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Books on Sale: Jocelynn Drake series for 99c Each

The Dark Days series from Jocelynn Drake is on sale for .99c each. Plus, two novellas from her Asylum Tales series are also 99c. The novellas and the novels both are .99c – ordinarily, a .99c novella wouldn't get my attention since I'm of the opinion that novellas should be priced around that amount. But the novels are also .99c, so Get Ready to Meet All The Books on Sale!

All the books in the series have very strong reviews on GoodReads, plus a reassuring number of OMGSQUEEYAYNEWBOOK reviews as well. If you like urban fantasy and paranormal, the whole series will cost you about $8.00 plus tax for six ebooks and two novellas. Not bad!


Book Bound to Me - Prequel Novella

Bound to Me is a prequel novella in the series, and it's .99c. I confess, when I first glanced at the cover, I thought that bird was perched on an outhouse. Oops!

Mira, the heroine of Jocelynn Drake's New York Times bestselling Dark Days series, has been a nightwalker for centuries, traveling the globe as an enforcer for a secretive, powerful organization.

In Bound to Me, for the first time, we travel back into Mira's distant past to see the great love affair that shaped her.

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Book The Dead the Damned and the Forgotten Novella

The Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten is a second prequel novella set in the same world. It's 99c.

A nightwalker is slain, and suspicion falls on Mira—Fire Starter—the last hope of her immortal race, in Jocelynn Drake’s The Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten.

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Book Nightwalker - Jocelynn Drake

Nightwalker is the first novel in the series, published in 2008. The two novellas (novellae?) were published in 2012. Nightwalker is 99c.

For centuries Mira has been a nightwalker–an unstoppable enforcer for a mysterious organization that manipulates earth-shaking events from the darkest shadows.

But elemental mastery over fire sets her apart from others of her night-prowling breed . . . and may be all that prevents her doom. The foe she now faces is human: the vampire hunter called Danaus, who has already destroyed so many undead.

For Mira, the time has come to hunt . . . or be hunted.

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Book Dayhunter - Jocelynn Drake

A new day dawns blood red. 
A master of fire, Mira is the last hope for the world.

For centuries she has secretly enforced the history-altering edicts of the Triad. Now she and her unlikely ally–the human vampire hunter, Danaus–have come to Venice, home of the nightwalker rulers. But there is no safety in the ancient city, for the threat of conflict is in the wind . . . with unholy alliances and earth-shattering betrayals taking hideous form in the shadows.

Banished for eons beyond the world's boundaries, the malevolent “naturi” prepare to feed once again upon a vulnerable earth–and treachery is opening wide the portal that will enable their dread re-emergence. The great battle that has always been Mira's destiny is looming, and she must remain powerful in the face of a shocking revelation: that Danaus, the only creature she dares to trust, is something more than the man he claims to be . . .

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Book Dawnbreaker

The dawn brings new terror for the creatures of the night . . .

Those of her race fear Mira for the lethal fire she bends to her will—a power unique among nightwalkers, both a gift . . . and a curse. The naturi despise Mira for what she is—as they prepare the final sacrifice that will destroy the barriers between the worlds. And once the naturi are unchained, blood, chaos, and horror will reign supreme on Earth.

Mira can trust only Danaus, the more-than-mortal vampire slayer, though he is sworn to destroy her kind.

And now, as the day approaches when titanic forces will duel under cover of darkness, destiny draws them toward an apocalyptic confrontation at Machu Picchu. But all is not lost, for a wild card has been dealt to them: a rogue enemy princess who can change the balance of power and turn the dread tide.

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Book Pray for Dawn

Pray for salvation . . .

Pray for daylight . . .

Murder has pulled Mira out of the shadows and back into the living world . . . As the fire-wielding enforcer of the nightwalker coven wrestles with the mind-destroying ghosts of her dark past, the slaying of a senator's daughter in Savannah threatens to expose her kind to the brilliant light of day. The dawn of chaos has come.

The naturi have broken free of their eternal prison to feed on the defenseless and unbelieving of an unprepared Earth. Mira and Danaus–vampire and vampire slayer–must unite to prevent the annihilation of their separate races. But for Danaus the challenge is intensified, for he must also fight the bori who covets his soul.

And Mira, the nightwalker he must protect–whose power is the Earth's last hope–is rapidly going insane.

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Book Wait for Dusk - two people embracing against a stone wall except their legs have been Photoshopped out

This is one of my favorite WTF?! covers. Why is she eating his nose? WHERE ARE THEIR LEGS?! Where did they GO?! I'm not worried about dusk, but I'm waiting for them to get their legs back.

There is no sanctuary in the night . . .

Feared even by her own kind for her mastery of fire, the nightwalker Mira is summoned by the coven to take her rightful place as Elder. But with this honor comes grave responsibility—a commitment to the annihilation of the unleashed naturi. For now the foul creatures walk the earth—and neither vampire nor human will survive their horrific onslaught.

A tide of blood is sweeping relentlessly across the European continent, as Mira is dispatched to Budapest for the most devastating test yet of her astonishing powers—and falls into a well-laid trap.

With the dark secrets that haunt her growing darker by the hour, she must confront the terrible truth of her past and protect her fragile sanity in the face of unanticipated treachery—a betrayal by her trusted ally, her beloved enemy, the vampire slayer Danaus.

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Book Burn the Night

This is the final book in the series, and, like the others, it's on sale for .99c.

The Great Awakening approaches . . .

After eons in exile, the naturi have broken their chains and now roam the Earth bent on revenge. It is the sworn duty of Mira, the Fire Starter, to protect the nightwalker race–though even she may be powerless to withstand the horrific onslaught. As Mira and her brave lover, the vampire slayer Danaus, stand ready to do battle, thousands of winged shapeshifters darken the skies. The war of ultimate extermination has begun, and the battleground is Mira's home turf.

The humans don't yet recognize the doom descending upon them. And the nightwalkers will surely perish unless they unite with outcast naturi who claim to want peace.

But these unexpected “allies” are the same demons who have long worked for Mira's destruction–and in these darkest of days the lines between friend and foe will blur treacherously before the bloody endof all things.

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  1. 1
    Jessica says:

    Here in New Zealand the books are showing up at their sale price on the BN site, but not on Amazon or Kobo. Which is annoying as I have a Kindle, and it sucks that Amazon is trying to rip me off because I don’t live in the US.

  2. 2
    LisaJo885 says:

    Yay! Kim Harrison was pimping these on FB today, and you just reminded me to actually go purchase them. I love Jocelynn’s Asylum Ink series that just started, so I’m glad I get a cheap opportunity to discover her earlier work. MUST BUY ALL THE BOOKS.

  3. 3
    Sabine says:

    While I love that you make us aware of the deals available I hate that almost 99% of the time Amazon prices are not the cheap ones you list! A prime example is the books mentioned above- because I am in another region, not the USA each of these books is listed at 6US$ or more. Amazon makes it easy to get SOME of their bargain prices and freebies but others are not available.

  4. 4
    SB Sarah says:

    @Sabine: I totally understand and I am sorry. I can’t always accurately see what prices are outside the US, either. I do have some deals for Australia and New Zealand coming soon – where are you, if you don’t mind my asking? Again, I am sorry.

  5. 5
    Sabine says:

    Thanks for the reply! It isn’t your fault – the fault/blame lies totally at Amazons door and the deals/agreements that publishers have in place in the Asia Pacific region. It is an issue that even goes so far as a government inquiry in Australia questioning why Australians are paying more for products from the USA than people in the USA – books weren’t specifically included – hope the link works for you – one of the many articles on the topic if you are interested.

    Not sure what the end result is but I do know that Aussies pay substantially more fro products from the US and the big companies like Apple cite shipment and fees and taxes etc to justify a very substantial mark up in their prices. We call it price gouging!!

    I come from Australia and now live in Hong Kong and just loose out on both fronts. It is something I have become used to. Don’t like it, but what can you do???

    I use the information you give me to make friends aware of deals that they might not know about – ones who don’t live in Australia or Hong Kong and who can benefit from the deals!!

    Thanks again and I love the site and the reviews!

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