DABWAHA Championship Final!

DABWAHAToday is the DABWAHA Championship final! Polls will open at 11amET / 10am CT and will run until 10pm CT – 12 hours of intense voting ahoy! 

The two finalists are: 

Book About That NightBook Stars and Stripes

Both of these books are interesting championship finalists: both were reader nominated books, and both are contemporary romances. Plus, both have sizable fanbases behind them – so it will be a crazy final! 

More than just the bragging rights are on the line, too – the winning reader and winning author receive an iPad, plus there are so many awesome prizes for random brackets once the tournament is done. Even if you're way out of first, you could still win something.

So, who should we vote for? Who gets your vote? I hope you've enjoyed this year's tournament as much as we have! 

GAME ON – go vote! 



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