Friday Videos Like Jingle Bells

From many of you, including Anne, Maye and Susan, comes K-Mart's version of bell ringing: 


I saw the short version on tv, but the long version is even better. Obviously. 

For extra sniffles, have a look at their other commercial I saw recently, thanking all the “Layaway Angels.” Folks go into Kmart or other stores with layaway programs and pay off a stranger's balance, particularly looking for toys and winter coats and clothes for children. I know this has been happening locally for the past two holiday seasons in my area.

I hope your weekend rings your bells and makes you smile! 


Friday Videos

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    denise says:

    The long version plays on TV, too—it was the version I saw first while watching a Hallmark movie—I think it was the night it debuted. you’re more likely to see it on the cable stations, because they pay a lump fee to advertise on a set number of cable stations versus paying for each placement on “network” tv. Because of that, the :60 commercials are found more on cable, and the :30, :10, etc… spots are found more on network.

    **I earned my SAG card on a commercial I appeared in and learned the difference as a result—Network-aired commercials pay better.

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    jimthered says:

    And there was a female version done too:

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