate them because she isn’t high enough class for them.  They meet again while working for the campaign of one of the Kennedys (?) there is a subplot involving one of the Kennedy’s getting assassinated which spurs them to get back in touch but they never get together.

    The granddaughter has seen all sorts of messed up relationships and eats as a way to avoid falling in love.  Ends up falling for someone, who “falls” for her despite her weight and then discovers that her mother has paid for him to romance her.

    And I don’t remember anything else because that is where I gave up on the book.  Could be a different book but seems kinda similar.

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