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Books on Sale: Eight JD Robbs, and a Calvin & Hobbes Treasury!

Book The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson, a collection of Calvin and Hobbes comics, is a KDD for $2.99. I don't know if I clicked the “buy” button faster than normal but my index finger joints are a little sore because CALVIN. AND HOBBES! I cannot wait to share this with my kids (and explain that once upon a time, we had the newspaper come to our door every day, and on Sundays there were comics).

Now available for the first time as an e-book! The cartoons in this e-book have been specially formatted for optimal viewing.

The e-book will only work on color tablets and is not intended for viewing on desktop apps or black and white tablets.

Perhaps the most brilliant comic strip ever created, Calvin and Hobbes continues to entertain with dazzling cartooning and tremendous humor. Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes has been a worldwide favorite since its introduction in 1985.

The strip follows the richly imaginative adventures of Calvin and his trusty tiger, Hobbes. Whether a poignant look at serious family issues or a round of time-travel (with the aid of a well-labeled cardboard box), Calvin and Hobbes will astound and delight you.

Beginning with the day Hobbes sprang into Calvin's tuna fish trap, the first two Calvin and Hobbes collections, Calvin and Hobbes and Something Under The Bed Is Drooling, are brought together in this treasury. Including black-and-white dailies and color Sundays, The Essential Calvin and Hobbes also features an original full-color 16-page story.

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But if comics aren't your thing, this set of KDD books might make you happy: the first six In Death books by JD Robb/ Nora Roberts are the Kindle Daily Deal and it's being price-matched! WOO! 


Book Naked in Death

Naked in Death, the book that introduced Eve and Roarke, is $1.99. If you've never read this series, this is a terrific opportunity to start. The series is a unique combination romantic suspense and futuristic thriller – it's set in New York in 2058. And it introduced one of the most-beloved heroes in romance. 

In a world of danger and deception, she walks the line–between seductive passion and scandalous murder… Eve Dallas is a New York police lieutenant hunting for a ruthless killer.

In over ten years on the force, she's seen it all–and knows her survival depends on her instincts. And she's going against every warning telling her not to get involved with Roarke, an Irish billionaire–and a suspect in Eve's murder investigation.

But passion and seduction have rules of their own, and it's up to Eve to take a chance in the arms of a man she knows nothing about–except the addictive hunger of needing his touch. 

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Book Glory in Death

Glory in Death, book 2, is $1.99 at most vendors. Look, it's a 38 book series and the next one is coming out in February. If you start now, and, you know, don't go to work or leave the house, you can read the whole thing!

The first victim was found lying on a sidewalk in the rain. The second was murdered in her own apartment building.

Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas had no problem finding connections between the two crimes. Both victims were beautiful and highly successful women. Their glamorous lives and loves were the talk of the city.

And their intimate relations with men of great power and wealth provided Eve with a long list of suspects–including her own lover, Roarke. As a woman, Eve was compelled to trust the man who shared her bed.

But as a cop, it was her job to follow every explore every secret passion, no matter how dark. Or how dangerous. 

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Book Immortal in Death


Immortal in Death is book 3. This series is interesting for many reasons – including featuring the developing relationship of Eve and Roarke through 38 (thousand – kidding!) books. It's a study in careful character development and revelation.

She was one of the most sought-after women in the world. A top model who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted — even another woman's man. And now she was dead, the victim of a brutal murder.

Police lieutenant Eve Dallas put her professional life on the line to take the case when suspicion fell on her best friend, the other woman in the fatal love triangle.

Beneath the facade of glamour, Eve found that the world of high fashion thrived on an all-consuming passion for youth and fame. One that led from the runway to the dark underworld of New York City where drugs could fulfill any desire — for a price . . . 

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Book Rapture in Death

Rapture in Death is book 4. All of the six on sale and the rest in the series have 4+ star review averages, and are popular with romance and mystery fans alike. This series has a huge and varied appeal to different readers.

They died with smiles on their faces. Three apparent suicides: a brilliant engineer, an infamous lawyer, and a controversial politician. Three strangers with nothing in common–and no obvious reasons for killing themselves.

Police lieutenant Eve Dallas found the deaths suspicious. And her instincts paid off when autopsies revealed small burns on the brains of the victims. Was it a genetic abnormality or a high-tech method of murder?

Eve's investigation turned to the provocative world of virtual reality games–where the same techniques used to create joy and desire could also prompt the mind to become the weapon of its own destruction… 

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Book Ceremony in Death

Ceremony in Death is book 5, and it's $1.99 today only. One of my favorite parts of the series are the inventions and conveniences that are part of life in futuristic NYC.

Conducting a top secret investigation into the death of a fellow police officer has Lieutenant Eve Dallas treading on dangerous ground. She must put professional ethics before personal loyalties.

But when a dead body is placed outside her home, Eve takes the warning personally. With her husband, Roarke, watching her every move, Eve is drawn into the most dangerous case of her career.

Every step she takes makes her question her own beliefs of right and wrong–and brings her closer to a confrontation with humanity's most seductive form of evil… 

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Book Vengeance in Death

Vengeance in Death is book 6, and is $1.99 today. Are you creating a digital collection to go with your hard copies, or are you starting the series for the first time?

He is an expert with the latest technology…a madman with the mind of a genius and the heart of a killer. He quietly stalks his prey. Then he haunts the police with cryptic riddles about the crimes he is about to commit–always solved moments too late to save his victims' lives.

Police lieutenant Eve Dallas found the first victim butchered in his own home. The second lost his life in a vacant luxury apartment.

The two men had little in common. Both suffered unspeakable torture before their deaths. And both had ties to an ugly secret of ten years past–a secret shared by none other than Eve's new husband, Roarke. 

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Book Holiday in Death

Holiday in Death is $1.99, and is book 7. I wonder if there are challenges where semi-intoxicated readers dare one another to name all the In Death books in order as fast as possible?

No one likes to be alone during the holidays. For New York's most posh dating service, Personally Yours, it is the season to bring lonely hearts together.

But Lieutenant Eve Dallas, on the trail of a ritualistic serial killer, has made a disturbing discovery: all of the victims have been traced to Personally Yours.

As the murders continue, Eve enters into an elite world of people searching for their one true love–and a killer searching for his next victim. A world where the power of love leads men and women into the ultimate act of betrayal… 

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Book Conspiracy in Death

Conspiracy in Death is $1.99 and the last of the In Death books on sale right now. You could get all 8 for a little over $16 (depending on the taxes in your area) – that would make a terrific gift for someone you know, especially if they were just given an e-reader for the holidays.

Streetwise cop Eve Dallas and her trusty sidekick Peabody face a methodical killer in this latest addition to the In Death series by J.D. Robb, better known as the bestselling author Nora Roberts.

In the late 21st century, on the streets of New York City, a street sleeper is found murdered, his diseased heart removed with surgical precision. His death would typically drop to the bottom of a list of senseless and inexplicable killings, but Lieutenant Dallas, who “would stand for the dead and the living,” is not about to let that happen.

When her research uncovers similar crimes in several cities that were dropped under mysterious circumstances, Dallas knows she's facing a killer cruel enough to prey on the weakest in society and powerful enough to conspire an extensive coverup.

To complicate matters further, Dallas faces an equally troubling threat to her career when she's linked to the death of a fellow cop. Now she must fight to restore her good name as well as track down the killer. 

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  1. 1
    peggy h says:

    Thanks for posting, Sarah!  This may be the push I “need” to pull the trigger on the “In Death” series.  As someone who reads a lot of science fiction (especially the futuristic ones), mysteries, and romance, it is a bit embarrassing to admit I’ve never read a single one of the JD Robb books, though I’ve heard a lot about them.  I think the fact that there were already about a hundred (ha!) by the time I knew about them intimidated me.  But 1.99 each for the first eight?  I think I can swing that…..  Thanks!

  2. 2
    SB Sarah says:

    @peggy: You sound like the ideal reader for these books. I think you will LOVE them – please let me know what you think? Happy reading!!!

  3. 3
    nightsmusic says:

    Didn’t even hesitate! I mean come on, Calvin and Hobbes? As soon as I saw the “Kindle and Reading Apps” my finger was hitting that buy it now button.

    I sure do miss them. My next Calvin and Hobbes though will be the very last cartoon. I want to frame it for my wall.

  4. 4
    LML says:

    Even after all these years I still miss following the daily adventures of Calvin and Hobbes.

  5. 5
    Alice Walsh says:

    Oh Sarah, thank you so much for letting us know about the In Death deal!! I just bought the 8.  I’m so happy, that I can now at least reread these on my iPad.  I have the whole series in paperback, but can’t read the font anymore, so I’m in heaven.  Let us know if and when more come on sale.  You’ve made my day!!  Thanks again!

  6. 6
    Kelly S. says:

    For the Calvin and Hobbes fans, have you ever read Frazz?  I highly recommend it.  You can find it online at go comics and there are 3 books.

  7. 7
    Joy says:

    What is Amazon trying to do—bankrupt me!  They have had some many great deals this past week.  I’ve filled in e-verizons of some of my favorite books and added a few new authors.  Yikes!  I dread my Jan. bill.  At least I’ll be able to weed some of my print copies.

    Have a nice New Years everybody.  Fill up those new ereading devices with some really good deals.

  8. 8
    Mikaela says:

    Re the In Death series:  Right now, I’m reminded why I hate Geo restrictions. On the other hand, since I live in Sweden, they are couponable at Kobo. And Kobo has had such nice multiuse coupons lately.  So I think I’ll buy the third book. Otherwise, I’d have bought book 3-8.  :)

  9. 9
    SB Sarah says:

    @Alice: You are so welcome!! I know what you mean about not being able to read the print in some paper books. I have the same problem so often, too. Enjoy the bargain and the happy digital re-reading!!

    @Mikaela: I love the Kobo coupons. I love how many there are. Thus, when a deal is available there, I link to it as much as I can!

  10. 10
    Michelle says:

    The James Herriot books are on sale too.  They are wonderful.  A Vet’s life in Yorkshire.  There was also a television series that was good.

  11. 11
    peggy h says:

    Just to follow-up (to first comment on this thread):  Stuff kept getting in the way through the day, but finally settled down and am 36% through Book 1.  There’s a ways to go, but I’m already slightly worried for my credit card after I get through these 8 books (total N=38 and likely to keep growing, right?  :)). 

    Am really enjoying this so far—-thanks again for the post, Sarah!

  12. 12

    I love Calvin and Hobbes! So funny and so true!! The In Death series is one of the best. And Roarke!!!!

    Thanks for the info!!

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