Thanking the December Advertisers

Time to thank the advertisers who help decorate the site with tempting books to read, and keep the lights on around here. If you've clicked on an ad, you've helped folks who want to reach romance readers directly, and I thank you! 

Mandy Roth - Loup Garou paranormal romance now available in audio Laura Kinsale Audiobooks narrated by Nicholas Boulton

Susan Taylor - Rule BreakerBurning Sky by Sherry Thomas - click to read an excerpt

Tawny Weber - Naughty Christmas NightsEbony McKenna - The Summer of Shambles and The Autumn Palace

Darlene Marshall - Castaway Dreams Leaving Ian - Victoria Carlin

Kissed By a Dark Prince - Felicity HeatonSondrae Bennet - Arctic Winds Nothing will stop a wolf once he has found his mate 

Alex Benedict - Broken Fins series - So Down I Fall Twisted by Laura K Curtis from InterMix  

Cassia Leo Reckless and Relentless Resolutions - Teri Riggs

 Anne Cleeland's Daughter of the God King - Egypt-set historical  Top 10 Authors at AllRomance

Gabriel's Redemption The Principle of Desire - Delphine Dryden

Hot Pursuit - Jo Davis - romantic suspense  SE Jakes - Samhain Publishing - Bound to Break


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