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So many of you have been half-happy-half-moaning in the comments about how many books you've bought this week with the reappearance of the books on sale posts. I'm sorry! Please know, these posts are JUST as deadly to my own wallet. While I'm compiling them, I'm click-click-buying them, too.

(Also, how has there not been a “Click-click-buy” or “One-Click-Buy®” dubstep mix on YouTube already? Someone get on that? I am a novice in the ways of dubstep.)


 Book Lisa Gardner writing as Alicia Scott - Maggie's ManIn July, I did a podcast interview with Lisa Gardner, and she spoke at length about this series, which she wrote years ago. InterMix is releasing them digitally, and I'm so intrigued after her interview. Maggie's Man is currently $2.99 at most vendors, and when I bought it at Amazon(click-click-buy!) I was offered the audio for $3.49 from Audible. Nice!

 Three siblings searching for the truth about their family are about to find more than they bargained for. When shy and reserved Maggie Ferringer was called for jury duty, she never expected to be kidnapped by an escaped convict.

But when Cain Cannon, disguised as a prison guard, pulls a gun, she has no choice but to be taken hostage. Cain claims that he’s innocent of killing his girlfriend six years ago and now he wants revenge on the people who put him behind bars. Soon, Maggie becomes more than just a hostage to Cain.

As they slowly begin to share the secrets of their respective pasts, Maggie discovers that she wants to fight for Cain’s freedom—because he just might be the kind of man she could love.

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 Book Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries Boxed Set

 The Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries Boxed Set of four books is .99c right now. Ashley Gardner is a pseudonym for New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ashley. These were originally published in the early 2000s by Berkley. The first one, The Hanover Square Affair has a 3.74 average at GR, and the boxed set has many positive reviews as well.

 A collection of the first three novels in the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries series plus two Captain Lacey short stories first published in mystery magazines.

This book bundle includes:
The Hanover Square Affair (full-length novel)
A Regimental Murder (full-length novel)
The Glass House (full-length novel)
The Gentleman’s Walking Stick (two short stories)

Meet Captain Gabriel Lacey, a half-pay cavalry officer who returns to Regency London with little money and no purpose, but with a sense of honor and fairness. He’s pulled into a search for a missing young woman, and thus begins investigating crime, using his status as a gentleman but a poor one to cross the boundaries between the top of society and the working class of the back streets.

In The Hanover Square Affair, a missing girl and horrific corpse plunge Captain Lacey into the dark underworld of Regency London.

In A Regimental Murder Captain Lacey is on hand to save the life of a beautiful widow; he then investigates the death of her husband, a colonel who had been accused of murdering a cavalry officer during the Peninsular War.

In The Glass House, Lacey investigates the death of a barrister’s young wife, and links her to a notorious brothel where the haut ton play.

Two short stories finish off the collection. In “The Disappearance of Miss Sarah Oswald,” Lacey is asked to locate a man’s missing daughter, though he senses that the family would be just as happy for her to remain missing. In “The Gentleman’s Walking Stick,” Lacey untangles a web of deceit involving a respectable society man, his only clue being a missing walking stick.

Join Captain Lacey and his friends as he investigates intrigue, murder, and villainy from the plush ballrooms of Mayfair to the darker streets of Regency London.

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 Book One Wrong Move


One Wrong Move by Shannon McKenna is .99c right now. This is the ninth book in her McCloud and Friends series, and has a 3.98 average on GR. Many reviewers mention the throttling-fast pace and the high-level of suspense and tension.

 When a ruthless crime syndicate wants social worker Nina Christie to disappear, her only chance to survive is with Alex Aaro.

Secrets Never Die

Alex Aaro has spent most of his life on the run from his ruthless, toxic family. But when he learns that crazy Aunt Tonya, the only relative who ever gave a damn about him, is dying, he risks returning home to say goodbye. He's prepared for anything except the call from his friend, Bruno Ranieri, that sends him on a wild and dangerous ride with a mysterious woman who holds a deadly secret and a white hot passion tht binds them together.

Social worker Nina Christie has no idea how much trouble she's in when her Aunt Helga shows up bleeding at her shelter, babbling in Ukrainian–and with one inexplicable act thrusts Nina into the heart of a nightmare. Now a ruthless crime syndicate will stop at nothing to make Nina disappear, and only Alex Aaro, that inscrutable six-foot-four rock hard slab of lean muscle, stands between her and certain death. Now Nina and Alex are in a race against time, death, and their desire for one another. . .

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 Book He Kills me, He Kills Me Not

 He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not is $1.99 right now. This was Lena Diaz's first book in her Nursery Rhyme series, in which there are now three books, all of which have a 4+ star average on GoodReads. If you like thriller mysteries, you'll probably like this one. Elyse brought this book to my attention, and said,

I haven't read this particular book, but I enjoyed Simon Says Die (the 2nd in the series) and Ashes, Ashes They All Fall Dead which I'm reading now. This is the 1st in her Nursey Rhyme Thriller series and for 99 cents I'm going to get caught up. Her writing is a good mixture of romance and thrills, with sexy FBI agents. Kind of like Criminal Minds After Dark.

 Four years ago, Amanda Stockton was forced to play a serial killer’s twisted game of chance. Since then, she has retreated from the world, bearing the scar from her ordeal and the burden of a terrible secret. But when another woman is found dead, clutching a long-stemmed red rose, Amanda knows she can hide no longer.

If there were any other way, Chief Logan Richards would never ask the only surviving victim for help. But it’s clear this killer will not be stopped and Amanda is the only link. Torn between catching a madman and winning the trust of the woman he’s come to love, Logan is caught in a dangerous game with Amanda. And there’s no guarantee they’ll come out on top.

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  1. 1
    Virginia E says:

    Just a heads up: I didn’t find the Ashley Gardner box set at Kobo. Her author website only shows her box sets as available through Amazon or B&N.

  2. 2
    LaineyT says:

    Also of note…if looking at the Sony Reader Store:

    The Ashley Gardner set is not available but the individual books are listed for 99c and $2.99

    Shannon McKenna’s “One Wrong Move” is available @ 99c (also the McCloud bros. bundle, made up of 7 books is $20.89)

  3. 3

    I recieved the Lisa Gardner book (signed by LG!) at RWA Nationals in July and I devoured it in one sitting.

    What can I say? Convicted killers who kidnap the woman who is meant for them and go on the run make my reader panties fall off. So. So. So. Good.

  4. 4
    Kristin says:

    I love Lisa Gardner’s books, so I bought Maggie’s Man. I have to say, I’m not loving the heroine. The book is just not great, but Maggie particularly egregious. She wants to be feisty, but she’s such a milquetoast. The scene where she scolds Cain about stealing a van is so over the top (she insists he only steals insured vehicles and HE LISTENS) it’s just ridiculous. It’s so disappointing because her thrillers (esp. the Rainey/Quincy and DD Warren novels) are must reads for me. And the heroines in her thrillers are total bad @ asses. I’m only halfway through, so I’m hoping the ending improves. I don’t think I’ll be picking up the other two books in the series, though.

  5. 5
    Amanda says:

    Can someone tell me how romance-y the Ashley Gardner books are? I’ve been looking at the reviews but can’t seem to find a good answer.

  6. 6
    SB Sarah says:

    @Amanda: The GoodReads reviews seem to indicate that there is “light romance” – I hope that’s helpful.

  7. 7
    SB Sarah says:

    @LaineyT: Thank you! I’ll add the Sony links back into the code since I know you like to shop there.

  8. 8
    Joanna says:

    @Amanda: I’ve read most of the Ashley Gardner books in this series, and the romance is “light” – it’s a slow build over several books (I can’t remember if the love interest even appears in the first book?)  Most of the books are about the mysteries, and the friends Captain Lacey makes along the way that complement his few old friends.  The fact that the main character is a gentleman but poor, as well as injured in the Peninsula war, makes him not very noticeable for the women of his class. I liked the books a lot and this release is a reminder that I need to get caught up!

  9. 9
    LaineyT says:

    @SB Sarah …much appreciated.  I do buy from Kobo a lot of the time (gotta support my Canadian product when I can) but the two step process of downloading to my computer,  then syncing to my Sony ereader can be a pain.  Running a quick search on the Sony site has been easy enough…and worth the effort for these great buys you’re always finding for us! ;)

  10. 10
    SB Sarah says:

    @LaineyT: No worries! Now that I know you are looking for them, I’ll add them to each Books on Sale post going forward, and to this one, too. Deals are important – I’m sorry the links weren’t there!

  11. 11
    library addict says:

    Just a reminder that the 50% off Kobo coupon Sept50 is multiple use and doesn’t exp until 9/30. Plus all publishers are now coupon eligible there.

    @Kristin, I read the Alicia Scott books back when they were originally released, but remember liking the second two books in the trilogy more. My favorite book of hers is At the Midnight Hour which was the first book in her The Guiness Gang series. I haven’t read many of her books as Lisa Gardner.

  12. 12
    DonnaMarie says:

    Thank goodness. at least I already own one of these! .99 saved, whoot, whoot!!

  13. 13
    laj says:

    Just a click and voila…a bundle!
    Thanks Amanda for the Captain Lacey info.

  14. 14
    samanthadelayed says:

    Sad that the Ashley Gardner box set isn’t on Kobo, but I went ahead and got the 1st book for 49 cents when using the Sept50 code. So yay!

  15. 15
    Nicole says:

    Dear lord! That Kobo Sept50 code has made it possible for me to do awful things to my budget this month. I used to visit those one day only tshirt sites and buy shirts compulsively, but now that I have a job where I have to wear real grownup clothes, I just buy lots and lots of lots of books on sale. I’m probably spending the same amount of money, truth be told.

    I have no willpower.

  16. 16
    Lulu says:

    I love the return of the sale books. Since I’m going to be buying and reading, I’d rather buy and read on sale! Thanks -

  17. 17
    Beth says:

    I really enjoyed the first five or so Ashley Gardiner mysteries. And they’re a steal!

  18. 18
    Wench says:

    I have a serious love/hate relationship with these posts. CHEAP BOOKS YAY is what everything in me says, and then my checking account goes LOOK, YOU NEED TO STOP.

    ANYWAY. I bought both the Lena Diaz and the Ashley Gardner books from here. The Lena Diaz, I have a very mixed reaction to. A decent mystery, and it certainly kept me up all night reading it, but the characterization I thought was weak and clunky in some respects, there’s some Magic Wang action, and sometimes the writing gets really simplistic and tell-y. But I read it! But I’m not buying the rest.

    The Ashley Gardner box set though, look I devoured that all weekend, loved it, and just bought the rest of the series on Kobo using that Sept50 coupon. REALLY good plotting and pacing, love the characterization and tone. It really feels properly Regency, more so than a lot of Regency romance novels. “Light romance” sounds correct; there’s sex in almost all of the books, but Lacey’s romantic liaisons aren’t the focus of the books at all. It’s really about the mysteries and his relationships all around with the people he meets and befriends. There’s also discussion of his health and mental health and how that impacts his life.

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