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Books on Sale: Most Popular Kindle Daily Deal One Day Only - Plus a Bella Andre Title!

 Book Always On My MindAlways On My Mind by Bella Andre is .99c this weekend. This is book #8 in the Sullivans series, and features Lori, the “naughty” twin (her sister was in an earlier book).

 After a tragic loss three years ago, Grayson Tyler left his life in New York City behind and started over in the rolling hills of the California coast. He's convinced himself that all he'll ever need again is the blue sky, a thousand acres of pasture, and the crashing waves of the ocean.

Until one day, Lori Sullivan barges into his life and promptly blows his emotionless and solitary world to shreds, driving him crazy as only a woman nicknamed “Naughty” can. But will Lori be able to convince him that it's safe to love her…and that forever isn't actually out of reach?

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Today's Kindle Gold Box Deal is a one-day sale on some of the most popular Kindle Daily Deal titles, including some books I know you'd love at .99, $1.99, or $2.99:


Book The Shadowy Horses

RECOMMENDED: The Shadowy Horses by Susanna Kearsley is $1.99 – for today only! Kearsley is a wonderfully evocative writer, blending historical, paranormal, mystery and romance into rich and absorbing books. $1.99 is a great price for any of her books.


Archaeologist Verity Grey has been drawn to the dark legends of the Scottish Borderlands in search of the truth buried in a rocky field by the sea. Her eccentric boss has spent his whole life searching for the resting place of the lost Ninth Roman Legion and is convinced he's finally found it—not because of any scientific evidence, but because a local boy has “seen” a Roman soldier walking in the fields, a ghostly sentinel who guards the bodies of his long-dead comrades.

Here on the windswept shores, Verity may find the answer to one of the great unsolved mysteries of our time. Or she may uncover secrets someone buried for a reason.

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 Book RicochetRicochet by Sandra Brown is part of the Gold Box Kindle Daily Deal at $1.99. This is a romantic suspense novel, and Brown is one of the best rom sus writers around.

 When Detective Sergeant Duncan Hatcher is summoned to the home of Judge Cato Laird in the middle of the night to investigate a fatal shooting, he knows that discretion and kid-glove treatment are the keys to staying in the judge's good graces and keeping his job. At first glance, the case appears open-and-shut: Elise, the judge's trophy wife, interrupted a burglary in progress and killed the intruder in self-defense.

But Duncan is immediately suspicious of Elise's innocent act. His gut feeling is that her account of the shooting is only partially true — and it's the parts she's leaving out that bother him. Determined to learn the dead man's connection to the Lairds and get at the truth, Duncan investigates further and quickly finds his career, as well as his integrity, in jeopardy — because he can't deny his increasing attraction to Elise Laird, even if she is a married woman, a proven liar, and a murder suspect.

When Elise seeks Duncan out privately and makes an incredible allegation, he initially dismisses it as the manipulative lie of a guilty woman. But what if she's telling the truth? Then that single fatal gunshot at her home takes on even more sinister significance, possibly involving Duncan's nemesis, the brutal crime lord Robert Savich. And then Elise goes missing .

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 Book The Oracle GlassThe Oracle Glass is $1.99. This is a reissue of a 1994 book, and the reissue was a bestseller, possibly in part because the cover is very evocative and similar to the Kearsley covers. This is medieval historical fiction.

 With imaginative verve, intelligence, and exceptional detail, The Oracle Glass captures the rich tang of one of history's most irresistible eras. Spinning actual police records from the reign of Louis XIV into a darkly captivating story, it follows the fortunes of Genevieve Pasquier, a fifteen-year-old girl who has been transformed into an imperious, seemingly infallible fortune-teller… Genevieve is a skinny, precocious little monkey with a mind full of philosophy and the power to read the swirling waters of an oracle glass – for a demimonde who will believe anything.

Left for dead by her family, Genevieve is taken in by La Voisin, an ingenious occultist and omnipotent society fortune-teller. La Voisin also rules a secret society of witches – abortionists and poisoners – who manipulate the lives of the rich and scandalous all the way up to the throne. Tutored by La Voison, Genevieve creates a new identity for herself – as the mysterious Madame de Morville, complete with an antique black dress, a powdered face, a cane, and a wickedly sarcastic streak who is supposedly nearly one hundred fifty years old.

Even the reigning mistress of the Sun King himself consults Madame de Morville on what the future holds for her. And as Madame de Morville, Genevieve can revel in what women are usually denied power, an independent income, and the opportunity to speak her mind. Beneath her intelligence and wit, what drives Genevieve is a private revenge – but what she doesn't expect is for love to come in the bargain.

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 Book The Thirteenth Tale I keep running into this book in various places online, mostly when someone is saying at length how much they loved it. The Thirteenth Tale is $1.99, was a #1 NYT bestseller, and it's a mystery – and a book within a book.

 Biographer Margaret Lea returns one night to her apartment above her father’s antiquarian bookshop. On her steps she finds a letter. It is a hand-written request from one of Britain’s most prolific and well-loved novelists. Vida Winter, gravely ill, wants to recount her life story before it is too late, and she wants Margaret to be the one to capture her history. The request takes Margaret by surprise — she doesn’t know the author, nor has she read any of Miss Winter’s dozens of novels.

Late one night while pondering whether to accept the task of recording Miss Winter’s personal story, Margaret begins to read her father’s rare copy of Miss Winter’s Thirteen Tales of Change and Desperation. She is spellbound by the stories and confused when she realizes the book only contains twelve stories. Where is the thirteenth tale? Intrigued, Margaret agrees to meet Miss Winter and act as her biographer.

As Vida Winter unfolds her story, she shares with Margaret the dark family secrets that she has long kept hidden as she remembers her days at Angelfield, the now burnt-out estate that was her childhood home. Margaret carefully records Miss Winter’s account and finds herself more and more deeply immersed in the strange and troubling story. Both women will have to confront their pasts and the weight of family secrets… and the ghosts that haunt them still.

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Book Twilight Twilight is this book? It has some words in it? I think it's about sparkly vampires. Heh. In all seriousness, Twilight is on sale today for $2.99, so if you'd like a digital copy, grab yours. It's funny when you think about all the changes and trends that originated in part with this series. Twilight: It Did a Lot of Things. 

Isabella Swan's move to Forks, a small, perpetually rainy town in Washington, could have been the most boring move she ever made. But once she meets the mysterious and alluring Edward Cullen, Isabella's life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn.

Up until now, Edward has managed to keep his vampire identity a secret in the small community he lives in, but now nobody is safe, especially Isabella, the person Edward holds most dear. The lovers find themselves balanced precariously on the point of a knife-between desire and danger. 

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  1. 1
    Carrie G says:

    The Thirteenth Tale is wonderfully written and it’s a great mystery.  Rather haunting.

    I love Sandra Brown’s suspense books. I haven’t read Ricochet, but I would be surprised if I didn’t enjoy it.

  2. 2
    Lee says:

    I have to second the recommendation on The Thirteenth Tale.  The atmosphere, mystery, and characterizations were all so well done.

  3. 3
    Heidi Jenkins says:

    I loved Sandra’s earlier books:  THE ALIBI,  and. BITTERSWEET RAIN!!!!  I’m sure I’ll love anything else She writes!  THE THIRTEENTH TALE sounds really good!!

  4. 4
    Jen says:

    Yes, Thirteenth Tale! Buy it. Not that it’s on sale, but I usually dislike audio books and I LOVED this one. The narration is seriously spot on and adds to the atmosphere of the book. Really great one!

  5. 5
    Candy says:

    The Thirteenth Tale was just fantastic – a full on Gothic, dark, romantic, menacing for the first 90%, then, surprisingly moving and melancholy.  I actually teared up at the end, and this is very, very rare for me.

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