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Books on Sale: Historical Romance Excellence from Edith Layton

 Book The Choice - Edith LaytonToday is a day when many people need a little comfort reading, myself included. There are a bunch of Edith Layton historical romances on sale for .99c – $2.99 right now – perfect for those who love excellent historical romance with amazing characters. Layton was a superb historical author (I loved her book The Duke's Wager, which isn't out digitally yet) and these books all have very high review averages. Treat yourself!

 The Choice is on sale for $2.99 and is book two in the “C” series (seriously, that's what it's called). Book one, The Cad, is currently $5.69 digitally. The rest in the series are on sale, as well. The Choice has a 3.8 star average at Goodreads.

A lovely young woman whose ethereal beauty has enchanted the London ton, Miss Gillian Giles can combat a suitor's unwanted embrace with deadly efficiency. But her talent for self-protection can't help her stave off the most proper advances of one Damon Ryder, the Season's most eligible bachelor. Caught in a compromising position with him–one that could irreparably ruin her reputation–Gilly is dismayed when Damon unhesitatingly offers marriage.

Most young ladies would be thrilled to land such a handsome, wealthy husband. Gilly, however, has a mind of her own–and more than a few secrets to hide. She believes marriage to Damon to be impossible, but Damon is equally determined to convince her otherwise. And if he isn't enough trouble, two other suitors, both charmingly irresistible, have now set their sights on winning her, too. Pursued by three devilishly persuasive men, how can the headstrong Gilly possibly resist falling in love?

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 Book The Chance The Chance is $.99 right now, and is book three in the series. This book features a shy hero who is a war hero, but utterly lost when it comes to things like courtship. He's required by his honor and a momentary mixup to marry an unconventional heroine – so it's part forced/arranged marriage with shy hero (you can tell I'm all over this one, right? Yeah.)

 A brave nobleman who'd successfully fought Napoleon's toughest soldiers, Raphael Dalton was no stranger to treachery and warfare. Yet nothing this modest hero has experienced can prepare him for the famous beauty Annabelle, the toast of the London With his unruly red hair and solid, honest face, Rafe doesn't think he has a chance with the flirtatious beauty who seems not to notice him. And when scandal threatens to ruin the reputation of a friend's sister, Breanna, Rafe's hopes may be dashed for good.

To stop malicious tongue-wagging, Rafe offers to marry the exotic, raven-haired beauty. It isn't only honor, though, that sparks the proposal, for a smodering attraction draws him to this spirited woman as well. Little does Rafe know, however, that Annabelle still wants him for her own.

While he's a master at outwitting opponents on the battlefield, the painfully shy soldier is defenseless when it comes to the fairer sex—and Annabelle will use every weapon she can, while Breanna hopes for his attention too. Now Rafe has the chance to find true love — but only if he doesn't lose his head.

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 Book The Challenge

The Challenge is book #5 in the series, and is $.99c. It's got a rakish ex-pat viscount named Hathaway Wycoff (I AM SO SOLD ON THIS NAME) and a destitute widow in America, and attraction that the heroine is trying to resist. Plus, it has a 3.7 average on Goodreads.

Wealthy, handsome, and devastatingly charming, the expatriate Viscount Hathaway Wycoff could easily win most women's affections. But the lovely Lucy Stone isn't most women. Though the self-respecting beauty is drawn to him, she refuses to give in to passion. Once before Lucy had followed her heart–a journey that took her to America and left her there a penniless young widow and mother.

A rich relative unexpectedly offers Lucy and her son passage back to England, answering her longtime prayer. She doesn't want to leave Wycoff, but given his scandalous reputation, it seems the right choice. Wycoff promises he will change to win her, but Lucy cannot allow herself to believe him.

When a devious plot threatens all Lucy holds dear, she must turn to the man she's vowed not to trust. Neither knows what final destination fate has in store–but they are willing to risk everything to find out.

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 Book The Conquest


The Conquest is .99c, and it's an injured hero/medical heroine story. (Seriously, I think I'm buying all of these. I give up.)

 Many times Alexandria Gascoyne has been called upon to nurse forest animals back to health — but never before have her brothers brought her a wounded man! Though pale and grievously injured, the unconscious nobleman in Alexandria's bed is as striking a male as she has ever seen. But this is a time for tender healing, not for fantasy and dreams that leave an innocent maid flushed and breathless.

An angel has brought the Earl of Drummond back to life. Her smile is a delight, her touch is ecstasy. Yet freedom-loving Drum knows he must leave the exquisite Alexandria as soon as he is able. Being discovered alone with this stunning country miss could lead to only scandal…or, worse, to matrimony! And Drum dares not expose her to the perils of world. But how can he abandon this incomparable lady who mended his damaged heart — then conquered it with kindness, passion, and love?

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 Book To Wed a StrangerTo Wed a Stranger is .99c, and is an arranged marriage story featuring a character from The Chance. This book has a hero described in the copy as “exquisitely average.” My wallet is doomed.

 Is it possible? The breathtaking Lady Annabelle has actually agreed to marry, sight unseen, a gentleman of her father's choosing — the self-proclaimed “exceptionally average” Miles Croft. The ton is aghast! After scandalously toying with so many hearts, why is the exquisite Annabelle chaining herself to the new Viscount Pelham, a complete — albeit most attractive — stranger?

Could it be that her own heart has been irreparably shattered, and she wants nothing more to do with romance?

Yet there is certainly nothing “average” about their wedding night! There is magic in Miles's touch, and the smoldering ecstasy it ignites threatens to consume them both. Dare Annabelle dream this is the one passionate and enduring love she ached for in secret, but never dreamed she'd be worthy of? Might this tender, mysterious lover truly be the scarlet lady's redemption — and could she be Miles's as well?

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 Book To Tempt a Bride - Edith LaytonTo Tempt a Bride is .99c, and holy smoke is this my catnip. The heroine is in love with the hero, but she's the sister of his best friend and as such is Off Limits. Reading is good for jet lag, right? Of course, it is!

 From the moment she first saw tall, dashing Eric Ford, Camille's heart was lost. In her most cherished fantasy she is standing by his side, exchanging sacred wedding vows with her beloved. But Eric seems content to be no more than her unofficial protector, watching over the younger sister of his dear friend—and, despite her every attempt to open his eyes, it appears Camille's dream of wedded bliss might never come true.

Eric knows a spirited and passionate beauty like Camille deserves much better than him, an ex-military man who has no patience for the games of the ton. Still, he aches each time a potential suitor approaches her, or when he sees her dancing in another man's arms. Eric knows he will never be complete until Camille is his. With each lingering glance and caressing touch he must tempt the lady to be his bride.

But when danger and betrayal threaten, will it destroy a secret love…or bind two hearts for all eternity?

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  1. 1
    laj says:

    Fabulous deal!
    Reading is great for jet lag and Edith Layton is just the ticket.

  2. 2
    RowanS says:

    “To Wed a Stranger” is, sadly, $6.83 on Amazon, but I bought it anyway because of your wicked mad persuasion skillz. In fact, I bought all of them. The TBR pile is teetering (virtually, anyway).

  3. 3
    Stella says:

    My book budget is so broken all ready for the year.  What’s six more?  I love Edith Layton.  The Duke’s Wager is one of my favorite every.  Thanks Sarah for the heads up on that one!!

  4. 4
    Elyse says:

    Edith Layton is one of my all time favorite authors. She writes amazing character driven romance. To Wed a Stranger is a wonderful take on the marriage of convenience trope. She also wrote about a larger heroine but I can’t remember which book! I think the cover was yellow…. Lol

  5. 5
    Elyse says:

    I’m pretty sure To Tempt a Bride had the larger heroine. I remember her being tall and big boned, not really overweight. The hero looked at her like a little sister but she read hopelessly in love with him

  6. 6
    Karin says:

    OMG, do I ever love these books! The Chance is my favorite out of the series, I’ve read it over, and over, and over again-maybe 6 or 8 times(btw, the heroine is named Brenna, not Breanna). So obviously, I’ve got a copy, but I’m going to take advantage of some of the other 99 cent offers that I don’t already have. I only wish the late, great Edith Layton were here to collect her royalties and maybe even chat with us.
    She had several other early Signet Regency books I can recommend that are connected to “The Duke’s Wager”, with some recurring characters; “Lord of Dishonor” “The Disdainful Marquis”(the hero is the guy who didn’t get the girl in Duke’s Wager) and “Lady of Spirit” which I found to be absolutely charming. It would be awesome if they all went digital.

  7. 7
    Holly Bush says:

    I have three days of my beach vacation/Kindle orgy left. Can I squeeze these in?

  8. 8
    SB Sarah says:

    @Holly: YES YOU CAN! GO GO GO!

  9. 9

    Just last week I recommended The Duke’s Wager again to a reader of historical romance. I hope they’ll offer that one as a discounted novel. It’s still my favorite Layton.

    I find dark chocolate is good for jet lag. Of course, I believe dark chocolate is a good remedy for most ailments.

  10. 10
    Lizzy says:

    I was overcome by the descriptions and in a fit of insanity bought them all. How have I not read anything by this author before?

  11. 11
    rayvyn2k says:

    Are you sure that “The Challenge” isn’t third? Rafe isn’t yet wed in that one. I have a feeling I read them out of order…not that it matters that much, since they are all so good!

  12. 12
    rayvyn2k says:

    I meant fourth, of course.

  13. 13
    rayvyn2k says:

    Okay, so it comes after Gilly’s story, right? Gah!

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