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Book Carolina Home - Virginia Kantra

Carolina Home by Virginia Kantra is $1.99 right now. This is a contemporary romance, book 1 of the Dare Island series, set in a small fishing village in North Carolina. It has a 4+ star average on GR, where readers praise the vivid realism of the setting and the characters. (I love when books like this on sale – I know a few friends who would really enjoy a story like this one, and for $2 I can gift it to all of them. Yay!)

Home to the Fletcher family for generations, Dare Island is a fishing village rocked by changing times–its traditions slipping away like sands of the North Carolina coast.

Single dad and fishing boat captain Matt Fletcher deferred his own dreams to support his innkeeper parents and build a future for his sixteen-year-old son. Matt has learned to weather life's storms by steering a steady emotional course…and keeping a commitment-free approach to love.

Newcomer Allison Carter came to Dare Island to escape the emotional demands of her wealthy family. The young teacher aims to build a life here, to make a lasting place for herself. She doesn't want to be another Woman Who Once Dated Matt Fletcher. It's both tempting and dangerous to believe she can be something more.

Then Matt's brother Luke makes a sudden return home, with a child of his own–and a request that will change all their lives. With a child's welfare at stake, Matt must turn to Allison to teach him to let go of the past, open his eyes…and follow his heart.

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Book A Royal World Apart - Maisey Yates

A Royal World Apart by Maisey Yates is .99c right now. This is a Harlequin Presents novel, which means opulent settings, exceptionally wealthy, possibly royal characters, alpha males and very sudsy, very fun stories. This book has a 3.6-star average at GR, but those who loved it really looooooooooooved it.

When duty wars with desire, which one wins?

With her life mapped out since birth, Princess Evangelina Drakos—known for her dramatic flair—hopes the minor scandal she plans to create will deter potential suitors.

Hired for Eva’s security, unemotional bodyguard Makhail Nabatov never makes a mistake—but the impulsive princess pushes his resolve to the limits. It’s not long, however, before the beautiful and imprisoned Eva entices him to leave his bonds of duty and honour behind.

Whilst their chemistry reaches fever-pitch, Makhail knows he knows he must deny his desire—for Eva is promised to another man…

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Book Black Widow - The Name of the Rose

This isn't a romance; it's a comic collection. One of today's Kindle Daily Deals is Black Widow: The Name of the Rose by Marjorie Liu, on sale today only for $1.99. Liu has written urban fantasy and paranormal romance – most notably her Dirk & Steele series. She also writes for Marvel, and when she and I did several events together at the Melbourne Writers' Festival last year, she talked a lot about the differences in the writing and in the writer's community of both. It was fascinating. Liu's story for Black Widow also represents the first time that character has had her own headlining story in the Marvel universe.

The deadly super-spy from IRON MAN 2, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA in her own action-packed tale! Natasha Romanoff is not a super hero. And yet as the Black Widow, she manages to hold her own against a world of incredibly powerful enemies and allies. But now someone has tried to kill Natasha and almost succeeded. Now she sets out to find her attacker with no suspects and no leads. Who could be deadly enough to get the drop on Natasha?

COLLECTING: Black Widow #1-5

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Book Don't Panic- More Dinner's in the Freezer

Don't Panic – More Dinner's in the Freezer is $1.99 digitally right now. This is a cookbook focused on helping you prepare a whole bunch of different meals in bulk, like 5-10 at a time, with instructions on shopping sales, bagging and wrapping for the freezer, and defrosting instructions.

I have this book, and the previous version, Don't Panic – Dinner's in the Freezer, so what follows is sort of a micro-review. Pros: the books (both of them) give great instructions for watching for sale prices on meat or shopping when prices are most likely to drop on more expensive cuts. You do indeed make a complete bargeload of food all at once, then shove it in the freezer and have meals half-ready for weeks. They make a great point that this is a good project to do with a friend – do all the prep together, split the meals that result. Plus, if you are a person who frequently gives a casserole or meal to someone who needs one, this will help you have a massive stockpile of foods to choose from. The recipes can be labor intensive, but if you've set aside a Saturday afternoon for all the assembly, you can get through it. Each recipe comes with portion directions for 2-9 servings. 

The cons, for me: much of the recipes call for pre-packaged sauces, bottled dressings, and ingredients with preservatives or corn syrup – which I am trying really hard to avoid. So after about two rounds of making-all-the-meals and then freezing them all, which was completely AWESOME for meal planning, I realized that much of what was in the book wasn't going to work for the way I was trying to eat. But what we did try from this book and the previous one, we did enjoy. This book is part of what started me on the goal of making sure Present Sarah does Future Sarah a favor by being organized in the present and future. Spending an afternoon chopping, assembling and freezing was a big favor to Future Sarah, who only had to pull bags or packages out of the freezer to prepare for that night's dinner.

Hectic lifestyles make traditional cooking methods nearly obsolete in many families. The results are poor nutrition and budgets strained by the high cost of fast food or commercially prepared meals. Now, due to popular demand, the ladies who brought you Don't Panic–Dinner's in the Freezer offer more of their simple and economical recipes designed to be prepared and frozen for future use.

Don't Panic–More Dinner's in the Freezer gives practical tips for planning, organizing, and shopping for meals, as well as unique ways to freeze and reheat prepared foods. Every recipe includes measurements for cooking alone or as a joint venture with one or two friends. Families, singles, retirees–everyone who needs to eat–will find fast and easy answers to the question, “What's for dinner?”

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  1. 1
    E. Jamie says:

    I have A Royal World Apart in my massive TBR pile!!! I’m all about the alpha males and sudsy plots!

  2. 2
    Rachel says:

    The sequel to the Harlequin Presents is also 99 cents.  The 3rd one is $3 something.

  3. 3
    Vicki says:

    If your biggest problem with the cookbook is the store bought sauces, it is not hard to make your own. Every fall,  I have a month where I make ketchup and spaghetti sauce after work and can it for use the rest of the year – not hard at all. Marinades and dressings throw together pretty quickly and keep in the fridge for a while. The biggest difference is that store bought often has preservatives but that should not be a problem if you are freezing the meals (and I would rather do without preservatives). I did look at the cookbook and it looks useful for those who eat meat. Just the introduction, how to do it and how long things last, would be very worthwhile. I may have a go at it.

  4. 4
    CarrieS says:

    Black Widow FTW!  Buying Now!  BTW I got to do an email interview with Liu and it will be up at on March 3rd. 

    Liu fans – which of her novels should I start reading first?  Cause she has lots and lots!

  5. 5
    tikaanidog says:

    CarrieS, you might as well start at the beginning: “Tiger Eye” is the first in the series and it’s goooooooooooodddddd :)

  6. 6
    Amy says:

    I just bought the Royal World Apart book. . I’d gotten tired of Harlequins but the sample pages from amazon were too good!  Thanks for the recommendation. I may have to grab the next in the series if its as good. I tried the Emily March book a year or so ago but it was a DNF for me. I think a lot of authors like her writing but it just wasn’t interesting to me.

  7. 7
    LauraL says:

    I started reading Carolina Home last night and am just lost in the story! In a good way. I spend a lot of time on the Outer Banks, have friends and relatives there, and Virginia Kantra really captures the people and places.

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