Whatcha Reading?

An open book with a field and a tree on the pages, with a blue cloudy sky behind it. Time for our monthly open thread wherein I ask about what you're reading, and then you tell me, and then I buy 45,866 books. And put a few more on hold at the library.

Like you do. 

This month, if you're celebrating with family, that usually comes with travel time, or maybe time to hide from said family in a closet so you can read a book in peace (not that I've ever done that ahem). What are you enjoying right now? What books would you recommend, or perhaps give as a gift this month?

And what books are you planning to read next? Me, I have a January Tessa Dare historical that I'm trying not to read, and I think I'm going to fail at not reading it. (Now I have to think about whether or not that's failing, really). What about you? 


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