Book Club Chat Date - And Last Chance for The Chocolate Touch Rebate!

 Book The Chocolate TouchFriendly reminder! Our pick this month is The Chocolate Touch by Laura Florand, and the 50% rebate expires tomorrow, 20 September!

So head on over to AllRomance to grab your copy with a 50% eBook Bucks rebate, so you can join us for the book club chat! You can also find a paper copy at your local library, or at Amazon or BN.

Wait, what's that? What book club chat?

THIS book club chat! 

The book club chat will be held on Thursday, 26 September at 9:00pm ET! Author Laura Florand will join us at 10pm for a Q&A. 

Need a Google button to add to your calendar? Here you go! 


This book club chat should be a lot of fun. Kensington has offered me some prizes to give away during the book club chat, plus there have been suggestions of chocolate as well. I hope you'll join us. The chats are a lot of fun, and the more the merrier!


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    Colleen says:

    Love this series!

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