Stranded With a Billionaire by Jessica Clare: the Winners!

Book Stranded with the BillionaireReady to find out who wins Stranded with a Billionaire by Jessica Clare? Who is bringing what for the chance to be stranded? Time to announce the winners!

The following people have won a digital copy from InterMix:

14. Kelly (bringing her accordion “so that I could do a sweet serenade for a polka or two. Also, they may be allowed to have lessons on the accordion “) (I want to be in that elevator, please!)


27. Lamme (bringing a flattering nightgown) (Smart!)

49. Susan (bringing her Swiss Army knife – clean teeth, defend herself and open wine!)


67. AuntieKristin (bringing condoms)

71. Michelle G (bringing basic toiletries and underwear)


91. Lizzy (bringing a deck of cards)

128. Belle (bringing Dr. Pepper lip balm) (I want to try that lip balm)


145. J (bringing a flyswatter – ” Just because you can never find one when you need one”) (ha!)

153. Patricia M (bringing condoms) (obviously)


159. Eileen (bringing an e-reader “in case he ends up being boring or wants to start a book club to talk about romance books”) (Heh)

Winners, please email me to collect your digital book – and congratulations! Thank you to everyone who entered. You are all very well prepared in the event of faulty elevators in the viscinity of billionaires. 

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