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Book Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot to Handle is $1.99 as a KDD today. This is book two in Victoria Dahl's Jackson series, and is a contemporary comedy romance with a lot of heat. Readers who loved this book loved the heroine, Merry, who is imperfect and misunderstood.

Merry Kade has always been the good girl. The best friend. The one who patiently waits for the guy to notice her. Well, no more. Merry has just scored her dream job, and it's time for her life to change. As the new curator of a museum in Wyoming, she'll supervise a lot of restoration work. Luckily she's found the perfect contractor for the job.

Shane Harcourt can't believe that someone wants to turn a beat-up ghost town into a museum attraction. After all, the last thing he needs is the site of his dream ranch turning into a tourist trap. He'll work on the project, if only to hasten its failure – until the beautiful, quirky woman in charge starts to change his mind.

For the first time ever, Merry has a gorgeous stud hot on her heels. But can she trust this strong, silent man, even if he is a force of nature in bed? When Shane's ulterior motives come out, he'll need to prove to Merry that a love like theirs may be too hot to handle, but it's impossible to resist.

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Book The Time of the Hunter's Moon

The Time of the Hunter's Moon by Victoria Holt is $1.99 right now at Amazon, and $2.99 elsewhere. This is a historical/gothic romance originally published in 1983. Some readers adore it as a classic while others really struggle with the old-skool hero and his overbearing, intense ways. Victoria Holt is one of the grand dames of historical romance, and many readers found their way to the genre through her novels.

Cordelia Grant wonders if she is dreaming after she sees a handsome stranger in the forest at the time of the hunter's moon, when legends say a girl will see her future husband. Haunted by the memory of this mystery man, Cordelia begins a new life as schoolmistress at a girl's academy and finds herself pursued by Jason Verringer, a dashing land baron with a scandalous reputation: It is rumored that Jason murdered his wife and mistress.

But he has invaded her thoughts and is competing with the memory of the handsome stranger.

Now Cordelia's destiny depends on finding out the truth about two very different men . . .

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Book The Wedding BargainKeeping with my Victoria books on sale right now, The Wedding Bargain by Victoria Alexander is still $1.99. This is the first book in Alexander's Effington's series, and has a 3.9-star average. Have you read this one? 

London's most scandalous beauty, Pandora Effington, intends to marry a hero—not one of those boring, run-of-the-mill bachelor lords who leave her cold. No, the husband she desires must be someone special, someone whose touch sends delicious shivers down her spine, and who will do absolutely everything in his power to win her love.

Someone like . . . Maximillian Wells.

The dashing Earl of Trent cannot believe his ears . . . or his eyes.

Here before him stands beautiful Pandora Effington, and the fiery, unattainable heiress is making him a most tantalizing offer. Maximillian can have the lady's hand in marriage . . . if he agrees to play a game of her devising—one involving great risk, ingenuity, passion, and determination.

It is a game he has no intention of losing . . .  

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  1. 1
    Kelly S says:

    Too Hot to Handle is my favorite of the Jackson Hole series. I almost didn’t read it as I didn’t recall like the first book in the series, but Merry is rather awesome & quite sweet.  Shane was a lovely brooding and kind hero.  Not Dahl’s typical characters.

  2. 2
    Tin says:

    Great selection! Loved Victoria Alexander’s Effington books. ^_^

    Also, there’s an Amazon code: BOOKDEAL, which gives an extra 30% off on any book.  Offer expires December 1. ^_^

  3. 3
    infogenium says:

    Wonderful to see the Victoria Holt books being re-published – gothic at its very best. Shivering Sands brilliantly atmospheric. Let’s hope they reintroduce Barbara Michaels (Elizabeth Peters aka Barbara Mertz)

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