Thanking the January Advertisers

Time to thank the advertisers who decorated the sidebar this month, and to thank you for being here. Here are the folks who wanted to tell you about new books this month: 

Mandy Roth Michelle Pillow books - The RavenBooks.comStone Cold Heart - Lisa Hughey - Romantic Suspense novella

Ebony McKenna - The Summer of Shambles and The Autumn PalaceRebekah Turner - urban fantasy paranormal

Fatal Kiss - Mina Lobo paranormal romance  Darlene Marshall - Castaway Dreams

Rose Gorden - The Officer and the BostonerJennifer Estep - The Spider

Shiloh Walker - Broken Blade Jeaniene Frost - Up from the Grave

Jaci Burton - Hope FlamesGina Watson - Smolder

Lori Foster - Christie Ridgway - Victoria Dahl - Turn Up the HeatRead and Review books at AllRomance

Cosmo RedHotReads - 10 ways to handle the best manChristine Feehan - Dark Wolf

Runaway Groom - Virginia Nelson


General Bitching...

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