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Books on Sale: Jill Shalvis, Rachel Gibson, and Beverly Jenkins!

 Book Forever and a DayForever and a Day by Jill Shalvis is $1.99 right now. The Lucky Harbor series is lovely small town contemporary romance, and this book features an overworked, exhausted doctor hero and a heroine who is trying to figure out what to do with her life. That's the basis of a lot of the Lucky Harbor novels, and I'd be exhausted of it except for the setting and the dialogue – they're so enjoyable.

 Grace never thought she’d be starting her life over from scratch. Losing everything has landed her in Lucky Harbor, working as a dog walker for overwhelmed ER doctor Josh Scott. But the day his nanny fails to show up, Grace goes from caring for Josh’s loveable mutt to caring for his rambunctious kids. Soon Grace is playing house with the sexy single dad…

With so many people depending on him, Josh has no time for anything outside of his clinic and family–until Grace arrives in town. Now this brainy blonde is turning his life inside out and giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “good bedside manner.”

Josh and Grace don’t know if what they have can last. But in a town like Lucky Harbor, a lifetime of love starts with just one day…

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 Book Tangled Up in YouTangled Up in You by Rachel Gibson is $2.99 right now. This is book #4 in her “Writer Friends” series, and is, according to the reviews, surprisingly emotional and packs a wallop in some scenes. Not quite ugly cry, but sniffles seem to occur.

 Maddie Dupree isn't in Truly, Idaho, looking for a husband, a boyfriend, or anything in between.

Maddie is determined to uncover the untold story about the town's sordid past–her past. As a child, Maddie lost everything, and now she's back at the scene of the scandal–a local establishment that's always belonged to the Hennessys–determined to uncover the truth, and nothing is going to stand in her way. Especially not a black-haired, blue-eyed Hennessy.

Everyone in Truly knows that the Hennessy men are irresistible, and the current owner, Mick, is no exception. His late father was a skirt-chasing heartbreaker who ended up causing disaster for two families. So far, Mick's managed to keep the ladies in line, but when he claps eyes on Maddie, with her luscious curves and tempting lips, he can't resist getting tangled up with her.

But Maddie is keeping secrets, not the least of which is her true reason for being in town. And when Mick discovers what`s really going on, there is going to be a whole lot of trouble in Truly.

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Book Night Hawk



Night Hawk by Beverly Jenkins is $1.99 right now. Beverly Jenkins, if you haven't tried her books, is a wonderful writer of historical romance featuring characters of color. I'd read pretty much anything with her name on it, honestly. Which is why I bought the heck out of this book. Somewhere, a server flinched.

 Outlaw. Preacher. Night Hawk.

He's had many names, but he can't escape the past. Since Ian Vance's beloved wife was murdered years ago, the hardened bounty hunter knows he'll never feel love or tenderness again, so he's made it his mission to ensure others get their justice. But when he's charged with delivering a sharp-eyed beauty to the law, Ian can't help but feel he may still have something left to lose.

Orphaned at twelve, Maggie Freeman has always found her way out of trouble. But now there's a vigilante mob at her back who would like nothing more than to see her hang for a crime she didn't commit. Maggie may have to accept help for the first time in her life . . . even if it's from the one man standing between her and freedom.

As the past closes in, the sassy prisoner and toughened lawman may just find a passion between them that could bring blinding happiness . . . if they'll let it.

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  1. 1
    HollyS says:

    Thrilled to see I’m not the only Beverly Jenkins lover, especially since she writes about women of color. I snapped that one right up too!

  2. 2
    FD says:

    The Shalvis was one of her misfires for me.  I wanted to poke Josh in the eye for his willfully oblivious self-involvement.

  3. 3
    DonnaMarie says:

    And I’ll put my two cents in for Rachel Gibson.  This one was wonderful, but my true deep would stalk her if I could afford to move passion is for her Seattle Chinook hockey books – usually timed for release during the cup playoff season.

  4. 4
    Kelly S says:

    I enjoyed the Shalvis one, book 6 in the Lucky Harbor series or 3 if you start with the 2nd set, the “Chocoholics”.

    I also enjoyed the Gibson one, but I thought it was book 3 in the series with the 4th one being the weird one with a ghost.

  5. 5
    Karin says:

    That is a mighty hot cover on Nighthawk(fans self)

  6. 6
    Heather says:

    Avon Romance is having a fabulous sale on ebooks right now. This is just a few of the many titles on sale, ranging from 99 cents to $2.99. :)

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