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S-Habo-Day: Wagon Train!

Librarian Jennifer Lohmann is looking for a romance on behalf of a patron: 

Can the Bitchery help me find a book for a library patron? She is looking for a book she read years ago (maybe a Joanna Lindsey). It's western and there is a wagon train ambush. The one survivor is a pretty girl, who is found by the hero and his sidekick.

She thinks the same of the hreo was Chandros or Chamblos or something. She said it wasn't A Heart So Wild, though she did want to read that when I told her about it.

Not a lot to go on, but do you recognize this book? 


Help a Bitch Out

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  1. 1
    Sandra says:

    Not Jo Goodman’s “Kissing Comfort”? Similar premise, but heroine is a child during the ambush and her rescuers become her adoptive fathers. The hero shows up later.

  2. 2
    Emily says:

    If it’s not A Heart So Wild, then maybe it is the other Stratton one by Lindsey—All I Need Is You.  Chandos makes an appearance, but he is not the hero.  Otherwise I’m at a loss.

  3. 3
    PamR says:

    I read a book very like this recently.  Could it be Catherine Anderson’s “Cherish”?

  4. 4
    SisterSadie says:

    A Heart So Wild was the one with Chandos as the hero, and the story follows what the patron was looking for. So if it’s not that one, I’m at a loss.

  5. 5

    It’s not Kissing Comfort, because that’s too new, but I’ll suggest All I Need is You. Maybe she remembers Chandos because of the name, but he’s not actually the hero. I’ll also recommend Cherish. She was pretty sure it was a Lindsey book, but not certain.

    Thanks y’all!

  6. 6
    Emily A. says:

    Hey sorry this is so late to the game, but is it possible, she read the book with a different cover and this one looks completely unlike the first cover and that’s why she’s having problems. If you have good reads account, I believe one of the few helpful things about that site is that it allows you to scroll through all the back covers or every possible cover of the book. I would sit her down and either help her or let her scroll through all A Heart So Wild covers to see if one could be the right book. Just a thought.

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