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Books on Sale: Kobo Discounts, Deanna Raybourn, Karina Bliss and More

From now until 1 June 2013, Kobo has two sales for you! 

First, you can get 75% off Harlequin titles with code “SpringRomance” in the Kobo bookstore! This code is valid until 11:59pm ET on 1 June 2013. 

Second, you can get 80% off Bestsellers (coupon eligible) with code “SpringSave80″ in the Kobo bookstore. This code is also valid until 11:59pm on 1 June 2013.

And there is a LOT to choose from. For example: Her Hesitant Heart by Carla Kelly or A Spear of Summer Grass, the much-anticipated new book from Deanna Raybourn:


 Book A Spear of Summer GrassParis, 1923 The daughter of a scandalous mother, Delilah Drummond is already notorious, even among Paris society. But her latest scandal is big enough to make even her oft-married mother blanch. Delilah is exiled to Kenya and her favorite stepfather's savanna manor house until gossip subsides.

Fairlight is the crumbling, sun-bleached skeleton of a faded African dream, a world where dissolute expats are bolstered by gin and jazz records, cigarettes and safaris. As mistress of this wasted estate, Delilah falls into the decadent pleasures of society. Against the frivolity of her peers, Ryder White stands in sharp contrast. As foreign to Delilah as Africa, Ryder becomes her guide to the complex beauty of this unknown world. Giraffes, buffalo, lions and elephants roam the shores of Lake Wanyama amid swirls of red dust.

Here, life is lush and teeming—yet fleeting and often cheap. Amidst the wonders—and dangers—of Africa, Delilah awakes to a land out of all proportion: extremes of heat, darkness, beauty and joy that cut to her very heart. Only when this sacred place is profaned by bloodshed does Delilah discover what is truly worth fighting for—and what she can no longer live without.

Goodreads |  Kobo price with coupon SpringRomance: $2.17 (FYI: your price might vary a bit depending on location.)




 Book A Prior EngagementHoly craprockets, how did I miss that this book was out? Remember the Lee, the dead soldier from Karina Bliss' Bring Him Home, the June 2012 book club pick? Lee is BACK from the DEAD!

 He's back from the dead, on a new mission…because two can play her game! After two years as a POW presumed dead, SAS soldier Lee Davis is finally going home. Back to his family, friends and…fiancée? He doesn't have a fiancée…the night before his last deployment, Juliet Browne rejected his proposal.

That makes the sight of her playing the grieving almost-wife beyond infuriating. Feigning amnesia, Lee decides to put Juliet's “commitment” to the test. Yet tormenting her conscience isn't as easy as Lee thought it would be. Juliet's still the woman whose memory got him through the worst of his captivity and her actions now prove she cares—a lot.

And despite her betrayal, he needs her more than ever. Because Lee is beginning to realize that for him, Juliet is home.

 Kobo Price with SpringRomance coupon: $1.25 (Your price may vary by location) | Goodreads | Amazon | BN | iBooks | All Romance eBooks

 Book A Needle in the BloodThe Needle in the Blood is $1.99 for a limited time. This books is historical fiction with a heavy dose of romance. It is set in the 11th century in the time of William the Conqueror. Some readers adored this book, while a few thought it was inaccurate. Have you read this? I'm seriously tempted!

 January 1067. Charismatic bishop Odo of Bayeux commissions a wall hanging, on a scale never seen before, to celebrate the conquest of Britain by his brother, William, Duke of Normandy. What he cannot anticipate is how utterly this will change his life-even more than the invasion itself.

His life becomes entangled with the women who embroider his hanging, especially Gytha-handmaiden to the fallen Saxon queen and his sworn enemy. But against their intentions, they fall helplessly in love.

Friends become enemies, enemies become lovers; nothing in life or in the hanging is what it seems.

 Goodreads | Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks


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  1. 1
    Statch says:

    Uh oh, I just went on to Kobo to try to use the coupon, and when I clicked on ‘Buy Now,’ it just bought the book and never took me to the page where I could apply the discount. I checked my account, and found that ‘QuickBuy’ is now checked. When I tried to go back to the regular checkout page, where the discount codes can be entered, it wouldn’t let me save my preferences without entering my name and date of birth. I went to the customer service chat, and it looks like that’s a recent change, and there is no way to go back to using the regular checkout page without giving my date of birth (unless the customer service rep was just confused). I hope you don’t mind but I pasted in the chat below:

    [Me]: Hi, I just bought a book (Her Hesitant Heart by Carla Kelly), and I meant to use a coupon code, but when I clicked on purchase, it automatically purchased the book. I haven’t had this happen before.
    [Kobo rep]: Hi [Me], thank you for contacting Kobo Customer Care. We are glad to help you.
    [Kobo rep]: We are sorry to hear you were not able to apply your discount.
    [Kobo rep]: Please let me look for the ebook in your library.
    [Kobo rep]: In this case, what we can do is to request a store credit for the value of the ebook.
    [Kobo rep]: This would be applied to your account within 48 hours.
    [Kobo rep]: But before you can purchase the ebook again, you need to make sure you deactive the “quickbuy” option on your account details.
    [Kobo rep]: This is so you can use the promo code.
    [Me]: I tried to deactivate the quickbuy option (I didn’t select that option) but it won’t let me save that selection without filling in the first name/last name and date of birth fields, which I’d rather not do. Also, the coupon may have expired by the time the store credit is applied.
    [Kobo rep]: Unfortunately, you will not be able to save the changes unless you add your name and the required information.
    [Kobo rep]: If you do not this, you will not see the option to apply a discount on any future purchases.
    [Me]: So the only way not to use the quickbuy option (again, which I didn’t select in the first place and have never used before) is to supply that personal information?
    [Kobo rep]: That is correct, this is the only way we can change your settings to “Regular Checkout”/
    [Kobo rep]: I understand you did not choose the option “QuickBuy”. This is part of some changes that are being done to our website. But, it can be changed to “Regular checkout” at any moment.
    [Me]: Except that I have to give that personal information in order to get it changed. So I’m going to choose not to do that and just go elsewhere for my ebooks. No need to apply for the store credit—I’ll just take this as a ‘lesson learned.’ I appreciate your help (I know you’re just doing your job!).
    [Kobo rep]: We apologize for the inconvenience [Me], the only information you need to enter is your first name and last name and date of birth.
    [Kobo rep]: This information is only viewed on your profile and no one will be able to access it, but yourself.
    [Me]: First name and last name are fine, but I’m not going to give my date of birth when Kobo has no real need for that information.

  2. 2
    Liz H. says:

    @Statch- I had something similar happen recently, and when the store refused to apply the discount code and a refund (store credit is NOT equivalent), I challenged it on my credit card. Stores are not allowed to activate one-click purchasing without your prior consent. Chase handled it quickly and the charge is already gone.

  3. 3
    peggy h says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the coupon codes, Sarah!  I immediately thought of Deanna Raybourn’s book when I saw there was a code for Harlequin titles, even before I scrolled lower to see that you mentioned that book specifically!

    I think the Kobo change happened a while back—the blog booksontheknob had warned readers to make the change to one’s account settings to be able to apply coupons.  It stinks that they would make it difficult to get credit back for charges made due to their change in default settings!  Hope that gets sorted out quickly.

  4. 4
    library addict says:

    They might correct it soon, but currently both codes work for any non-agency priced book not just the ones on the lists.

  5. 5
    Statch says:

    @Liz—thanks! I was surprised, because when I’ve had problems at other stores, they always made it good (not just store credit).

    My main concern about what happened is the overreaching on trying to acquire personal data that they don’t need to have in order to sell me books, but I’ll just exercise my option to shop elsewhere (obviously I don’t have a Kobo).

  6. 6
    Sunny says:

    Hooray for codes! If I had realized they only worked once each I might havechosen books more carefully, but I did get two on my wish list for a dollar apiece. Thank you!

  7. 7
    Bianca says:

    I LOVED Needle In the Blood! It’s a great story, not sure how inaccurate it is concerning the tapestry depicting the battle of Bayeux, though. But as a lover of Saxon history I think the general mood and feel of the the time period, and the clash of the two cultures (Saxon and Norman,) seem accurate. Above all though, it’s just a really well written historical novel.

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