Jude Deveraux and Julie Garwood at RT: Storified Tweets, Pictures and Gifs

Today at RT, I attended a candid Q&A with Julie Garwood and Jude Deveraux. On the outside, I looked like my normal self. I'd had coffee, I was dressed, my shoes matched, and I was fully charged and ready to tweet. 

But y'all, these are two of the first authors I read who made my brain jump up and say, “A hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop” (“a you dont stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat”).

So on the outside I was trying to be chill. On the inside, my inner 13 year old looked a lot like this: 

Carlton from Fresh Prince freaks out and drags himself across the floor.


I tweeted the hell out of this panel, and even managed to arrange my in breaths and out breaths enough to ask a question. I've used Storify to gather my tweets into three groups, and I'm publishing them here. Plus I have pictures of the signing and the people who went to meet both women after the session. Seriously, they were so candid and generous with their time. That hour was one of the best sessions I've ever attended.

Here's the first of three Storify tweet collections of the event: 

Julie Garwood and Jude Deveraux at RT 2013 – part 1

Julie Garwood and Jude Deveraux did a candid Q&A at RT in Kansas City. I was there, along with my inner 13 year old, who was not very well behaved. Part 1 of 3

Storified by Sarah Wendell· Fri, May 03 2013 14:10:23

I am in a session with Julie Garwood and Jude Deveraux. Omg. #rt13 pic.twitter.com/4qIyCGU02RSarah Wendell
#rt13 I am going to tweet this as much as I can. My inner 13 year old is shrieking like an NSync fan.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood writes romance bc she loves the happy ending. She loves it.Sarah Wendell
“@SmartBitches: #rt13 Garwood writes romance bc she loves the happy ending. She loves it.” And so do her readers!! :DKateD
#rt13 asked if she would revisit characters, Deveraux says her favorites are not same as readers’ -“kindles her own books and reads them”Sarah Wendell
#rt13 each time Deveraux mentions a book, the room cheers. It’s so fun.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood asked about switching genres: on trip to London, went to mass, priest kept telling stories w/o ending. Led to Heartbreaker.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 I am so nervous being here. My heart is racing. No lie, my inner 13 year old may make an appearance. Because Garwood! Also Deveraux!Sarah Wendell
#rt13 there will be Q&A, and am excited. Also nervous. May stutter. A lot.Sarah Wendell

I'm not even kidding, I was so nervous. My inner 13 year old was completely wigging out. She made my heart race, I had goosebumps, and she made my eyes start to tear. I tried to shut that down and be calm and try to focus, and I'd like to think I looked like this when the session started: 

Fanning self with gleeful smile


But that is a big fat honking lie because I was all: 


Kristin Wiig freaking out into her very brightly colored turtleneck


Morgan Doremus from RT moderated, and she asked some wonderful questions: 


Julie Garwood and Jude Deveraux at RT 2013 – part 2

Julie Garwood and Jude Deveraux did a candid Q&A at RT in Kansas City. I was there, along with my inner 13 year old, who was not very well behaved. Part 2 of 3.

Storified by Sarah Wendell· Fri, May 03 2013 14:18:32

Morgan Doremus, the moderator, asked about the reincarnation in Deveraux’s books:
#rt13 Deveraux on reincarnation, getting it right 2nd time. She’s fascinated by idea of choices you’d make if you lived life over again.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Morgan Doremus is moderating, mentions that both are her comfort reads. Asks what their comfort reads are.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood is about to read Nora’s Whiskey Beach, and says Deveruax writes her favorite historicals.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Deveraux does not read romances, as her writer brain takes over and she can’t enjoy it. She reads nonfiction. Mentions Daring Greatly.Sarah Wendell
The authors were asked about the books that were easy to write, vs. the books that were difficult:
#rt13 Deveraux’s next book, True Love, is about Jared Montgomery. Comes out in July.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Deveraux says she had a wonderful time writing it. Send books she wants to put in the garbage disposal.Sarah Wendell
Sorry – that’s supposed to be “some books she wants to put in the garbage disposal.” Damn you autocorrect.
#rt13 Deveraux: easiest book to write for her was Knight in Shining Armor. Everything clicked. Troublesome to write: heroine was Amanda.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Deveraux outlined troublesome book (she can’t remember title) and felt like she had to follow her outline. Current book also hard.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Kind of amazing to hear Deveraux talk candidly about books she struggled to write.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood: For the Roses and The Bride were easy. Like someone was telling her the story. Hot Shot was hard.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood: “Jude needs quiet to write. I need bedlam.”Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood has tv blaring but doesn’t pay attention. On day of OJ car chase, tv was on all day next to her. Found out that night. No ideaSarah Wendell
#rt13 reader question: new historicals? Garwood will have new historical soon, writing it on the sly. :)Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood lives in Kansas City. I want to visit. No, not creepy at all. No no. :)Sarah Wendell
#rt13 reader knows all of character names in Garwood book. Garwood is delighted. And amazed. :)Sarah Wendell
#rt13 reader begging for story of brothers who didn’t get story. G: haven’t thought abt them for long time Reader: I think any all the time!Sarah Wendell
Sorry – that’s supposed to say “Reader: I think about them all the time!” That reader loved the two brothers who didn’t get their story told, and was begging Garwood to write one for them. 

Then I asked my question about social media – and honestly I had to hang on to the chair in front of me because I was afraid I might not stay upright, or that my inner 13 year old was going to do a complete freakout bonanza dance right there in the aisle.

#rt13 Garwood is active on social media. Her kids make fun of her so she stays current. Loves Facebook.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood writes on typewriter. Deveraux handwrites her books.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Deveraux shreds handwritten manuscript until someone stopped her. She saves them now. Puts pics online.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Devereaux is going to start sending handwritten manuscripts to people. Omg.Sarah Wendell
I think @SmartBitches spoke for everyone in the room when she told Julie Garwood and Jude Devereaux: “My heart is racing right now!” #RT13Carrie Ryan
#rt13 y’all. I asked a question about social media bc Garwood is so good at it. My mouth went dry, could barely stand up. LolSarah Wendell
#rt13 Deveraux is very sad when book is finished, misses the characters deeply.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 question for the room: Taggert or Montgomery?Sarah Wendell
#rt13 room is evenly split. Heh.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Deveraux writing new Montgomery set in Nantucket, has ghosts in it. :)Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Dougless from Knight in Shining Armor was pregnant at end of book, accd to Deveraux. Her son is future hero. OMFGOMFGOMFGSarah Wendell

 Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother saying This is TOTALLY going in my blog

NOTE: You might have to click the big blue “read More” to get the rest to show – sorry!

SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS. A Knight in Shining Armor sequel? I think everyone in the room AND their inner 13 year olds were all: 

a little girl extremely happy with her hands on her cheeks freaking out with joy


happy baby doing dance with arms in a circle and a really cute open mouth


And no lie, my inner 13 year old was completely losing it: 


girl freaking out on a webcam in super fast motion


It wasn't pretty. 

The session continued: 


Julie Garwood and Jude Deveraux at RT 2013 – part 3

Julie Garwood and Jude Deveraux did a candid Q&A at RT in Kansas City. I was there, along with my inner 13 year old, who was not very well behaved. Part 3 of 3.

Storified by Sarah Wendell· Fri, May 03 2013 14:27:00

#rt13 readers talking about how moms and sisters and friends introduced them to Garwood/Deveraux. Reader named daughter after characterSarah Wendell
After the session ended, I met another person whose daughter was named after a Garwood character. I bet this is more common than we know! 
#rt13 holy crap you guys a knight in shining armor sequel with Dougless’ kid. I am not calm right now.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood once read my mentions of The Bride on SBTB, that my copy was falling apart. She emailed me to send me new signed copy.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood loves to connect with readers online, loves how fast you can reach out to people and connect.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood receives letters that her books got women through chemo, huge compliment. Women have bond men don’t get, sometimes.Sarah Wendell
An audience member asked about the phrases that become so important in the books, whether fans write to them about those phrases.
#rt13 Garwood has phrases in books as does Deveraux, like “My soul will find yours.” phrases become mantras for readers.Sarah Wendell
Deveraux said she: 
#rt13 often wakes up, scribbles something down, wakes up next morning, has no idea she wrote it: “oh! That’s good! I like that!” 99% asleepSarah Wendell
#rt13 Do you tell characters what to do, or do they tell you?Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Deveraux: they tell me. Garwood: some suspense, she thinks she knows killer, but is sometimes wrong,Sarah Wendell
#rt13 how long is writing process? Deveraux: depends on whether people are bugging her. 5-6 mos. dep on word count.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood: 5-6 months not incl research. Always knows book ahead. Can’t go forward bf move on to next scene.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 like Jude, I see a scene and then I know the book. – GarwoodSarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood likes working with FBI and law enforcement heroes.Sarah Wendell
They were asked about advice for writers who are just getting started: 
#rt13 Deveraux: concentrate on book, don’t worry about agent, publishing, whatever. Write the book. Write it first. Concentrate on writingSarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood: sit down and do it every day. Get into routine. Don’t try to be anyone else. Let your voice come through.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Q for Jude: do you get annoyed with editor changes? Her editor is in audience, laughing. Jude complains about changes, gets irritatedSarah Wendell
#rt13: “You should hear me about copy editors.” she is NOT a fan, and she is feisty about it.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Deveraux says writing is fight to make ideas. 14 hours days, 6 days. Has plotted book here at RT (!!!) and is battling editor about itSarah Wendell
#rt13 How do you feel about cover changes? Garwood didn’t want black wedding dress on cover for The Bride.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood: “writers can get cover approval but it’s really a joke.” omg wait till u hear thisSarah Wendell
#rt13 Guardian angel cover, she said NO. Got call from Applebaum, explaining this is what sells, you don’t understand, and she finally saysSarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood tells him, “but she has three legs!” “ok, then.” And they took the leg off. LOLOLOLSarah Wendell
One audience member asked about whether they’d go back to historicals or try a different genre.
#rt13 Deveraux: The Scent of Jasmine didn’t do well, so she is sticking to Contemporary.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood: I wrote a YA, and it is hard to write for kids. Would love to do another series someday.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood: have idea for time travel but not sure it will go over well. Editor is Leslie Gelbman, “she scares the heck out of me.”Sarah Wendell
#rt13. You would not believe how humble and candid these women are in this Q&A.Sarah Wendell
An attendee asked what was hard for them to write:
#rt13 Garwood: sex is hard to write. You want me to kill someone, I got it. But sex is hard to write.”Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Deveraux: I want to write in my manuscripts, ‘insert sex scene here,’ and then send it to Lisa Kleypas to write. Not happened yet.Sarah Wendell
At this point, an attendee asked about how they organize themselves:
#rt13 Garwood desk is clear when she starts. She writes every day, working on scenes one at a time.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Deveraux writes notes and ideas on paper, then shuts notes in notebook. What is important will stay in head. Then uses notes to edit.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Devereaux writes in sequence because things build on each other.Sarah Wendell
One reader asked them about the first book they sold, and when they got “the call.”
#rt13 first book: Deveraux- I had an idea for a book. I wrote it down, paid teenage neighbor to type it. Sent to Avon bc had pretty covers.Sarah Wendell
Deveraux also said that the typewritten manuscript provided by said neighbor had coffee and cola stains all over it because said neighbor was, in fact, a teenager.
#rt13 was teaching school, living in trailer when Deveraux was accepted by Avon. Fell down the stairs, quit her job the next day.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Deveraux was making $9k a year as teacher. Avon offered $5k for book, she quit her job. Landslide for her. Wow.Sarah Wendell
#rt13 Garwood amazed by her first book sale to Tapestry, which was going to be closed, but her book was shelf filler before it closed.Sarah Wendell
Morgan Doremus had covers printed out on card stock, and gave them away as prizes for answering trivia questions – and of course they were signed for each winner. SO COOL. 
#rt13 Garwood and Deveraux will be signing on Saturday. You get in free with a library card. Come on down!Sarah Wendell
I got ton of pictures of both authors meeting their readers. I will post story and pics after lunch. What an amazing event. Best ever #rt13Sarah Wendell

 And then I took a lot of pictures! You ready?

Jude Deveraux signs a book for a reader

Jude Deveraux signs a book for a reader.




Julie Garwood signs a Spanish translation of a book for a reader - she'd never seen the Spanish cover and was very excited.

Julie Garwood signs a Spanish translation of a book for a reader – she'd never seen the Spanish cover and was very excited.



Sarah MacLean meets Julie Garwood

Sarah MacLean introduced herself to Julie Garwood, saying, “You're the reason I write.” 



A slightly verklempt Sarah MacLean and Julie Garwood

A slightly verklempt Sarah MacLean and Julie Garwood.
(I think Sarah's inner 13 year old and mine need to go to the mall together sometime.)


This reader was so very excited, she jumped onstage...

This reader was so excited to meet Jude Deveraux that she jumped on stage….



Gave Jude Deveraux a huge hug

…gave Jude Deveraux a huge, slightly tearful hug…



..and invited Jude Deveraux to her wedding.

…and invited Jude Deveraux to her wedding. It was really adorable. 



Amber from RT asked Julie Garwood to sign her Kindle cover, and they got to talking about how they are both from very large families. Each has 4 sisters.

Amber from RT asked Julie Garwood to sign her Kindle cover, and they got to talking
about how they are both from very large families. Each has 4 sisters.



So Julie signed it, Amber, from one sister to another, Julie Garwood

So Julie signed it, Amber, from one sister to another, Julie Garwood.


Seriously, I cannot even describe how incredible it was. Both Deveraux and Garwood gave wonderfully candid and funny answers, and seemed genuinely delighted to be talking to readers.  I was not alone in my feelings of complete inner 13 year old meltdown. So many of the people in the room felt the same way I did, and when I said out loud that my heart was racing, they all nodded and agreed (PHEW). This was one of the best sessions I've attended at RT. So on behalf of my inner 13 year old: 


Leighton Meester looking up and saying thank you

If you're thinking, OMG I so want to read some of their books, I know how you feel. (So does my credit card – ouch). If you don't know where to start, we've compiled Bitchery recommendations as part of the Classic Romance: Which One First? series. The Julie Garwood edition and the Jude Deveraux edition have a ton of good places to start if you've never read either author's books.

Book True Love Jude Deveraux Jude Deveraux's next book is True Love, which comes out in hardcover on July 9, 2013. It's the first book in her Nantucket Brides trilogy, featuring a new generation of Montgomery-Taggerts (and twins, I presume, because what Deveraux novel doesn't have some identical twins?) set on Nantucket Island — which is haunted.

During the chat, Deveraux promised some ghosts were part of the story as well. You can preorder a copy from Goodreads | Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks.

Book Just Curious If you've never read Jude Deveraux and want to try a short story, I love love love love love the short story Just Curious, which was released as a digital novella for .99c. I have a huge love for this story, and it features many (if not all) of the Deveraux hallmarks. (I can't say which because that would spoil the fun of this story). 

It's a Christmas novella originally published in an anthology in 1996, and it's adorable and charming. You can find a digital copy at Goodreads | Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks | All Romance eBooks.

The short story appeared in print in two different anthologies: Simple Gifts ( A | BN | K | S | iB ) was a quartet of stories, two from Deveraux and two from Judith McNaught. A Gift of Love ( A | BN | K | S | iB ) featured five stories from five different authors, including Deveraux and McNaught. Both print anthologies are available new and used. Both anthologies were filled Christmas stories.

Book Sweet Talk Julie Garwood Julie Garwood's next book is Sweet Talk, a romantic suspense that comes out on 28 May 2013. It's the 10th book in her Buchanan series. I am not a romantic suspense reader, but this quote that was highlighted on Goodreads made me wish I liked the genre more: 

Listen, you. Don't threaten me. I could make your life a nightmare.” He put his hand in front of her face and unfolded three fingers as he said, “I'm F-B-I.” 

She smiled. It wasn't the reaction he expected.

“You want to talk nightmares?” she said. She put her hand up to his face and unfolded her three fingers. “I'm I-R-S.

You can find a copy at Goodreads | Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks | All Romance eBooks.


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    Thank you so much for putting this post together. I wasn’t even there and I am acting just like your avatars. LOL


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    Wow!  Reading this and looking at the pictures, this made me cry.  What a wonderful event – makes me wish I was there.

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    Thanks so much for sharing this! I was following along on Twitter but apparently missed some because there were some new stories in there for me. I was excited for you, just reading along. And got a little teary along with the other readers. So lucky you were able to be there!

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    Thank you for this delightful post!  I would have been stammering myself.

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    Oh, this is wonderful!  Thank you for letting us know what happened. 

    I’m in the mood to go re-read The Bride right now!

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    OMG…..I love Jude Deveraux, I like Julie Garwood too, but JD WOW! 

    On call all weekend and waiting for more of your terrific reports.

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    JD was my first romance “author” – the first author I actually knew by name and read/bought because of her name.  I stopped reading her awhile ago, but I think I’d get teary if I saw her in person and got to thank her for helping me stay sane in college.  And OMG, I would read the sequel to A Knight in Shining Armour (AKiSH was the gateway drug to not only my romance addiction but that of one of my best friends’ too).

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    This was so much fun to read! I’m happy for everyone who was there:)

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    Aw, this is so adorable! :)

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    It was so wonderful of you to share this!  You captured all the sheer overwhelming fangirl love of it—this was a blast to read!

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    I realized I had never had the pleasure of reading A Knight in Shining Armour…….currently devouring it. How did I miss it! Looks like a great time was had by all!

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    Thank you so much for posting this recap. Julie Garwood is my absolute most favoritist (yeah, that’s not a word) romance author ever. The Secret and Ransom are hands down the two best romance novels in history. That’s just fact.

    I am SOOOO happy to hear she’s writing another historical.

  15. 15
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    Thanks for this, Sarah. I just had a huge smile on my face the entire time reading it. Love both Garwood and Deveraux! Remembrance and Saving Grace are two of my all time favorite books.

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    This one event would be enough to turn me deep and thoroughly green with envy, let alone the rest of the week.

    Thank you, so so much for sharing with us!

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    This is brilliant – almost as good as being there. What a fantastically uplifting event. And thanks for all the hilarious visuals Sarah.

  18. 18
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    Right now, I am blessing the fact that I still have my Deveraux novels ( All of them in hardcover, in Swedish. And it made me remember the days when I could buy a Lindsey, Deveraux, or Coulter novel in bookstores.  They stopped translating them 14 years ago. sigh.  )


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    Karalee says:

    I totally get that fangirl squee!  I was blessed to meet Jeaniene Frost and Kim Harrison back in March at the Southwest Florida Readers’ Festival.  It was all I could do not to squee and keep a somewhat composed face on the entire time!

  20. 20
    Holly Bush says:

    Great play-by-play! Two great ones together and you held it together – at least on the outside. I got a chance to meet Mary Balogh who asked me to join her for breakfast. My lips were numb from nerves and terror and fangirl spasms and I’m pretty certain I spit a little on her cranberry muffin. I actually debated whether to reach over and tear off the place I might have spit on or just let it go. I let it go.

    She was unbelievably gracious and lovely and I met her again a few days later.

  21. 21
    Kate Pearce says:

    I was there and I just sat quietly and stared at these two wonderful writers and tried to take it all in-while my inner teen squeed like a fool!

    I also got to meet Laura Kinsale at the book fair today and had to restrain myself from leaping over the table and squeezing her to death LOL.

  22. 22
    Beth A. says:

    I was there and I felt the exact same way! In fact, I ran into Julie Garwood in the hallway later and actually cried. No, seriously, cried. I don’t know why, it just happened. This is my second RT and I’m a librarian so I’ve met lots of authors. I’ve even been super excited to see some of them, but Julie Garwood was an out-of-body experience!!!!

  23. 23
  24. 24

    I didn’t get to go to this panel, but your description made me tear up. Thank you!

    I did get to see Julie Garwood at the signing (where my own inner fangirl was outta control), where my respect for her grew to epic proportions. Someone mentioned that she might want to hurry things up because her line was getting long, and she replied with, “If they wait in line, I’m gonna spend some time and talk to them.” You go, Julie Garwood.

  25. 25

    Just yes to all of this. Just. Yes. I got my picture taken between Sylvia Day and Jude Deveraux at one of the events and afterwards, I asked my roommate, “Did that seriously just happen?”

    Photographic evidence says yes. I’m still pinching myself to be certain.

    Amazing event!

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