Julie Garwood’s Ransom: Sizzling Book Club Chat Date, Rebate, Update, and All The Things I Ate

Book Ransom by Julie Garwood - a metal gate opening onto a foggy ethereal landscapeNo, I'm not actually talking about what I ate but too much of that title rhymed! 

I have information about this month's Sizzling Book Club Pick, Ransom by Julie Garwood!

News the First: The 50% ebook bucks rebate ends 15 July 2013. That is soon! So head on over to AllRomance to grab a digital copy while it's still only $3.00 after rebate! You can score the 50% eBook Buck rebate if you use code SBTBARE at checkout. You can also find print copies at Amazon or at your local Public Library (US site).

News the Second: The book club chat will be Tuesday 30 July at 9:00pm ET. The chat will be here at the hot pink palace of Bitchery, as usual. 

Need a Google Button? You can has! 

News the Third: Author Julie Garwood will join us for the Q&A portion at 10:00pm ET.

YES. Julie Garwood will join us for a Q&A! I'm trying to be cool, but let's be honest, based on past experience, this is what I look like: 

A white ferret or ermine with his mouth open in a big smile twisting in mid-air


Except I'm not a white blonde. Let me try again. I look like THIS: 

Two dolphins at an aquarium window one with his mouth open lunging toward the glass like he is saying heeeeeeeey hot stuff!


And then I got carried away.


Scene from The Princess and the Frog where the main character's best friend is freaking out over a newspaper article kicking and screaming



And then I looked like this: 


Shelton from Big Bang Theory hyperventilating into a paper bag


I have to be cool, right? Cool like this: 

Three of the little yellow minions from Despicable Me freaking out in joy


No, that's not cool enough. Cool like THIS: 

Will Smith and Carlton dancing like giant dorks from Fresh Prince of Bel Air


That is the level of cool I need to achieve. I will try. 

I hope you can enjoy Ransom and join us for the chat on 30 July. It promises to be a LOT of fun. 

A pair of ducks one of which is stomping his feet on the ground rapidly with the caption I'm So Excited


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    And that was me in all the gif forms, post just now, after seeing that Julie Garwood will be at Book Chat.

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