Thanking the July Advertisers

It's time to thank the July advertisers, who decorated the right-er right sidebar with books and pictures and curious things we might like to learn more about. These are folks who are hoping to reach you, the most excellent reader of romance, so if you've clicked an ad, you've helped them, and you've helped the hot pink palace of Bitchery with fun things like hosting and mailing and mailing hosts of things to places and also possibly mayhem. I'm glad you're here, so thank you muchly. 

Mandy Roth - May Book releases  Amber Shah - First book free

HelenKay Dimon - Just What He Wanted plus size heroine getting over breakup meets younger man Castaway Dreams - Darlene Marshall

Saskia Walker - erotic trilogy the Harlot the Libertine the Jezebel Lacey Silks - the Mistress Series - short stories set of 5

Kim Carmichael - Closure  Anne Hope - Soul Bound

Em Petrova - lip lock 

Laura Kinsale - audiobooks  Avery Flynn - Jax and the Beanstalk Zombies 

Suzanne Jenkins novels Brenda Joyce - A Rose in the Storm

Selling Scarlett - Ella JamesPerfect Fling - Carly Phillips

ARe Staff Picks: the most popular books of 2013Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin


Hot Summer Nights Anthology Taken by the Duke


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